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Jan 7, 1986 Characters: Mike, Ivy,Abe, Shawn, Caroline, Shane,Kimberly, Maggie,Mickey, Tom, Neil,Miss Peach. Mike is question about a nurses rape. Shawn is determined to prove Victor was behind his recent accident. Shane works on his plan to break into the ISA h/q. Maggie has a scary visit from LaToya's father. Kim chooses Neil as her doctor during her pregnancy, and tries to figure out when she conceived the child. Maggie buys a gun for protection.

Jan 8 - No Episode Description

Jan 9,1986: Characters: Mike, Ivy, Robin Jacobs, Bo, Hope, Patch(Steve),Shane, Kim,Peachy,Jennifer, Alice, Victor, Caroline,Tom… Robin's 1st day at University Hospital. Bo and Hope at the warehouse he's working at with Patch.Hope argues with Bo when she learns Patch is his boss. Shane splicing tape of a ISA officals voice to get into file room. Jennifer candy-stripes at hospital 1st day. Mike puts his foot in his mouth with Robin- the new chief of surgery. Robin puts Mike in his place.

Jan 10,1986: Characters: Jennifer, Pete,Chris, Bo,Hope,Shane,Peachy,Matt(friend of Jenn's from street),Savanah, Patch, Caroline,Alice..Jenn's friend Matt comes looking for more money from her. Hope is worried Bo and Shane's plan won't work. Hope distracts Patch, so Bo can slip away from work. Savanah talks to Caroline about Victor. Patch is livid when he realizes he was duped by Hope. Shane and Bo break into the H/Q at ISA.Bo finds espionage file on Shane,and flashes back to himself in Stockholm.

Jan 13,1986:Characters: Chris, Savannah,Kim,Emma,Peachy,Shane,Bo,Anna,Marlena, Alex, Ian…Chris and Savannah kiss, after she saves Matt in the alley of Shenanigans. Kim and Emma have a heated confrontation at Shane's house. Peachy holds a gun on Bo and Shane at the ISA, but later lets them go. Anna is confronted by two thugs on the dock when Brother Francis saves her. Kim dreams Emma told Shane Victor is the baby's father. Bo flashes back to Stockholm, and vows not to let Shane take the rap.

Jan 14,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete,Alice, Jenn,Mike, Robin, Tom,Kim, Shane, Peachy, Neil,Emma,Hope,Alice…Melissa and Pete finalize their wedding plans. Mike skips an important meeting with Robin to help a child in the abuse clinic. Emma goes to Neil as a new"patient". Flashbacks of Bo and Hope dancing at other times to their song(Tonight…) Emma comes with a baby present and taunts Kim, till Shane comes home and throws her out. Mike is reprimanded by Robin. Shane wants to get married-now.Kim starts to have pains.

Jan 15,1986: Characters: Jenn, Todd, Alice, Tom, Mike, Shane, Neil, kim, Robin, Caroline, Liz, Alex, Emma…Jenn talks to Todd about being excluded from a hip party. Kim is in the hospital, and appears to be fine, for now. A couple of girls argue about Jennifer and the party, as Todd overhears them. Mike and Robin are both invited to dinner by Tom and Alice. Jenn gets revenge, by putting glue in their shampoo bottle, then going to the party with both girls dates. Shane warns Emma to stay away from Kim.

Jan 16 - No Episode Description

Jan 17,1986:Characters:Patch,Pawn(AKA John Black),shane, Kim, Bo ,Hope, Chris, Savanah, Alex, Victor,Emma,Marlena, Maggie,Shawn…Patch's houseguest, the pawn, plans his escape. Shane tries to hide things from Kim, for her own sake. Hope surprises Bo in New York City. Emma makes a pitch to Victor to join his organization. Patch offers Victor the pawn for $1 million.

Jan 20,1986: Characters: Shane,Emma, Alex,Victor, Mickey,Maggie, Marlena, Chris,Pete, Melissa, Bo, Hope, Peachy, Patch, Caroline, Savanah..Shane follows Emma back to Victors. Mickey and Maggie celebrate at Blondies. Patch is sweating bullets after the pawn splits. The pawn wanders into Brady's fish market. Patch does some nice covering with Victor.

Jan 21,1986: Characters: Anna, br Francis,Mike, Robin,Marlena,nurse Christy-Lynn, Hope, Bo, kim, Shane,Iann, Jake, Abe, Tom, Patch…Robin and Mike continue to bicker. The jacket the rapist was wearing has Mike's name tag on it. Abe shows it to him and says he needs to get a alibi. Bo goes to Patch's and they discuss the pawn. Patch reminds Bo he holds the key to Shane's freedom. Robin defends Mike to the nurses.

Jan 22 - No Episode Description

Jan 23,1986: Characters: Pete, Chris,Marlena,Liz, Neil,Maggie,Mickey,Shane,Kim,Melissa,Calliope,Eugene,Victor,Alex, Shawn..Pete is strong armed by the loan shark. Liz's dinner party isn't going as she planned. Shane learns the case has been dropped. Victor is determined to get Shane.

Jan 24,1986:Characters: Pete, Melissa, Kim, Shane,Bo,Hope, Emma,Victor, Alex,Pawn, br Francis,Maggie, Alice,Liz, Neil,Patch, Caroline.The loan shark continues to turn up the heat on Pete. Shane tells Bo and Hope the good news. Victor enlist Emma's help with Shane. The pawn wanders into a rescue mission. He sees a plaque on the wall, and choose a name-John Black. 1st time see face of John without bandages. Kim finds Caroline's letter to Victor.

Jan27,1986:characters: Hope,liz,bo,Victor,Kim, shane,Caroline, Shawn..Bo awakens at Victor's house, after he was beaten at the warehouse. Kim reads Caroline's letter to Victor, and believes she is Victor's daughter, the baby that is refered to in the letter.Liz imagines she is singing again at Blondies. (Gloria Loring sings Greatest love of all.)

Jan 28, 1986 - No Episode Due To Challenger Disaster

Jan 29,1986: Characters: Patch, Savanah, John, Shawn, Caroline, Kim, Shane, Chris, Marlena, Neil…Patch and Savanah sit at Shenanigans with a sketch artist hired by Victor to draw a sketch of the Pawn. John comes in and observes the drawing from another table, and it doesn't resemble him at all. Patch walks by John, but doesn't recognize him. Shane is puzzled by Kim's mood swing. John saves Marlena from a hold up attempt. He is then introduced formally to her and Chris.

Jan 30,1986:Characters:Hope, Howie, Marlena, Chris, Savanah, Bo, Shane, Pete, Melissa, Victor, Emma, Alex, Kim… Shane is arrested after Emma's story comes out. Hope sneaks Pete's ring that Melissa gave him away from a fence she helped bust, and questions Pete about it. Emma and Victor gloat in their success.

Jan 31,1986:Characters: Marlena, John, Peachy, Bo, Kim, Abe, Mickey, Tom, Hope, Neil, Caroline, Iann, Melissa, Jennifer, Shawn, Emma, Victor,Alex, Shane..John talks to Marlena about a job working security at the hospital. Bo and Hope work on a plan to help Shane. Kim discusses Amnio with Neil. The rapist tries again with Marlena, but John saves her. The rapist is revealed to be Iann. Bo charges into Shane's bail hearing and says he's the spy.

Feb 3,1986:Characters: Marlena, Tom, Carrie, Alice, Melissa, Iann, Bo, Shane, Kim, Victor, Hope, Caroline, Emma, Alex,John, Mickey, Maggie, Pete, Neil, Shawn…Bo tells his story, as all hell breaks lose in the court room. John tries to figure out his identity. Bo is arrested and Shane is released.

Feb 4,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete, Shane, kim, bo, hope, Patch, Victor, Peachy,Emma, alex, Iann, Marlena, Chris, John, Ivy… Hope tries to convince Bo to get Patch to set the record straight. Patch has a proposition for Victor regarding Bo.

Feb 5 - No Episode Description

Feb 6,1986:Characters: Shane, Emma, victor, Kim, bo, patch, Ivy, Pete, John, Marlena, Chris, alex…Shane has the upper hand with Emma and Victor. Flashbacks of Patch/Bo/Britta in happier times. Pete asks Chris for a loan. Victor offers to help Pete with his problem. Patch agrees to help Hope with Bo.

Feb 7,1986:Characters: Mike, Robin, Jenn, Marlena, Tom, Alice,John, Kim, Shane, Caroline, Robert,, Shawn, Nancy. Shane is reinstated into the ISA, and vows to help Bo. Mike and Jenn try to cheer up her friend Nancy, who is a cancer patient at the hospital, but when Robin walks in, she blows a fuse. Shane and Kim have a romantic encounter.

Feb 10,1986:Characters: Shane, Kim, Neil, Marlena, Caroline, Bo, Melissa, Hope, Patch, Emma, Alex, Tom john, Anna.. Flashbacks of Patch and Britta in bed, and Bo finding them. Melissa spills the beans to Bo about Hope and Patch. Kim has the amnio, as Emma lurks. Bo escapes from jail, and Shane helps him get out of the country and to Stockholm.

Feb 11,1986:Characters: Kim, Shane, Shawn, Caroline, John, Patch, Hope, Marlena, Lars, Victor, Alex, Calliope, Maggie, Jenn..Shane fills in Kim on the Bo situation. John breaks up a brawl at the fish market. More flashbacks of Bo and Patch.

Feb 12 - No Episode Description

Feb 13 - No Episode Description

Feb 14,1986:Characters: Shane, Kim, Robin, Ivy, Iann, Mike, Pete, Chris, Victor, Melissa, Alice, Marlena, Jenn, Maggie, Mickey, Anna, br Francis, Savanah, Emma. Victor pays off Pete's loan. Shane and Kim try to figure out who sent all the baby stuff. Emma and alex crash the wedding.

Feb 17, 1986:Characters Hope, Bo, Patch, Melissa,Pete, Maggie, Mickey(full house) Patch informs Bo and Hope they are on the Swedish news, as he puts the tv on, and Bo's picture pops up. The police coming looking, but Patch covers. The double wedding of Maggie and Mickey, and Melissa and Pete begins.

Feb 18 - No Episode Description

Feb 19,1986:Characters. Kim, Shane, Abe, Melissa,Pete, Hope, Bo, Patch, Britta, Shawn,.. Abe questions Shane about Bo. Bo comes face to face with Britta. Shane works on defusing a bomb delivered to the fish market.

Feb 20,1986:Characters: Marlena, Chris, Savanah, Shane, Abe, Kim, Emma, Victor, Alex, Liz, Neil, Noel.. Emma pumps an intern about amnio. Kim wants to know what Shane is hiding from her. Chris gives Savanah a cold shoulder. Later she goes to see Marlena and a masked man enters Marlena's office, and Savanah is stabbed. (all part of her plan).

Feb 21 - No Episode Description

Feb 24,1986:Characters: Hope, Ingrid, Bo, Patch, Britta, Lars, Mike, Robin, Neil, Kim, Shane, Marlena, Mickey, Maggie, Iann, John, Liz, Emma.. Bo is frantic when Hope doesn't arrive in Stockholm, unaware Ingrid and the KGB have her. Mike asks Marlena's advice about asking Robin out. Emma changes Kim's amnio test.

Feb 25,1986;Characters: Shane, Liz, Kim, Neil, Patch, Britta, Lars, Hope, Bo, Ingrid, Emma, Alex.. Kim debates having the baby, after the amnio results. Hope plans her escape, but is caught by Ingrid. Bo calls Shane for help.

Feb 26,1986: Characters: Robin, Mike, Kim, Neil, Emma, Victor, john, Marlena, Liz.. Kim decides to have the baby. Emma tells Victor Kim is pregnant. Mike is angry at Robin for breaking their date. Victor confronts Kim.

