The 50 Best Episodes of Trek

As a major Trekkie (NOT Trekker), Spyderqueen feels it her duty to to declare which Star Trek episodes are the best. A warning: Her favorite series is Deep Space Nine, as she considers it better written and well developed. If you disagree, fine, just don't complain to her. This is HER site, and she can state my opinions if she wants to. These are not in order of greatness.

The Best of Both Worlds (TNG):
Summary: The 3rd season cliffhanger. The Borg come after Earth, destroy most of Starfleet, assimilate Picard... All Trekkies should have seen this epsiode at this point.
Review: My only regret is that I did not see this as a cliffhanger. This is an incredibly suspenceful and thrilling episode. A must!

Deja Q (TNG):
Summary: Q becomes mortal and wishes to join the Enterprise.
Review: Hysterical! This has some of the best lines ever spoken by Q (and Worf). Just the whole set-up of him being Mortal is great.

Q-Pid (TNG):
Summary: Q sends the crew to the time of Robin Hood.
Review: "Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man!" This line alone makes this Nottingham episode the best. Q always has some of the best quotes.

True Q (TNG):
Summary: A young Q, unaware of her powers comes to the Enterprise.
Review: I just love Q episodes. This is another really good one.

Q-Less (DS9):
Summary: Q visits DS9 (the only time he does)
Review: "You hit me, Jean Luc would never have HIT me!" Another one of those classic lines.

Our Man Bashir (DS9):
Summary: Dr. Bashir and Garak get trapped in the Holodeck, but the people they face are their own crewmate.
Review: I saw this and loved it before I ever watched a Bond movie. Now I'm also a Bond movie addict. This is one of the most creative "Help we're trapped in the Holodeck" episodes.

Projections (VOY): Summary: The Doctor can no longer tell who is the Hologram and who is the real person. Has Lt. Barclay
Review: This is another really creative Trapped in the Holodeck episodes, mainly because you don't know that you are.

Hollow Pursuits (TNG):
Summary: The new engineer on the enterprise has an unusual addiction
Review: I really like Barclay episodes, probably because he's so...human. This is another Holodeck great.

The 20 Worst Episodes of Trek

I'm giving TOS a break because it was the 60's, but there are still some I can't excuse.

Threshhold (VOY):
Summary: Voyager breaks Warp 10, and Tom Paris suffers from a mutation because of it.
Review: The WORST ever! TOS never did anything so bad. Voyager should pertend they never wrote this POS and disavow ever producing it.

Shades of Grey (TNG):
Summary: Riker gets stung by a poisonous plant and has to relive some memories.
Review: I hate clip shows, this is no exception.

This Way to Eden (TOS):
Summary: Space Hippies. That's all I'm going to say.
Review: Puh-leeze. At least Spock's Brain was actual sci-fi.

Spock's Brain (TOS):
Summary: Spock loses his mind (haha). Some primitive people who have an advanced god (that same story again) steal Spock's brain to power the computer.
Summary: Only one thing to say, You would need to push many more buttons to make a brainless person walk.

The Outrageous Okona (TNG):
Summary: The Enterprise picks up a colorful, womanizing mercenary.
Review: This was just stupid.

Meridian (DS9):
Summary: The DS9 crew encounter a planet that phases in and out of this universe.
Review: "Let me count your spots." Ick! The phasing, the superficial relationship. What were they thinking?

Encounter at Farpoint (TNG): Summary: TNG premiere. Mysterious alien puts the crew on trial.
Review: I think the reason this episode get excused is because it was the first. How we learned to like this show after that, I don't know, because IT SUCKED! At least Q was in it.

Heart of Stone (DS9):
Summary: Odo has to confront his feeling when Kira starts getting absorbed in a rock.
Review: My beloved show put out yet another piece of trite. We all knew Odo liked Kira, we wanted him to tell HER!

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