Feb 27,1986:Characters: Kim, Ivy, Marlena, John, Shane, Bo, Britta, Hope, Ingrid, Caroline, Emma, Victor, Patch.. Kim talks to an abortion counselor. Marlena gives John a piece of her mind. Shane arrives in Stockholm. Victor hires John for the security of his estate. Hope is "shot" by Patch. Kim crashes her car.

Feb 28,1986: Characters: Melissa, Pete, Iann, shane, bo, Patch, Hope, Britta, Ingrid, Chris, Marlena, Caroline, Kim, Savanah, Maggie, Neil, abe, Lars, Victor.. Bo holds Hope's "dead" body. Hope makes a great "corpse" Kim is brought to the hospital, and it doesn't look good. Shane learns of Kim's accident.

March 3,1986: Characters: mike, Jenn, robin, john, Marlena, Pete, Melissa, Victor, Caroline, Shawn, Kim, Shane, Neil, Iann, Jake, Todd.. Jenn goes to Mike when she gets in trouble at school. Shane arrives at the hospital. Victor and Pete "talk".

March 4,1986:Characters: Neil, kim, shane, Peachy,Marlena, John, Melissa,Iann, Patch, Hope,Britta, Alice, Pete, Jake, Abe.. Shane finds Kim's abortion pamphlets. Iann freaks out Melissa. Patch and Britta are staying at Bo and Hope's. shane confronts Kim, then storms out. Iann is finally caught.

March 5,1986:Characters: Pete, Melissa, Jenn, bo, Hope, Abe, John, Marlena, shane, Maggie, Mickey, Patch, Britta.. Hope goes to visit Bo at his hideout. Melissa gives her statement to the police, and encounters a very sick Iann. Britta agrees to testify for Bo.

March 6,1986:Characters: Marlena, John, Kim, Neil, Bo, hope, Shawn,Chris, Abe, Savanah,,Caroline, victor, Hope, Alex.. Marlena and John bicker. Abe investigates the "attack" on Savanah. Bo sneaks in to see Kim.

March 7,1986:Characters: Britta, Hope, Bo, Patch, John,Robin, Mike, Kim, Neil, Shane, Shawn, Caroline, Abe.. Bo refuses to stay put. Patch visits Victor about their deal. While he is there, he sees John, but can't place him. Mike's van breaks down with Robin in it on the Jewish sabbath. Shane fianally goes to see Kim.

March 10,1986:Characters: Bo, Hope, Marlena, Carrie, John, Kim, shane, Anna, Victor, Calliope, Alice, Caroline,alex, Emma… Bo and Hope work on a plan to find the recently escaped Britta. Shane takes Kim home from the hospital, but freeze her out personally. Victor goes to see Kim about the baby, and makes noise.

March 11,1986:Characters: Jenn, Melissa, Pete,victor, Chris, Savanah,, Marlena, Kim, Emma, alex, Caroline, Todd.. Savanah and Chris grow close again. Emma taunts Kim -again, until Shane intercepts her. Jenn sells copies of a test from school to classmates. Victor goes over business about Jump with Pete.

March 12,1986:Characters: Calliope, Anna, John, Shane, Peachy, Kim, Hope, Abe, Patch, Britta, victor, Caroline. Shane throws himself into his work. Calliope plays matchmaker. Abe catches Bo. Victor gives Patch his orders for Britta. John tries to remember his identity.

March 13,1986:Characters: Mike, Jenn, Todd, Chris, Savanah, Kim, shane, Alex, John, Marlena, Emma, Robin, Nancy, Victor.. Kim and Shane get close again, for a short time. John thinks he may be Stefano. Jenn is in real trouble at school. Shane and John watch Kim's meeting with Victor on the security camera's.

March 14,1986:Characters: Bo, hope, Britta, Kim, victor, shane, John, Marlena, alice, Alex, Patch, Emma. Shane learns the truth. Victor strong arms Kim. Hope feels excluded when Bo, Britta and Patch go on about their past. Shane and Kim argue, as she fills him in on the details.

Mar 17 - No Episode Description

March 18,1986:Characters: Bo, Hope, John, Anna, Carrie, Marlena, Kim,Caroline, Jenn, Alex,Calliope. Hope questions Bo about his feelings for Britta. Carrie is afraid of John. Kim blames Caroline for her troubles.

March 19,1986:Characters: Kim, Neil, Robin, Jenn, Mike, John, Marlena, Alex, Victor, Peachy.. Kim tells Neil about Shane.Alex tells Victor the real John Black is dead, as John listens from afar. The jig is up for Jenn. Robin tries to mend fences b/t her father and Robert.John creates his own past.

March 20, 1986:Characters: Patch, Britta, Alice, robin, Mike, Kim, Peachy, Shane, Ivy,Shawn.. Britta is going stir crazy.Shane calls for Peachy, freezing out Kim. At the abuse clinic, Kim plays with baby Charlie. Kim plans to leave Salem for good.

March 21,1986:Characters: Britta, Hope, shane, Peachy, Kim, Neil, Tom, Alice, John, Marlena, Victor, Bo, Carrie.. Hope and Britta have a talk about her feelings for Patch. Peachy and Neil each talk to Shane and Kim. John tries to befriend Carrie.

March 24,1986: Characters: Jenn, Todd, Pete, Bo,Shane, Kim, victor, Peachy, Melissa, Maggie, Mickey. Victor insists Kim is not leaving town, that she is to stay with him, but Peachy steps in. Bo learns from Shane there is a problem, and Kim is gone. Kim stays with Peachy, as Shane's pride gets in his way.

Mar 25 - No Episode Description

March 26,1986:Characters: jenn, mike robin, melissa,todd, shane,kim,maggie,nancy, tom,alice,pete, chris, mickey, savanah. : Mike and Jenn plan a surprise for Nancy. Melissa yells at Pete about the booze at jump.Kim and Shane try hard to stay apart. money laundrying is pete's next tast.

March 27,1986:Characters: calliope, marlena,john, bo, hope, shane,,kim, neil, liz, todd, peachy. :kim and shane bicker. marlena senses something is not right with john. peachy sets up dinner for shane and kim. kim returns shane's ring to him.

March 28,1986:Characters: mike, robin, marlena, john, shane ,bo,hope, britta, patch, nancy, jenn,victor.:robin tries to apologize to mike about nancy. marlena is determined to learn about john. nancy goes home. bo is frustrated over kim and shane. john asks victor about the pawn.

March 31,1986:Characters: todd, neil, mike,robin, jenn, abe, bo, hope, patch, britta, chris, savanah, shane. : robin teaches mike about her culture. todd fights the urge to drink. hope offers her support to shane. savanah and todd get in a car accident after drinking at jump.

Apr 1 - No Episode Description

April 2,1986:Characters: patch, britta, shane, neil, liz, calliope, mike, robin, marlena,john, hope, tom, chris,alex, anna,victor. : liz mourns Todd's death. Mike and robin argue about Todd's death. John wants to stop his sessions with Marlena, but agrees to continue for a while. hope is worried about shane. Liz wants to see Pete for Todd's death.

April 3,1986:Characters: bo, britta,hope, john, kim, shane, neil,jenn, alice, victor, abe, peachy,emma. : John writes a letter to Shane, impiicating Victor with Britta in Stockholm. Kim and Shane can't stop running into each other.Shane goes over the plans with Abe for the ballet.

April 4,1986:Characters: john, marlena, britta,patch,peachy, bo,hope,shane, maggie,anna, melissa, victor, abe, doug, mickey. : The day of the ballet concert arrives.marlena clears the air with john. doug arrives to surprise hope. after hearing lars pleads, britta runs on stage, ruining the plan.

Apr 7 - No Episode Description

April 8,1986:Characters: bo, hope, shane, patch,shawn, caroline,victor,liz, britta,neil,peachy,ivy. : victor demands caroline meet with him, after he finds the letter. hope tries tog et patch to admit he still cares for britta. liz tells victor off about todd. vic learns bo is his son.

Apr 9 - No Episode Description

April 10,1986:Characters:victor, patch, bo,britta, kim, shane, liz, neil, pete,caroline, shawn.:patch comes to collect from vic, but he's not ready to pay up yet.kim is frantic when she can't find caroline's letter. liz and pete argue about todd. shane and kim feel the baby kick for the first time.

April 11,1986:Characters: Mike, Robin, Shawn, Marlena,Caroline, John, Bo, Hope, Shane,Patch, Mickey, Kim,Alice, Britta,Anna.: The wait is on for Britta to testify for Bo.Everyone rallies around Bo. Robin defends mike to an outside doctor's complaints. Britta covers her involvement with Victo. Victor and Shane argue about Kim. Shots ring out.

April 14,1986:characters: John, Marlena, Liz,shane, Victor, Kim,Neil, savanah, Alex, Chris,Carrie. : Shane and Victor argue when Kim comes along. Shot'r ring out and it's victor's bodyguard, who is shot in the hand by Shane. Savanah feels guilty about Todd. Marlena helps John with his memory. Carrie is still uncomfortable with John.

Apr 15 - No Episode Description

April 16,1986:Characters: bo, hope, britta,lars,steve,kim,emma,victor,shane,alice, alex. :Britta is in a hurry to leave town.Emma shows Kim she's a volunteer at the hospital now. Shane and Victor:round2.

Apr 17 - No Episode Description

April 18,1986:Characters: mike, robin, shane, bo, hope, kim, victor, britta,john, anna,steve. : Mike and Robin discuss the miners. Bo is determined to nail Vic. Britta goes to Victor for "help".steve starts to put it together that John is the pawn, as John covers. robin and mike are trapped in a mine.

April 21,1986:Characters: steve,britta, victor,kim, shane,alex,pete, melissa, jenn, john.: steve searches for john. victor demands action. kim and shane share a tender moment during a thunderstorm. pete tries to turn down victor, but alex warns him against it.. john goes to shane for help.

April 22,1986:Characters: liz, neil, kim, peachy, mike, robin, tom, alice, abe, mickey, maggie. : Mike works on getting him and robin out of the mine. abe starts a search for them. kim asks peachy to be her coach, unaware that shane wanted to be it, and left her a note, that emma intecepted.

April 23,1986:Characters: mike, robin, john, marlena,bo, hope, shane, steve,britta,jenn, alice,mickey, maggie, abe, tom. : John calls marlena and asks her for help.shane fills in bo and hope on the plan to nail victor.steve and britta mask in the afterglow. mike and robin are rescued.

Apr 24 - No Episode Description

April 25,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane, patch, bo, hope, neil, lars, john, marlena, abe,melissa, victor, pete, emma.:Neil fills everyone in on Britta's condition after she is shot. marlena wants answers from john. peachy and kim plan to attend her 1st childbirth class.

Apr 28 - No Episode Description

April 29,1986:Characters:bo, hope, shane, kim, emma, neil, britta, alex, victor, marlena, john.: Shane learns Emma took the note he left for Kim. Marlena sees the tatoo on John's shoulder of the phoenix. Victor "talks" to Britta. Marlena calls Bo and tells him John is Stefano. Bo, Hope and Shane go after the Pawn, John.

April 30,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane,bo, hope, john, marlena,caroline, victor, maggie. : Kim thinks Shane stood her up. Shane, bo and Hope arrive to the cabin, but nobody is there. Marlena and John argue in the car and crash, but are okay, and take off again, with Shane, Bo and hope on their trail.

May 1,1986:Characters:pete, melissa, bo, hope,shane, john, marlena, jenn, calliope, anna, abe, alex, lars. : Pete works on sabatoging Jump. Marlena tries to escape, but can't. A brawl starts when Pete hits Abe at Jump.. Marlena is taken by the KGB.

May 2,1986: Characters: kim, caroline, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john,ingrid, anna, robin, mike, shawn, victor. : Kim is worried about Shane when she doesn't hear from him. Marlena is used as bait to get John. Hope gets them out of jail. The white water rafting adventure begins.

May 5,1986:Characters:melissa, maggie, lars, steve, britta, victor, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john, pete. : Victor pays Britta another "visit". Pete is reprimanded by Abe. Bo and Shane search for Hope, after their raft capsizes.

May 6,1986:Characters: chris, savanah, victor, mike, robin, bo, shane,neil,liz,anna,doug, eugene,alex. : Bo and Shane continue to look for Hope. Robin pays Mike a visit on his day off. Eugene tells Doug about his vibe about Hope and water. Bo and Shane finally find Hope.

May 7,1986:Characters: marlena, john, shane, bo, hope, peachy, kim, victor, caroline, liz, neil. : Marlena has a dream about Roman. Shane sends a signal to Peachy. Before Peachy can tell Kim, she suffers a stroke. Shane stops Bo from going after "Stefano".

May 8,1986:Characters: kim, peachy, shane, bo, hope, marlena, john, calliope, anne, eugene, neil, victor, abe, alex.: Bo is getting impatient, as Shane wonders what happened to Peachy. Marlena continues to run from John, but he catches her. eugene works on his time machine. Kim goes to find Shane, unaware Victor is on the helicopter with her.

May 9,1986:Characters: steve, britta, bo, hope, shane, marlena, john, kim, victor,tom, alex. : Kim and Victor argue in the helicopter. John tries to assure Marlena he won't hurt her. The helicopter is spotted, and Bo sees Victor with Kim. Kim and Victor continue to argue and the helicopter crashes. Shane spots Kim and Vic with the KGB.

May 12 - No Episode Description

May 13,1986:Characters: melissa,pete, steve, britta,alex, kim, victor,shane,maggie.: Shane knocks out Ingrid, as Victor tries to deal with the KGB. Melissa is nervous about dancing for Lars. kim and Shane are caught before they can escape.

May 14 - No Episode Description

May 15,1986:Characters: jenn,mike, glenn, kim, shane, john, marlena, bo, hope,calliope, anna, eugene, victor. : Bo and Hope catch up to John and Marlena, as Bo aims at him, believing he is Stefano. Jenn has boyfriend troubles, as Mike teases her about it. Kim and Shane get untied and after a effort,they escape. John tells Marlena to go with Bo and Hope, but she refuses.

May 16,1986:characters: John, marlena, bo, hope, alex, emma, kim, shane, victor. : Hope spots Marlena and John, and rushes back to tell Bo.Kim goes into labor in the wilderness. Marlena learns John's true identity.After a few scary moments, Shane delivers the baby.

May 19,1986:Characters: hope, ingrid, shane, kim, john, bo, marlena, victor. : Kim and Shane have a boy. Marlena sees Bo fighting with John, and yells he's Roman. Marlena and Roman embrace, as Bo watches. When Shane goes for help, he returns to find Victor with Kim and the baby.

May 20 - No Episode Description

May 21,1986:characters: robin, alex, mike, victor, neil,kim, shane, caroline, shawn, liz. : Victor learns from Neil when Kim and the baby are arriving back in salem. Alex tries to butter up Robin, to no avail. Victor insist a blood test be taken, but Neil stops it. shane and victor argue about the baby. The blood test are taken. Kim names the baby Andrew.

May 22,1986:Characters: kim,shane, caroline,bo, hope,roman, marlena,robin, mike, liz, anna, neil, victor, peachy(new one),alice,alex, emma,doug. : Bo tries to accept John as Roman. John tries to remember his life as Roman. Kim turns down Shane's offer to go home with him until the test are back. kim and Shane go on a "date" to Blondies. Liz and Carl Anderson sing Friends and Lovers.

May 23,1986:Characters: steve, emma,robin, abe, Kayla(Mary Beth Evans 1st scenes) Full house at Blondies. :Neil and Liz celebrate her triumph return. Emma has a job for Steve. robin is caught in an explosion. Bo and Hope celebrate their 1st anniversary. Liz sings Tonight, I celebrate my love(Bo and Hope's song) Steve breaks into a nurses apartment(Kayla), per Emma's orders. Mike rescues Robin. When Bo pulls a gun on Victor, Caroline stops him by telling him Victor is his father.

May 26,1986:Characters: robin, mike, neil, hope, shawn, alice, shane, kim, bo, caroline, victor, alex, emma. : Robin worries about her career, due to the hand injury.. Everyone runs when they hear the gun shot, and are shocked by Caroline's confession. Bo is devasted. The aftermath of the confession affects a lot of people.

May 27,1986:Characters:steve, kayla, pete,mickey, melissa, bo, kim, victor, lars, ivy. : Steve calls Kayla and tells her he's watching her. mickey has a heart to heart talk with Pete. Kim tries to talk to Bo about the recent events happening in their lives. Steve leaves his mark in Kayla's apartment. Kim calls Kayla about Bo.

May 28,1986: Characters:roman, marlena, carrie, bo, hope, shawn,caroline, kayla, kim, shane, emma, victor. : Roman moves back in with Marlena and the kids. Shawn moves out on Caroline.Kayla arrives home. Carrie has a hard time accepting John. Kim and Shane talk about the DNA results being in. Hope tells Bo he will always be a Brady, despite how he is feeling. Kayla goes to see Bo. Emma alters the DNA results.

May 29,1986:Characters: mike, robin, savanah, chris, kayla, steve,neil,kim, shane, victor, emma, calliope, anna, eugene, abe, alex, peachy. : Mike checks on Robin after the surgery on her hand.Savanah is up and about after the accident. Chris welcomes Kayla home. the test say Victor is Andrew's father,thanks to Emma. Eugene and Calliope are accepted for the Newly Wed game. Steve collects from Emma. shane tries to reassure Kim . shane talks to Peachy about his feelings. Alex learns what Emma did, as she admits Shane is Andrew's father.

May 30,1986:Characters: bo, hope, shane, kim,roman,marlena,victor,shawn,kayla, caroline,abe, carrie. : Shane is not allowed in the nursery, now that is is not the father. Victor and Shane argue. Kayla tries to get through to Shawn. Victor plans to sue for custody. Carrie runs away, but Roman finds her. Kayla and Roman share a reunion.

Jun 2 - No Episode Description

June 3,1986:Characters: bo, hope, caroline, robin, mike, kim, victor, shane,shawn. : Bo refuses to talk to Caroline when she calls.Robin and Mike argue about her wanting to go home. Kim and Shane discuss Andrew and their future. Kim is forced to tell shawn the truth about Andrew and Victor, and he doesn't take it very well.

Jun 4 - No Episode Description

June 5,1986:Characters: bo,hope,roman, steve,victor,caroline,kayla,shawn, kim, shane. : Shane argues with a court appointed investigator over Andrew's custody fight.. Roman tries to talk to Bo about Victor and the past. Kayla tries to negotiate with Victor about the family and him. Kim plans to move back into her apartment, in order to get her life in order. Steve goes to the Brady Fish Market and scares Kayla. Caroline goes to see Victor, and she's carrying a gun.

June 6,1986:Characters: shane, bo,kim, roman, caroline,victor, marlena,anna, alex, tom, peachy. Kim goes to see Roman to get the keys to her old apartment from him. He tries to dissuade her, but is not able to. Bo learns about Kim's new living arrangements from Shane. Marlena and Anna debate Victor funding a clinic on the waterfront. Bo goes to see Victor, pretending to be drunk, to plant the new security device Shane showed him. With Bo's arrival, Caroline is unable to go through with her plan, so she and Victor meet somewhere else. Shane and Kim share a tender moment at the hospital, as Peachy is released. Roman and Marlena have a romantic dinner. Caroline pulls a gun on Victor, as Bo and Shane listen.

June 9,1986:Characters: Eugene, Calliope,kim, Hope, Caroline, Victor, Bo, Shane, Anna, Shawn, Tom. : Caroline is determined to stop Victor. Shane and Bo get there and hear a shot ring out, but Victor has gotten the gun away from Caroline before she could hurt anyone. Kim talks to a little boy named Jeremy at the abuse clinic.Eugene has another vibe- and it's not good. shane watches Kim talking to Jeremy about what makes a family. bo has an offer for Victor: Bo will be his son, if he leaves the Brady's, all of them, alone. Victor counters the offer by saying Bo and Hope are to move in his house. Hope reluctantly agrees.

Jun 10 - No Episode Description

June 11,1986:Characters: neil,marlena,roman,bo, hope, kim, shane,victor,robin,mike, anna,shawn, caroline, carrie. : kim and Shane meet with Victor, who tells them he is dropping the custody suit, since Bo is now moving in as his heir. Anna and Roman wait for news on Carrie's condition, after she is hit by a car. Kim and Shane go to see Bo, but he won't admit what's he's doing. Shane and Kim discuss their future. Bo and Hope move into Victor's. Shane and Bo "argue" at Blondies, as Kim and Hope try and stop them, Bo takes a swing at Shane. Carrie wakes up as Roman talks to her. Hope is having a hard time adjusting.

Jun 12 - No Episode Description

June 13,1986:Characters: kim, shane ,emma, caroline, kayla, shawn,bo, hope, steve, neil, doug. : victor tries to get to know Bo and Hope. Emma taunts Shane and Kim about Victor, as Kim sets her straight. Kayla runs into Steve as she is leaving the Brady Fish market. Bo fills in Shane on his new "job" for Victor. Kim goes back to her apartment to find Shane waiting with a romantic candlelit dinner. hope tries to talk to steve about Britta leaving. Emma has a plan for andrew. Kim and Shane have a romantic reunion.

june 16,1986: Characters: Marlena, roman,bo, victor,kim, shane,emma,neil,savanah, alex, caroline, carrie, peachy.: bo and Victor disagree about his new lifestyle. Shane serves Kim breakfast in bed. Emma tries to forge Kim's signature, as Alex walks in. Caroline tells Roman Bo's new address, and he suspects something isn't right. Emma goes to see Kim with some "papers" for her to sign for the clinic. Emma calls the adoption doctor, and makes finally arrangements.

Jun 17 - No Episode Description

June 18,1986:Characters: victor, alex,hope, kim, kayla, roman, bo, emma, shane, marlena, matt. : Emma continues to lurk around the nursery, as Shane comes along and asks her what she is up to. Hope puts Victor in his place. Kim and Kayla tell Roman and Bo about their plan for Shawn and Caroline. Everyone gathers at roman and marlena's. Bo watches from outside, as the plan works, and Shawn and Caroline are back together. Emma tries on her disguise, as Alex tries to warn her.

Jun 19 - No Episode Description

June 20,1986:Characters: mike, robin, matt,jenn,alice, marlena, roman, carrie, shane, emma, kim, abe. : Mike goes to see Robin, but she has her father cover for her. Matt gives Jenn his grandfathers watch and acts strangely and leaves. Kim tells shane they can take Andrew home.Emma listens to their converstation, and works on her plan. Jenn tells Marlena about Matt, and she goes to see him. Marlena finds Matt out on a ledge. Kim and Shane run into Roman and Carrie at the park. Marlena goes outside the ledge to get Matt, and just as she has him in, she slips.

June 23,1986:Characters: Steve, Kayla,Chris, Kim, shane,Neil, Emma, Victor, Marlena, Matt, Jenn, Roman, Tom, Caroline,Glenn, Abe. : Kayla tells Chris she's returning to Cleveland. Kim and shane wait in neil's office to take andrew home.emma, dressed as a nurse, goes to the nursery and pretends to be the relief nurse. marlena slips off the ledge. abe holds back roman, as the paradmedics work on marlena. kayla tells chris she'll be back, and she's still thinking about running the new clinic on the waterfront. per victor's orders. steve watches kayla and everyone she talks to. marlena is rushed to the O R. emma takes andrew, shane learns andrew is missing. kim goes to the nursery and hane has to tell Kim andrew is missing.

June 24,1986: Characters:bo, hope, roman, neil,kayla, steve, kim, shane,victor, liz,savanah,emma, abe, anna. : neil tells roman marlena has sliped into a coma. steve watches kayla on the phone at her apartment. shane and kim are frantic over andrew, when shane sees victor, he grabs him, demanding to know where andrew is.victor has no idea what is going on, and bo defends him to the others. steve tells kayla he was visting a girl named christy in her building, as he continues to scare her.

Jun 25 - No Episode Description

June 26,1986:Characters:roman, anna, melissa, ivy, pete, shane,hope, britta,lars,abe, eugene,maggie, jenn,mickey, glenn,peachy. : carrie is missing-again. shane and hope talk about the article and andrews picture in the paper, and the search going on. ivy slips to melissa that victor is the investor in the dance company. melissa confronts pete. britta calls lars, and he tells her to come back, but she refuses. eugene tells shane and hope of a vision he had that andrew is in Cleveland. Jenn, feeling guilty about what happened to marlena, spends a lot of time volunteering at the hospital. Carrie goes to see marlena, as roman watches.

June 27,1986:Characters: victor, bo, kayla,chris, savanah,steve, shane, hope, kim,neil, tom,alex, emma,caroline. : Kayla sees Steve and tells him she was looking for him. shane wants hope to pose as his wife, but she can't do that, as kim walks in wanting to know what is going on. shane fills her in, and she insists on doing the part. after steve and kayla exchange some words, she gives him the picture of britta he dropped at her place. emma tries to offer words of comfort to shane and kim, but he picks her up and throws her out of the resturant.. kim and shane meet with a lawyer who does adoptions. kayla needs to give her answer about running the clinic. while kayla is alone in the clinic, a drunk person approaches her, and steve comes to her rescue. hope tries to tell bo she's pregnant, but can't seem to find the words.

June 30,1986:Characters:melissa, lars,steve,kayla,shane,kim, abe, victor. : kayla goes to the shipping company,looking for bo, and encounters steve. bo comes and tells steve to leave his sister alone. the lawyer calls shane and tells him to go to the hotel room where he is staying, that he should have a baby boy for him. kayla tells bo she's moving back home, and is going to run the waterfront clinic. steve reports back to victor about bo and kayla's talk. After learning she sat behind the person who took andrew, kayla feels terrible that she never looked at the woman's face. kim and shane meet with the lawyer, who hands them a baby, but it's not andrew.

Jul 1 - No Episode Description

Jul 2 - No Episode Description

July 3,1986:characters: melissa, lars, hope, bo, victor,calliope,anna, kim, shane, jenn, mike, robin,glenn,tom, alice,neil, savanah,pete, doug. :melissa and lars are stuck in a single room when they get to NYC for the ballet. Hope gets interrupted by Victor as she tries to tell Bo she's pregnant.shane sets up another meeting with another adoption lawyer in Cleveland.At the 4th of July picnic, Mike gets dunked in the dunk tank by robin.shane and kim have another false lead, until a secretary, Ms Harris tells them she may be able to help. Hope finally tells Bo she's pregnant, and he doesn't take the news that well.

Jul 4 - No Episode Shown

July 7,1986: Characters: steve, kayla, melissa, lars,pete, kim, shane,britta, chris,emma. : Kim and shane wait to hear from the doctor in Cleveland. Britta surprises Lars in NYC. Kayla goes to Steve's to check on his head injury he got at the warehouse. kim and shane get into an argument over how to handle the situation. they later meet with the doctor emma gave the baby to. for $50 thousand, they can have a 2 month old baby boy. Emma tells steve to find out everything kayla heard on that flight to cleveland. the doctor gives shane and kim 2 days to come up with the money. steve goes to the clinic to return kayla's scraf, and she "checks" his wound.

Jul 8 - No Episode Description

July 9,1986:Characters: anna, roman,calliope, eugene, hope, steve,victor, shane,kim,peachy,neil, abe,chris,liz,kayla,marlena. : As shane and kim discuss the money, peachy comes in with it from the isa.anna and roman think calliope needs help to deal with eugene's "death", not believing her story that she is the only one that can see him, since he went to another dimension in the time machine. When hope goes to the warehouse to talk to bo, he isn't there, and she and victor get into a discussion about bo. shane makes arrangements to meet with ms harris again. everyone thinks calliope has lost it at the memorial for eugene. hope goes to the clinic to see kayla, while she is there, steve comes in. kayla puts him off,and while hope and he are talking, she almost faints, and he realizes she is pregnant. she tells him not to spread the news. When steve goes back to the clinic, kayla blasts him for his attitude.

Jul 10 - No Episode Description

July 11,1986:Characters: mike, robin, savanah, neil, kayla, steve, kim, shane, abe, roman. : Neil goes to work at the clinic with Kayla, as Savanah volunteers to help out at the desk.Victor's bodyguard Nick, has a job for a couple of thugs. they are to send a message to Steve, courtesty of Victor. Robin is upset after veiwing her latest xrays, which show she should have more movement in her hand. Steve calls Kayla sweetness, and she tells him to stop it. when he says he needs medical attention, she makes him take a number. kim is upset that abe and roman are involved, but they reassure her nothing will go wrong. ms harris gives shane the instructions for the exchange. savanah and steve run their game on neil and kayla. kim waits in the park, as Kayla comes along. Ms harris sees her, and remembers who she is, and aborts the plan. kim and shane argue again. kayla finds a beaten and bloody steve on the docks. he fight her as she tries to help him.

Jul 14 - No Episode Description

July 15,1986:Characters: mike, jenn,robin,glenn, steve,kayla, kim,peachy, shane, abe, alice, emma. : Steve wakes up at his apartment, and finds kayla asleep in the chair next to him. robin shows mike the improvement in her hand. kayla and steve argue again. he apologizes and she checks him over. kim gets upset when she sees shane and abe brainstorming.later, they share a romantic encounter. steve tells emma he knows what she did to kim and shane, but she proclaims her innocence. steve then calls kayla to come over and he gets the doctors name out of her.

Jul 16 - No Episode Description

July 17,1986:Characters: kim, shane, kayla, steve, victor,bo, abe, roman, marlena, alex, carrie. : kim and shane work together to find andrew. kayla goes to see them and tells them about the note she got- that the doctor she worked for, dr dennison, has andrew. steve goes to see victor about kayla. bo talks to abe about some cargo he is waiting to arrive. kim figures ms harris recongized kayla, and that is why she took off. shane books a flight to Cleveland for him and kim. marlena finally wakes up, as carrie and roman sit with her and talk. kayla goes to see steve about the note, and really blasts him out. kim and shane confront dr dennison. marlena lapses back into a coma. shane and kim bug the office and hide in a broom closet and listen as dennison calls someone and tells them to get rid of the baby.

July 18,1986:Characters: melissa,lars, roman, bo, alex,hope, abe,kim,shane,pete, maggie, mickey, britta. : Roman listens as melissa and lars discuss britta.bo goes to the docks and tells alex the orders have changed, since the cops are on to them. kim and shane listen from the broom closet as the doctor has a visitor, ms harris. kim and shane later follow her to find andrew. abe searches the cargo, but too late. kim and shane are forced out of the car and locked in a basement, with andrew. ms harris comes in and demands the baby from kim, as the thugs knock out shane. melissa convinces lars to go to roman for help for britta.

July 21,1986:Characters:bo, hope,victor,alex, kim,shane,steve,kayla, emma,calliope, jake. :shane tries to come up with a way out. kayla goes to steve for answers about dr dennison. she then tells him she's worried about shane and kim, who went to cleveland, and she hasn't heard from them in a while. he tells her know that she's desperate, she comes to him. after a few barbs are exchanged between them, Kayla slaps Steve and leaves. Steve tells emma he has enough on her to send her away for a long time. emma finally spills the beans about where dr. dennison has a hide out in cleveland. hope is afraid bo is getting too comfortable with victor, but he does his best to put her at ease.kayla goes to bo for help. steve watches as dennison and harris talk about what to do with shane and kim. kayla talks to hope about steve. kayla believes steve is lying, as bo and hope work on opening the door to free kim and shane. emma beats kim and shane back to dennison's office, and burns the file he has on andrew. kayla and steve go at it again, as bo steps between them, until the police arrive and arrest Steve, who tells Kayla and Bo to tell them he did nothing wrong, but they don't say a word.

Jul 22 - No Episode Description

July 23, 1986:Characters: bo, hope, victor roman, britta, lars, kim, kayla, steve, peachy. : bo and hope discuss steve, victor and andrew's kidnapping. roman grabs britta, as lars tries to convince her to trust roman. kayla goes over everything she knows about steve and the note with shane at the police station, as steve is brought in. shane interogates steve, but he sticks to his story. kim thinks the police blew it again by arresting steve, if they didn't maybe he would have lead them to andrew is her thinking.kim talks to bo about victor and his involvement, and bo defends victor,again, as kim thinks he just sold out. steve goes to see kayla at the clinic. he tries to make her believe he is telling the truth, but she doesn't buy it. britta hides outside the clinic and watches as an angry steve leaves.

Jul 24 - No Episode Description

Jul 25 - No Episode Description

July 28,1986:Characters: melissa, jenn, pete, mike,steve,kayla,shane,peachy, kim,roman, robin, mike,max, frankie, britta. : Kayla treats a little boy named Max that steve brough in. shane and peachy try to get a connection to emma and the kidnapping.roman brings a file from dennison's office with kim's signature on it. a hostage situation at the hospital gets worse, as melissa and jenn are being held, and melissa gets shot. pete comes through the window and gets the guy to let him get melissa help, but he keeps jenn there with him.. kayla and steve have a hard time getting max to take his shirt off so she can treat him, then Kayla sees the burn marks on him. kim denies signing any adoption papers. shane remembers the time emma came to kim to sign some forms for the clinic. kayla tells steve she is worried about max and frankie. after steve leaves, a sick britta comes in the clinic as kayla tries and help her. when steve returns, britta leaves again.

Jul 29 - No Episode Description

July 30,1986:Characters: eugene, calliope, jake,hope,bo, victor,roman,shane, kim, emma, alex. : eugene calls calliope, while she is with jake to find him. kim sees shane at the hospital but he doesn't tell her what he is up to. before bo can tell hope about victor's party, victor comes in and tells her. alex tells emma about the picture shane is passing around the hospital. emma manages to stay a step ahead of shane. eugene is recaptured by the nutty professor. shane and kim share a passionate kiss.

July 31,1986:Characters:mike, robin, kim, shane, jenn,glenn,melissa,peachy,lars, emma. : mike and robin's relationship continues to blossom. kim goes to see shane, and he tries to comfort her, as they end up in bed. jenn can't get her mind or eyes off glenn, since he saved her at the hospital. as kim and shane make love, they make promises to each other. shane later confronts emma with the picture and his accusations. emma then takes it out on a clueless kim. kim goes to shane for answers.

Aug 1 - No Episode Description

Aug 4 - No Episode Description

August 5,1986:Characters: mike,chris, robin, pete, melissa, emma,kim, shane,maggie,mickey, eli,lars, robert, mitch, jamie,abe,alex. : Kim tries to get emma to tell her what she knows about andrew, but emma takes the defensive with kim, as shane comes along and tells kim to leave emma alone. he tries to explain privately his logic to kim, but she's not listening to any of that.eli suffers a heartattack, as robin is at mike's making a special lunch.shane shows jamie, the nurse, the picture, and she identifies the woman as the relief nurse. she later backs her statement to abe, as shane and abe go to bring emma in.Emma was there watching shane, and has a leg up, as she packs to go to london. emma is caught at the airport by shane and abe and is arrested.

August 6,1986: Characters: jenn, calliope, jake, kim, shane,abe, eugene,emma. : Jenn gets jealous when she sees Glenn surrounded by several girls. calliope "calls" eugene. kim waits at the police station, as shane tells her emma hasn't said anything and they may have to release her. the nutty professor continues to hold eugene hostage. emma is brought in, as shane and kim work on his plan. emma insist she doesn't know dr. dennison or ms. harris, and now wants to speak to her attorney, calliope and jake find eugene, but are confronted by the professor. emma wants to make a deal with shane, until she realizes it was a set up, and clams up.

August 7,1986:Characters: Kim, shawn,calliope, jake,eugene, steve,frankie, max, bo, hope, victor, kayla.: kim goes to see shawn, who is babysitting the twins. she fills him in on the emma situation. calliope tries to find a way out, as eugene comes to them and tells them he is working on a way out too. steve is awaken by frankie and max, who barge in, and frankie tells him he needs to fix this mess he made. the friction continues to build between bo and hope, as he choose to go to europe with victor. frankie fills steve in about kayla and the social worker, as they come in the door, and steve yells nobody is taking max. bo goes to kim for help with hope. steve scares the social worker off, then argues with kayla. steve and kayla later work together to help frankie and max. she agrees to hide them in her loft, as they look for someone to take them both in together. when they return to steve's apartment they see frankie being restrained by the police as the social worker takes max away. steve tries to hold back frankie, as kayla watches.

Aug 8 - No Episode Description

Aug 11 - No Episode Description

August 12,1986:characters: neil, hope,kim,shane, kayla, frankie,steve,emma, alex,victor, eugene, abe,chris, caroline. : shane watches kim working at the abuse clinic. frankie charges into the emergency center and tells kayla to tell him where max is, then he starts throwing things off the counter, as steve comes in and stops him.neil tells hope the stress test showed she has more stress now then before, and this is not good for her pregnancy. alex tries to get emma to tell him where andrew is, but she insists she doesn't know. she then tells him she plans to plead insanity as a defense. kim argues with shane when he says he is taking on another case. eugene is returned to salem, accompanied by dr, vertigo's goons. calliope comes back with jake and fills in chris and abe, who think she is crazy. victor tells kim about a lead he got on andrew. steve and kayla argue, as she tells him she plans to make things right. kim goes to see emma in jail, but emma puts on her insane act. shane tells kim not to go with victor, the lead will not pan out, but she won't listen. kayla learns max has run away again, and frankie goes to look for him. steve tells kayla he has a lot to teach her, and leaves. victor arrives,and kim goes with him.

Aug 13 - No Episode Description

Aug 14 - No Episode Description

August 15,1986:Characters: Kayla, frankie, roman, marlena, kim, shane,victor, steve,max, abe,caroline. : roman tells marlena she can go home. victor and kim arrive back home after the false lead. kayla finds steve with max at his apartment. kayla argues with steve for not telling her max was there. frankie comes in, and he tells her she's not taking max anywhere. shane and kim argue again, and this time it looks like it's the end of their relationship. shane goes to see roman, as kim goes to see marlena. kayla tells frankie her parents will take him and max. kayla and steve bring the kids to the brady fish market. steve and kayla share a tender moment, when she kisses him on the check. marlena and roman have a romantic homecoming.

Aug 18 - No Episode Description

August 19,1986:characters: shane, peachy, kim, neil, savanah,roman, marlena,britta, liz, abe, victor,alex, emma. : Shane tells peachy he feels responsible for what emma has done. marlena is excited about the wedding, as she fills in roman with the details.peachy fills in kim about emma's hearing.liz sets the record straight with savanah about neil. alex goes to see emma before the hearing, giving it one last shot, but she won't talk. victor gives emma some "friendly" advice.

Aug 20 - No Episode Description

Aug 21 - No Episode Description

August 22,1986:characters: kayla, steve,kim, shane, calliope,marlena, maggie, alice, carrie, mickey, shawn, gregory, britta, abe(full house of characters). : steve sneaks up on kayla outside the clinic. shane and kim discuss not getting into a fight again. as roman goes to leave for the church, he gets a phone call from gregory, the tatooo artist from stockholm. kim gives shane his ring back. steve drives kayla to the church, when her car battery dies. britta sees gregory on the docks, and tells him he is in danger being there. the wedding begins. steve has a daydream about him and kayla, as britta approaches him. she tries to get his shirt off to see his tatoo, but he spots a body floating in the water, and dives in to get it.steve pulls out the body and it's gregory.

August 25,1986:Characters:Liz, roman, marlena,kim, steve, britta,neil, kayla,chris,alice,mickey,maggie, mike. : roman and marlena are remarried. kim thinks of what may have been with her and shane, then prays to God to look after Andrew, where ever he is.Roman arrives on the docks and learns gregory was killed. steve tells britta to leave him alone, as she tries to seduce him again. steve listens on the docks as kayla and chris talk about their past relationship. roman and marlena skip the reception to go home.

Aug 26 - No Episode Description

August 27,1986:Characters: roman, marlena, kim, neil,liz,bo, victor,steve, kayla,shane. : roman and marlena plan a trip back to west virgina, and the kgb cabin.Steve carries Hope into the clinic, and she tells kayla she's afraid she's losing her baby. steve tries to keep hope calm, as kayla watches him. victor watches bo handle a business deal in greece. shane tells roman he and kim have broken up. neil examines hope and at first she appears to be alright as long as she rest, but she later suffers a miscarriage. kim goes in to talk to her and she asks kim to call bo. when victor answers, kim just tells him to tell bo to call hope. when victor relays the message, bo choses to call hope later, rather then get into another fight with her on the phone. shane arrives at the hospital after a nurse at the clinic tells him kayla's sister was taken there by ambulance. he's releived she alright, but sadden by the news of hope's miscarriage.Kayla tells steve she has seen a softer, caring side of him, despite him denying it's true.

Aug 28 - No Episode Description

August 29,1986:Characters: kim, kayla,hope, steve,bo, shane, roman,marlena. : Steve is waiting at victor's for bo to arrive, and when he does, steve tells him about hope. shane gets home and is grabbed by a couple of thugs. roman and marlena try to figure out where the kgb cabin is, when he steps on a landmind, but with some clever thinking, all turns out well. kim and kayla talk with hope, as kayla gets her ready to go home. hope tells them she is angry at bo for not being there. peachy walks in on the thugs holding shane. they tell him they want the letter roman gave him but he plays dumb, and before they let him go, they stab him in the arm. bo learns from neil the stress hope was under caused her miscarriage. neil treats shane's wound, as kim comes in his office. he brushes it off as nothing and leaves. bo tries to talk to hope, but she's very angry at him.

September 1,1986:Characters: mike, ivy, shane, shawn, kim, roman,marlena,robin, eugene,jake, abe, pere, max,frankie. : Ivy brings baby charlie to mike with a medical emergency. shane goes to talk to shawn, but when kim calls to go over there, shawn comes up with a plan. marlena tries to help roman remember his past.shawn stalls shane until kim arrives. kim and shane make small talk, as they continue to fight their feelings.kim tries to play peace maker b/t frankie and shawn. shane later comes back for his notebook, and overhears shawn asking kim if she still loves shane. after shawn leaves, shane tells kim he still loves her and leaves before she can respond.

Sep 2 - No Episode Description

Sep 3 - No Episode Description

September 4,1986:Characters: frankie, Jenn, glenn, liz, neil, melissa,pete, roman,marlena,victor,kim, caroline. : Jennifer and Glen invade Frankie's spot on the beach, and he lets them know. Neil comes home and finds liz with her hollywood friends. melissa and pete are having money problems,and victor overhears them discussing it. he then offers pete a solution. kim brings neil to her place to rest, after seeing him in the doctor's lounge. caroline talks to frankie about going to school. roman catches the guy following him and gives him a message to take back to his boss.

September 5,1986:Characters: marlena, roman,kayla,steve, shane, hope,kim, victor, bo,max, frankie, abe. : Roman and Marlena return home. shane and hope go over the leads on andrew that the police have stopped looking into. kayla and steve wrestle over a harmonica. she tells him she bought it to replace the one he lost so he could play it for max. kim goes to see hope, and runs into shane. hope shows her shane is still looking for andrew, despite what it looks like. kim goes their to try and act as go b/t for bo and hope. kim and kayla talk about frankie and max going to school. bo goes to see hope and tells her to go with him, but when she refuse, he picks her up and takes her with him. kim is brought to the police station by abe to identify a baby that may be andrew. when she holds the baby, she's not sure if it's him, since he has grown so much.

September 8,1986:Characters: mike, robin, jenn, glenn,kim, abe,victor, bo, hope, neil,liz.: kim waits for the footprint results on the baby.abe tells her it's not andrew, and shane walks in to see victor embracing her. hope refuses to go on a honeymoon with bo, but he insist they are going. robin and mike discuss his request for a transfer. shane learns what is going on from abe. bo and hope's hot air ballon adventure.

Sep 9 - No Episode Description

September 10,1986:characters: britta,mike, robin, neil, ivy, bo, hope, liz, calliope, eugene,kim, emma, alex,savanah. : Bo tries his best to get on hope's good side again. kim goes to see eugene for help on finding andrew. shane sees britta hiding in his house when he gets home, but he allows her to leave.alex goes to see emmma, and she ask him to get her letter she sent to herself in england. eugene goes to see shane about a vibe he had about kim. a blonde woman is going to die. bo decides not to fight hope anymore, and tells her she can go home if she wants to. shane goes to see kim at the clinic. he tells her he's concerned about her safety and wants to place a guard to her, but she protest and they end up arguing again, and he storms out. bo and hope finally make up.

Sep 11 - No Episode Description

September 12,1986:characters: marlena, carrie, kim, shane, bo, hope, mike, ivy, robin, roman, victor. : Kim and shane argue again, and she brings up her past. he tells her she is the one that is obessed with it and she uses it as a guard to not love or get hurt. victor interrupts bo and hope's reunion. marlena explains to roman why she sent the guards away, after one pulled a gun on carrie. victor insist bo needs to cut his trip short, but bo refuses. kim and shane try to move on with their lives seperately. marlena is chlorformed and taken by two men. roman returns and gets a call saying they have marlena.

September 15,1986:Characters: kim, neil,liz,kayla,steve, britta, lars. doug,alice, shane. : Steve goes to see Kayla to check her wound. he then hands her a gun to keep for protection, but she refuses to take it.. roman calls shane and tells him about marlena. britta goes to see kayla, claiming she is there to see hope. britta and kayla then go on about steve, and the claws come out from both sides. steve runs into britta on the docks, and wants to know what she was doing at the loft. they then end up arguing and he says a lot of things, including he could kill her. roman finds a note saying marlena is safe for now. he thinks it's from britta and steve. someone with a gun come up behind britta on the docks. she turns around and says you don't want me dead, but the person shoots her as she screams.

September 16,1986: Characters: kim, peachy, shane, bo, hope, alice, britta, roman, alex,steve, savanah, lars. : Bo and Hope come home and return to the loft. They then learn marlena was kidnapped. britta lays on the dock, as roman comes across her. while kim is visiting peachy, shane comes in and tells them about marlena. steve heads to a bar to drown his sorrows. roman brings britta to the clinic, as kayla works on her. britta says steve's name over and over, and when roman asks who shot her, she says steve's name. despite kayla's efforts, britta dies. lars learns she was taken there, and learns she has died. alex goes to see shane and tells him emma wants to see him. steve goes to the loft drunk, and thinks hope is kayla. she gets him to see who she is, and realizes he doesn't know about britta yet. after she sobers him up she breaks the news to him. he runs out very upset. when he returns to his apartment, the police are waiting for him, but he takes off.

Sep 17 - No Episode Description

Sep 18 - No Episode Description

September 19,1986:Characters: roman, shane, abe, marlena, steve, kayla,peachy, frankie. : Marlena pretends to be sick. steve and kayla are handcuffed together on the run. they argue about the fake cops who are holding them. shane and roman talk about the isa and how to get what they need from the organization. the fake cops question steve and kayla about britta. steve makes up a story about not knowing what britta had, but her telling him where it was if something happened to her. kayla then ask him if he's telling the truth, but he says he has a plan. turns out the new chief of the isa , Vaughn, is behind marlena being held. vaughn sends a doctor in to check on marlena and send a new female agent to work with shane. frankie brings roman a gun he found. kayla and steve "argue" about their situation, when the other guard/cop comes in, they tag team him and knock him out. when they try and locate the keys to the cuffs, they are not on him, so they run out still handcuffed together.. they find a hotel to hide out in, and come up with a cover story.. they are love birds, and they pull it off so well, that the owner believes they are newly weds and gives them the bridal suite. before shane can let the isa know he doesn't want a new partner, his new partner arrives-gillian forrester. when the ambulance marlena was taken in stops, she escapes and calls roman.

September 22,1986:Characters: marlena, roman, melissa, lars,pete, kim,peachy, shane,gillian,mickey, victor, carrie, eugene. : roman tries to trace the phone marlena is calling from. shane tells gillian his feelings, and she tells him he has no choice. peachy tells kim her news, that she is being reassigned to england. marlena is recaptured.kim goes with peachy to see shane, and bumps into gillian leaving. peachy gives shane and kim a piece of her mind about their current situation.. when gillian invites herself to stay at shane's, he informs her to go to a hotel.

September 23,1986:Characters: bo, hope,doug, marlena.shane, roman,steve,kayla, kim. : roman goes to shane for access to the isa files,but Shane says he can't give him that, since he is no longer with the isa. steve and kayla are asleep in the hotel room-together. they then argue again about the whole situation they are in. doug is under the mistaken impression bo and hope are back together, until she sets him straight. kim offically meets gillian. the "newlyweds", steve and kayla, are served breakfast in bed. they are able to escape before the fake cops catch up to them. they find a barn, with some tools, and steve uses a hack saw to cut off the cuffs. gillian reports to vaughn about roman's plan. steve ask kayla if she belives him when he says he didn't kill britta. at first she says she's not sure, but then says she believes him after he tells her some more. steve dreams of kayla coming back and wanting to stay with him, as he kisses her. Kayla then comes back after it's raining outside. when she gets cold, he gallantly gives her his jacket.

Sep 24 - No Episode Description

September 25,1986:characters:maggie, melissa, lars,mickey, shane, gillian, kim, neil, kayla, steve,,liz,savanah, abe,chris,alex. : Kim goes to shennigans with neil, and sees shane and gillian. kayla wakes up to a riffle pointed at her, she then tells steve to wake up, now, as he too sees the riffle..the farmer wants to know what they are doing on his property. steve says he and his girlfriend wanted a roll in the hay, but kayla says they work with mike, and he seems to know mike and leaves it at that. he offers them a ride to town.steve tells kayla he's not going back with her, but she asks him not to take off. kim confronts shane about his appointment with emma, and they end up arguing again. kayla wants to help steve, and he accepts her offer.. shane goes to see emma and lays the foundation to his plan down. kayla brings steve to the loft. kim meets a new volunteer at the clinic, barbara stewart.. when kayla tries to get close to steve, he resists.

Sep 26 - No Episode Description

September 29,1986:Characters, melissa, pete, nick, lars, shane,gillian, kim,hope, roman, steve, kayla,frankie,max. : shane and gillian are working at the house,when kim comes by. she wants to know about his visit with emma.. Roman is struggling with steve at the loft, as hope tries to intervien. He tells Roman he didn't do anything to kayla, as she walks in and steve runs out. nick overhears pete talking about buying a camcorder, and offers to sell him one at below retail prices. Frankie tells steve of a place he can hide out at.Kayla finds steve and assures him roman won't arrest him. she tells steve he needs to trust her or keep running. roman tells shane he will be returning to the isa, to get help on getting marlena back. kayla talks with roman at the loft about steve, when steve comes walking in. roman tells him to come to his office for questioning, that he's trusting him too. Before steve leaves, he tells kayla he came back because of her.

Sep 30 - No Episode Description

October 1,1986:characters: jenn, glenn, shane, alice, kim, marlena,steve, roman, kayla, abe, alex. : Jenn is unable to go all the way with Glenn. steve goes to roman with britta's purse, that he fished out of the water. kayla walks in as they argue. Ms Lannman, the assistant DA, wants to hold steve overnight. shane delivers a letter to kim from peachy. alex asks shane what he is up to with emma. steve and kayla argue with Ms Lannman, as she paints the facts to look like he killed britta. shane plays dumb with alex, as kim overhears shane defend emma. roman argues with the commisoner, to no avail about steve.kayla defends steve to roman, and he wonders what is going on between her and steve.marlena is forced to call roman, and tell him to get the bonds. she is able to tell him the name orphus before the phone is snatched. roman tells shane the name, and shane fills him in.kayla goes to visit steve in jail and tells him she wants to help, but he rejects her.

Oct 2 - No Episode Description

October 3,1986: Characters: shane, kim, robin, mike, kayla, steve, roman,marlena, gillian, frankie,max, neil. : kim sees shane at roman's office and throws barbs about him going to see emma. kayla goes to see steve at his apartment. they barb a bit and she then tells him about max getting a citizenship award for saving her from the junkie at the clinic.. roman talks to marlena for a second, until clark comes back and tells him to get the bonds. shane comes back at kim and tells her why he has been visiting emma. after gillian huants him, shane allows her to stay at the guesthouse. kim goes to see shane, but misinterputs seeing gillian moving in, and doesn't tell him what she planned to say.

October 6,1986:Characters:kim ,liz shane, hope, gillian, roman,marlena, melissa,pete, lars, neil,barbara, chris. : hope goes to shane's and meets gillian. they discuss roman and the meeting to see if marlena is alright. when they arrive at the airstrip, marlena tells roman not to touch her, since they wired her for explosives. barbara and kim go to shennigans, and while they are talking shane walks in.when barbara goes on about her baby, kim excuses herself and leaves. roman gives marlena a kiss, and passes a listening device to her. kim goes to see shane with an idea to get andrew. while they are talking, gillian comes in wearing a bathrobe. after kim tells him of her plan to visit emma, he rejects it and she leaves. clark finds the bug on marlena.

Oct 7 - No Episode Description

October 8,1986:Characters: kim, jenn, gillian, shane, emma, bo, hope,frankie, caroline,shawn, alex, glenn. : Gillian goes to see Kim about shane.emma thinks her visitor is alex, and slips out of her act long enough for shane to see it. hope doesn't trust bo not to go to victor with what he learns. emma tries to cover with shane. barbara apologizes to kim about going on about her baby, after neil fills her in.kim goes to see emma and she acts like she doesn't know kim. kim tries her best to stay cool, but ends up leaving. shane goes to see kim and they discuss her seeing emma. they agree andrew will always be the bond between them. alex tells emma andrew is right there in town, but leaves before saying anymore.

October 9,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, robin, mike, roman, hope,neil, liz, calliope, kim. : Steve nearly knives Kayla when she comes to his door, since he is on edge lately.Hope gives roman a blown up picture of bo's tatoo. roman tries to talk to gregory's wife but she refuses. kayla tells steve she got the picture of max from the newspaper and thought he should give it to max.he wants to know her really reason for being there, as victor just comes in. after kayla leaves, victor offers steve a job, but he tells him to shove it, as kayla listens to them outside the door.hope breaks up roman and steve from tearing each other apart. hope asks steve to talk to gregory's wife about britta's tatoo.

October 10,1986:Characters: shane, roman, kim, tom, victor, hope,steve,kayla,bo, paul, alex, emma, barbara. :kim is upset with the changes proposed for the abuse clinic. kayla tells steve to be careful as bo comes in and tells hope she is not going anywhere,and she argues with him. kim meets barbara's husband, paul, who designed the new plans.she tells him her concerns, and after a board meeting, the plans are changed.emma wants to know what andrew is doing in town, and alex fills her in. barbara talks to paul about inviting kim to dinner. shane gets a call about a lead on andrew. steve, roman and hope arrive in stockholm, and find another killing. shane tells kim about the newest lead.

October 13,1986:Characters: kim, shane, victor, abe, paul, barbara,kayla,max, roman,hope, steve,melissa,lars, frankie,pete,gillian. : Abe fills in Kim, Shane and Victor about the current situation. Max comes to the clinic looking for steve, and kayla explains steve is out of town, so max tells her to go with him. roman, steve and hope go over the crime scene trying to figure out who is behind it. Abe tells them the people who adopted andrew want to sell him back, according to a reliable informant. steve tries to get roman to leave before they are caught, since his name is written in blood. lars calls melissa from alanta and tries to get her to join him. frankie gets in a little heat for tresspassing, but is released. barbara calls kim when she finds a letter for her at the clinic. the police come and roman tries to explainwho he is and what they found, but they end up getting arrested. the letter ask for $1 million for andrew, and shane works on it. steve manages to get him and hope away from the cops, but is shot in the process, as roman is caught.shane tells gillian what has happened, and to let him know if roman gets in touch.hope finds a place for her and steve to hide out, then calls kayla. kayla then instructs hope on what to do, but steve insists no doctor.

October 14,1986:Characters: melissa, lars,mike, robin, emma, alex,kim, shane,victor,liz, calliope, chris,neil,alice. : mike learns robin is back on the surgical roster. emma freaks out about kim and shane finding andrew. kim talks to barbara about meeting her son, teddy. shane calls kim about a message he got from the people who have andrew, they want kim in philly with shane.liz asks calliope to be hostess at blondies in her absencekim and shane discuss their next step, as they wait to get the next call.kim gets a call and now they say the price is $2 million. shane thinks it's a hoax,but kim wants to proceed anyway.

Oct 15 - No Episode Description

Oct 16 - No Episode Description

October 17,1986:characters: robin, mike, kim, shane,hope, roman,steve,kayla, gillian, vaughn,chris, abe,emma, barbara, paul, savanah. :kim and shane wait for further instructions, but he still believes it's a hoax.Hope goes to see roman at the jail and tells him she called the isa to get him out.steve gets dressed to leave, but is stopped by kayla. they talk, and in his own way,he thanks her for coming and helping him. steve plans to look for evidence at the tatoo parlor. gillian and vaughn talk about roman and the plan to have him released. robin resists making love with mike, since he will not be her husband, and she wanted her first time to be with her husband.shane tells kim he doesn't belive they have andrew. the charges are dropped and roman is released. alex calls emma and fills her in on the fake lead. shane grabs the intruder, and he confesses he doesn't have andrew. steve and kayla find a survallance camera, as they hide from the cops. alex plan to get paul and barbara out of town before kim and shane learn they have andrew backfires. shane comforts kim. steve and kayla are trapped in tight quarters- a dumpster.

Oct 20 - No Episode Description

Oct 21 - No Episode Description

Oct 22 - No Episode Description

Oct 23 - No Episode Description

Oct 24 - No Episode Description

Oct 27 - No Episode Description

Oct 28 - No Episode Description

Oct 29 - No Episode Description

October 30,1986:characters: mike, robin, shane, kim, roman, carrie,vaughn,tamara,abe, gillian, neil, barbara, paul. : robin continues to fight her feelings, as mike ask what she plans to say to mitch about his proposal.shane goes to the stables and comes across kim and noelle. carrie worries about marlena never coming back.shane and kim share a tender moment in the stables. abe and tamara try and mend fences.kim has a daydream about her and shane teaching andrew how to ride a pony. roman goes to see shane with a plan to get marlena from orphus.gillian reports to vaughn. kim goes to blondies with neil, barbara and paul and sees shane. kim and shane continue to fight their feelings.

Ocyober 31,1986:Characters: robin,mike, kim, barbara, shane, hope, kayla, steve, roman,gillian,alex, paul, emma. :barbara invites kim for dinner at her house. hope and kayla discuss steve and his whereabouts since they have returned to salem. roman finds steve on the dock.roman fills steve in about his plan to catch orphus. kim and shane exchange small talk at the hospital. steve refuses to be used as bait by roman.shane meets paul at the hospital. barbara decides to play matchmaker, and wants to invite shane to dinner, as alex overhears and calls emma. roman goes to kayla for help with steve,but she refuses to trick him, but will try and convince him to go along with roman's plan. emma is worried shane will learn teddy is andrew, but alex claims to have a plan. kayla talks to steve, but he won't change his mind. kim and shane arrive at barbara and paul's at the same time, and realize what barbara is up to.steve finds roman and agrees to go along with his plan. mike and robin give into the tempation.kayla encounters orphus at steve's.

November 3,1986: Characters: mike, robin, kim, shane, paul, steve, roman, kayla,orphus,barbara, gillian. : kim and shane discuss meeting "teddy", as he worries how she will handle seeing a baby.steve and roman wait on the dock, as steve thinks it's a waste of time. Kayla struggles to get free from orphus, when some isa agents arrive, but he threatens to kill kayla unless they drop their guns. roman argues with steve as he tries to calm him down. paul comes down and says teddy is a little sick, so kim and shane leave without seeing him. mike and robin finally make love. gillian argues with vaughn about orphus taking kayla. orphus takes kayla to a yacht and questions her about roman and steve. kim and shane go to her place for dinner,but are interrupted by gillian. kayla is forced to call steve and tell him she's with orphus. he then tells steve to meet with him tomorrow night. roman goes to see steve and steve tells him orphus has kayla.

Nov 4 - No Episode Description

November 5,1986(1/2 show only shown this day):Characters:steve, orphus, kayla, roman, mike, robin,shane, gillian, doug, calliope, victor,alex. caroline. : Steve warns orphus,if he touches kayla he will kill him. Orphus refuses to allow steve to talk to kayla. he then gives steve his orders and hangs up when steve asks about marlena. mike and robin are still stranded on the island after the storm, but are told the rescue is under way. shane and gillian discuss the latest on orphus, as he reminds her they are working together, when she hides a file from him. he demands to know what it is, but she reluctantly gives it to him, then he learns she is trying to help find andrew.Doug and calliope discuss alex winning the election as mayor. roman dresses as steve and meets orphus's contact on the pier, while steve searches for kayla. shane apologizes to gillian, but they then get into a fight about his private life being that, private. roman is knocked out on the boat, as steve locates the yacht orphus is holding kayla on.

November 6,1986:Characters: marlena, clark, shane,gillian, kayla, steve,roman, orphus, kim, neil. : while on the pier, shane and gillian hear gunshots. steve and kayla are in the water, as she struggles he holds her afloat, but she's worried about roman.Orphus learns roman dressed as steve, and he is not pleased. roman struggles to stay afloat in the rough waters. marlena tells clark how she called chief vaughn and since the isa hasn't come there to resucue her, it must have been a rigged phone call. steve and kayla make it to the docks, as shane and gillian find them. they fill shane in, as they see roman in the water, and shane dives in to get him. kim stops neil from drowning his sorrows in the bottle. steve stops kayla from saying too much. while looking after noelle, kim imagines herself, shane and andrew as a family.kayla argues with steve about not allowing her to at least tell roman what the y know about orphus and the tatoos. she then thanks him for saving her, as he fights his feelings for Kayla.

November 7,1986:Characters: bo, hope, roman, kim, shane, gillian, robin, mike, kayla, neil,victor, orphus,paul(new). : Hope wakes up on the couch at the loft asleep with Bo. Roman comes to see her and bo hides. kim is working at the clinic, when shane comes in with gillian. mike goes to see robin and wants to know how she can announce she is marrying mitch after what they shared. kayla has nightmares of orphus, when steve wakes her and holds her. gillian fills in kim on her search for andrew, and kim thinks it's a ploy to get shane, but accepts the offer none the less. robin tries to explain her reasoning to mike, but he doesn't buy it. orphus calls victor and tells him kayla escaped, but he still has the bonds. roman is upset the steve didn't show him the picture of britta's tatoo until now. roman suddenly remembers something- a map, hidden in the poster. the race is on for the bonds, as roman, steve, victor and orphus head to stockholm.

Nov 10 - No Episode Description

November 11,1986:Characters: robin, mike, ivy, pete,melissa, lars,shane,gillian, kim, paul,calliope, vaughn, jake, eugene, maggie. : mike tries to deny his feelings about robin, when ivy tries to console him. shane is on his way to stockholm, but gillian says he can't go. kim goes over the plans for the clinic with paul, when barbara calls about "teddy" being real sick. vaughn goes to see shane and tells him a baby's body was found in chicago and he needs to go there to see if it's andrew. kim goes to paul and barbara's to gather somethings for them so they can stay with teddy, but misses seeing the picture of teddy on the dresser.

Nov 12 - No Episode Description

Nov 13 - No Episode Description

November 14,1986:characters: robin,mike, shane, kim, bo, hope, victor,steve, kayla, roman, gillian.: kim goes to see shane, just as he's getting ready to go to bed. she asks him about the lead he didn't tell her about. he tries to avoid telling her,but tells her it was a deceased baby. Victor listens outside bo's hotel room door as he and hope laugh. steve grabs kayla when she enters his room. roman dreams of where he hide the bonds. kayla tells steve she came in when she seen his door was opened. he thinks she saved him,since he knows he locked the door when he went to bed. roman goes to steve for help retreiving the bonds. Orphus watches steve and roman set up there decoy, as street workers to get in the sewer. he then reports to victor, as bo listens in. hope and kayla cause a diversion to get the cops attention away from roman and steve. roman finds the bonds,as steve and kayla are trapped with water filling up the space very fast.

Nov 17 - No Episode Description

November 18,1986: Characters; melissa, lars, shane, gillian, kim, paul,alex,robin,mike, abe,tamara,chris, savanah. : Shane is haunted by the image in the morgue, as gillian tries to get transfered.paul tells kim "teddy" is doing well now, as she offers to go visit him, as alex overhears. shane is shocked when he overhears gillian, and she covers her tracks. alex goes to emma and tells her it's a matter of time before all hell breaks lose. robin and mitch have their engagement party at blondies. shane and gillian argue, but end up kissing. she agrees to stay on as his partner.

Nov 19 - No Episode Description

November 20,1986:Characters:steve,kayla,shane, gillian,roman, hope, bo, paul,kim, neil,marlena. : Steve makes kayla an omlette and she tease him about his cooking skills. they then make a toast to a new phase in their relationship. kayla defines what she means,to include be honest and be friends, but he tries to show her they are mismatched.shane learns gillian has been spying on him for the isa. paul shows kim the latest plans. bo goes to see roman and tells him orphus doesn't have marlena,but orphus plans to use the bonds to get marlena to in turn get roman.marlena calls roman again.shane heads to stockholm. orphus calls vaughn and offers to trade the bonds for marlena. pier 27 in stockholm is a very busy place.

November 21,1986:characters: kim, paul, marlena, shane, roman,kayla,gillian,orphus,bo, hope,steve. : paul gives kim a ride home and notices she is distant and far away in thought. marlena wants to know when she'll be free. all hell breaks lose on pier 27, as shane is shot. paul and kim talk about her and shane. steve and kayla tend to shane, as the fighting continues. roman wants answers from gillian, 1st why she was posing as marlena. she tells him the isa has marlena. shane's condition isn't good, as steve and kayla wait at the hospital. kayla calls kim and tells her about shane,as kim frantically heads there.marlena gets free and bumps into orphus. shane's heart stops, as the doctors work on him, kim awakens on the plane by a jilt.

November 24,1986:Characters: calliope, jake, robin, mitch, mike, kayla, hope,steve,shane,gillian,roman, vaughn, marlena, orphus, kim, victor. : calliope goes over the list for the reception with robin. the doctor's work on shane. roman learns marlena has escaped from the isa. marlena has jumped from the frying pan into the fire,by running into orphus.the doctor's get shane's heart beating again. kim arrives and kayla fills her in. victor complains to bo about orphus double crossing him. kim sits with shane, but he's still unconscious. he thinks of the shooting and gillian in the line of fire,and calls out gillian's name, kim misunderstands. roman remembers orphus wife being killed by him, and that is what he meant by marlena for his wife. kim talks to shane and tries to pass on her strength and love to him.

November 25,1986:Characters: frankie, jenn, shawn, mike, mickey ivy, kim, gillian, caroline, robin, roman,orphus,marlena,victor. : frankie asks jenn to come and see him at the fish market. mike decides to skip robin's wedding. kim learns shane has regained consciousness. kim listens to gillian talk to the doctors, and gets the wrong idea about them. robin has pre-wedding jitters. roman sets up another meeting with orphus. kim goes to see shane again, and he's surprise to see her. she covers and says with the trouble with roman and kayla she had to come. frankie talks to jenn about her problems with glenn, and patches things up b/t them.kim tells kayla she is headed home. roman meets with orphus with marlena at his side. as marlena goes toward roman, orphus shoots marlena. mike arrives to stop the wedding.

November 26,1986:characters:kim, paul,kayla, steve,hope, roman, marlena, robin,mike, etc(full house): While on a transfer flight from boston back home, paul comes and sits next to kim. kayla,steve and hope set up the plan to help roman and marlena.mike tries one last time to convince robin not to go through with the wedding, but she doesn't listen and marries mitch. steve stops kayla from checking on the gunshots they heard. roman runs to marlena, as orphus asks how it feels. he then tells him he only used a tranquilzer for now, but if roman tries anything he'll kill her.paul advices kim she needs to move on too.savanah goes to see emma about alex, but she is too wise for her.marlena and roman are save, thanks to steve, kayla and hope. kim shows barbara a picture of andrew, and barbara is blown away, now that she knows teddy is andrew.

Nov 27 - Thanksgiving at the Horton's. Wonderful flashback episode featuring clips from many past & present cast members. Lots of classic scenes. Montage with Jeffrey Osborne singing "The Greatest Love Affair Of Them All".

November 28,1986:Characters: shane, bo,gillian,pete,mike, melissa,steve,kayla,marlena,carrie, roman,ivy,lars, frankie,shawn, vaughn. :Shane is at home in the hospital, when bo visits him. Shane is anxious to get back to work and stop what the isa has done. mike tries to figure out why pete can't move his arm. kayla goes to invite steve for a bite to eat, and he comes to the door clad in only a towel. steve gets a call telling him orphus has escaped.gillian goes to see shane, and he tells her to back her things and move out ASAP. vaughn goes next, and shane tells him off. steve and kayla go to tell roman and marlena about orphus. steve is anxious when he is alone with kayla, as he continues to fight his feelings. in an effort to protect kayla, steve says he is spending the night with her. shane asks gillian to work with him to build a case against vaughn.

December 1,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, shane, gillian, peachy,barbara, paul,kim, jenn, glenn, chris, alex,savanah, abe. : Steve freaks out when kayla goes out of the room without him. when she comes back he yells at her then hugs her. peachy arrives to surprise shane. barbara reads a newspaper article with a picture of andrew. when she goes to show it to paul at the abuse clinic,kim walks in. barbara then covers in front of them. kim goes to see peachy in shane's room. gillian comes in and announces she will be moving in the guest house to look after shane. shane notices the look on kim's face and talks to gillian about it. peachy talks to kim about her and shane, but kim tells her it's over and she is moving on with her life. steve runs into an old friend that asks him to smuggle some emeralds home for him, in return he will give steve $20 thousand. he reluctantly agrees to do it.

Dec 2 - No Episode Description

Dec 3 - No Episode Description

December 4,1986:Characters: kim, barbara,shane,gillian,ivy,mike, robin, mitch,chris, abe,victor,mickey,maggie. : gillian goes to see shane with a newspaper article about him exposing chief vaughn. barbara tells a shocked kim she needs to quit working at the abuse clinic. mike runs into robin and mitch, who return early from their honeymoon. abe and chris discuss savanah and alex and what she is hiding in her car, that was towed away. after shane reads the article, he blast gillian out, since this was not how he wanted to get vaughn. paul overhears barbara's explaination, and wonders what is going on, abe arrest savanh when he catches her with the stolen election ballots. mike and ivy reach a new level in their friendship.

December 5,1986:Characters: shane, gillian, marlena, roman,kayla,,steve, vaughn,kim, max, caroline,: Steve grabs kayla on the docks and tells her to hand over what was in the jacket, but she plays dumb. vaughn goes to see shane, and says he will regret what has happened. roman tells marlena she can't go out alone,when she makes plans to go to the hospital. steve has a deadline to find the emeralds. kim reads the article in the paper that implies shane and gillian are a couple. max goes to find steve, as he and kayla discuss the emeralds.a mysterious woman(Adrienne) has been tailing steve, uinbeknownist to him. steve is stabbed when he misses the deadline. kim goes to see shane at a bad time, as he tries and comfort gillian.

Dec 8 - No Episode Description

December 9,1986: characters: kim, paul,bo,hope,victor, roman, abe, caroline, calliope, neil, orphus,alex, emma. : paul talks to kim about barbara, and how she wants to leave town.kim then offers to talk to her.victor tells bo and hope it would be better if they moved out. roman gets a note from orphus. orphus goes to blondies,and asks calliope to call roman for him. when kim arrives with paul, barbara is holding teddy, but when kim goes to see teddy, she books up the stairs with him, she later says he was cranky, and she didn't want kim to see him like that.emma plans her release. barbara goes to visit emma about kim and andrew.

December 10,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, jenn, glenn, frankie,shane, gillian,mike, abe. : shane is up and around, and mike tells him he should be able to go home. kayla listens as steve's "friend" comes at him again. kayla wants answers from steve. glenn works undercover for abe. when shane gets home, his nurse arrrives,but she doesn't last long, as he asks gillian to take over. the mystery woman(adrienne) goes to steve's and comes across a picture of steve as a little boy.

December 11,1986:characters:hope, alice, jenn, glenn,shane, gillian,kim, roman,marlena,shawn, doug,mickey, maggie,barbara, paul. : after getting a message from shane, kim goes to the house to see him, as gillian tries tos end her away.. marlena is reluctant about her and roman's upcoming ski trip, but he insist they go. jenn confronts glenn about the coke she found, but he can't tell her the truth. shane tells kim emma is trying to get released, and he has a plan to find out where andrew is, but it means setting emma free.paul tries to stop barbara from leaving town,when kim arrives. barbara gets upset and rushes off, as paul and kim look puzzled. orphus has a plan for roman- a bomb.

December 12,1986:characters: steve, kayla,shane, gillian, roman,marlena,carrie,mike, robin, vaughn. : steve and kayla play a game of cat and mouse. roman and marlena make their finally plans for the ski trip. steve orders breakfast, and kayla orders the same, not knowing it's a beer and a raw egg. shane and gillian discuss the latest installment in the newspaper. kayla continues to follow steve, and ends up shooting pool with him. orphus plants the bomb. as roman ties the skis to the car, the bomb goes off in the house.

December 15,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, shane, kim, roman, mickey,abe, alice, tom, shawn. : steve brings kayla home from their pool game.kim goes to see shane about his plan. kim decides to go along with him.. kayla challenges steve to stay, when he kisses her. after the bomb goes off, roman runs in looking for marlena. steve and kayla start to get close,when the phone interrupts them. shane sets the ball in motion for his plan with emma. abe tells roman the firemen found marlena's remains. steve brings kayla to the fishmarket after the get the news. kim and kayla try to comfort roman. steve takes kayla home and decides to spend the night there.

Dec 16 - No Episode Description

December 17,1986:Characters: kim,paul,jenn, mike,glenn, kayla,steve, robin,caroline,frankie, max,alex, emma. : kim and paul talk about barbara, when shane comes in the doctors lounge and tells kim emma is being released.kayla awakens from the couch next to steve. kim assures shane paul will not say anything about their plan. shane then tells her they have to testify, then emma will be set free. frankie tries to talk to glenn about jenn, but he continues with his act. caroline misunderstands when she sees steve come out of kayla's shower clad in a towel. emma is released. kim makes a threath towards emma to shane. shane starts on his plan on emma.

Dec 18 - No Episode Description

December 19,1986:characters: kim, emma, shane, gillian, glenn, jenn,, alice, paul, chris, melissa, roman,orphus,steve, kayla,lars, carrie, hope, bo. : kim tries to grin and bear emma's return to the hospital. chris goes to see pete about him lying to melissa about his condition. kayla gets ready for the memorial service, when steve comes and comforts her. kim and shane talk about how hard this is, with emma out, and not having andrew for christmas. roman tries to prepare carrie for the memorial. everyone gathers for the memorial, as marlena sits on an tropical island, looking very blissful.

December 22,1986:Characters: robin, mitch, mike,kayla, steve,shane, kim, max, gillian, paul, emma, neil. : robin and mitch are still at odds with each other.steve tries to leave kayla a present without being heard. shane tells kim about the letter that was forwarded from donovan mannor by simmons that was address to emma. he says if he can find it, he's sure it will have a clue as to where andrew is. shane then remembers alex's visit, and he figures he stole it. steve tells kayla he won't be there for christmas, and she tries to talk him into staying. mike catches robin giving herself a bloodtest. paul is on edge since barbara left, and kim tries to help.neil warns emma to leave kim alone. gillian and shane search for the letter, but emma has it with her.

Dec 23 - No Episode Description

December 24,1986:Characters: kim, neil,noel,shane, caroline, roman,frankie, carrie, max, bo, hope, shawn, steve, kayla, emma, victor, paul. : kim and shane share a kiss under the miseltoe, frankie and carrie decorate the christmas tree. shawn asks bo and hope to spend christmas eve with the family. steve is in a foul mood, as he plays pool, kayla comes in and asks why he is still there. shane remembers his and kim's first kiss, as they discuss his plans for emma. kayla invites steve for christmas, but he refuses. steve dresses as santa claus, and hands out some toys to kids on the docks, as hope and kayla watch. paul is angry when barbara calls saying she is not coming home for christmas. kim tells him to go to her then. kayla talks to steve about him playing santa, but he does his best to play it down.

December 25,1986:Characters: mitch, robin, bo,hope, steve, kayla,jenn, glenn, mike, alice, kim,melissa,maggie, mickey,neil, emma,ivy,. : Bo gives hope the teddy bear she gave him when they were kids. steve tells kayla "santa" lefta present for her at his place. jenn and glenn meet at the fishing shack and talk about what he is doing. mitch and robin argue again. steve gives kayla a necklace. kim talks to robin in the doctors lounge, unaware mike is resting there and heard them. the children's party starts, as kim wathes emma with a little girl. after the party is done, emma tries to taunt kim about andrew, but she walks away from her.kayla brings steve his present- a cookbook with an open invitation to go to her place and cook up something. kim talks to neil about giving emma truth syrum, but he refuses.

December 26,1986:Characters: steve, kayla, roman, carrie, shane, gillian, kim, abe, frankie. : steve goes to the clinic and tells kayla he's sick, but she doesn't buy it. as he is talking, he spots the mystery woman again. carrie is afraid to have roman go back to work. kim goes to see shane about his plan with emma. she tells him it's going too slow and has an idea. steve helps kayla at the clinic, by answering the phones and assisting the patients as they come in. shane at first disagrees with kim's idea, but has another solution. kayla is impressed with steve's tatics at the clinic. shane has emma "kidnapped" and administers the truth syrum. steve catches the woman following him, and wants to know who she is. kim asks emma where she took the baby.

December 29,1986:characters: steve,robin, mike, kayla,alex,paul,kim,shane,,emma, gillian, paul. : steve wants answers from the girl following him. kim and shane ask emma about the baby, but she goes on about her baby at donovan manor. the young girl denies following steve and won't answer him and leaves, as he gets a weird look on his face, when kayla comes out of the clinic and asks what's going on.alex has an offer for paul. kim is disappointed when emma won't talk. shane tells her he's not giving up. steve takes kayla to his place for dinner. shane comes up with another plan and hands kim a gun to use on emma. emma tells alex she was kidnapped. shane tells kim of his plan, and she's not sure, but shane thinks it's the only chance they have. steve serves kayla dinner and gives her a shoulder rub, when she falls asleep. kim tells shane she will do his plan.

December 30,1986:Characters:kayla, caroline, neil, emma, frankie, jenn, shane, kim, roman,alice, carrie, alex, orphus. : Kayla and caroline help neil with the guest list for the new years party. jenn catches frankie sketching, but he hides it before she can see it. kim goes to shane's to start the plan. roman cleans out marlena's office. roman decides to take some time off and takes the kids on a trip. emma arrives at shane's as the plan is set in motion. orphus calls roman, but roman hangs up on him. kim "confronts" emma, when shane comes in to "protect" emma. shane tells kim he thinks the plan will work.

December 31,1986:Characters: jenn, glenn,frankie, mike, robin, steve, kayla, shane, kim, emma, bo,hope, victor, alex,paul. : robin tells mike she hasn't talked to mitch yet about ending their marriage. kayla invites steve to the party with her,but he makes up an excuse,but later shows up in a tux to escort her. shane and kim discuss him getting emma's trust, when she comes to the door.kim hides as shane and emma talk, and she promises to get some information on andrew and give it to him at the party. emma learns what shane has been up to. emma makes a public announcement at the party, and gets quite a few people angry at her.kim and shane share a kiss at midnight. steve and kayla ring in the new year at her place. shane finds emma---- dead.


Jan 1 - No Episode Shown

January 2,1987:Characters: steve, kayla, roman, carrie, shane,kim, abe, neil, mike, paul (full house) : steve and kayla are getting romantic, when someone throws a rock through the window.. roman and carrie talk about marlena. shane discovers emma as kim walks in. he tells her to get neil, as kim looks on horrifed. he finds several strands of blonde hair in emma's hand, and takes them. neil and mike work on emma to no avail. roman finds a woman in the snow. steve blocks the broken window, and kayla is cold towards him after reading the file on him spying on her. neil and mike guess it was a drug overdose that killed emma, as shane watches kim's every move. steve admits to kayla he was paid to spy on her. after arguing steve leaves. after some evidence shows up, abe declares emma's death was a murder.

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