Comdey is what it's all about

Hi I'm best_comedy.
I signed up on 01/22/98 13:43:44, I've moved in but everything is still in boxes.
Please pardon the mess.
Hmmm, now where did I pack that keyboard.  (rummage.. rummage)

unpack.gif (25673 bytes)
Dum dee da dee dee dum. La la la la la

Oops! I forgot you were there!

One of my many online personalities (yes, I know, a psychiatrist
would have a field day with that one) is called puddytat.
I have her page up already. The others will come as
I have time to develop them

Ok, I finally got something about me up on my Donna Page.

Please come back soon and visit me or visit my odie.jpg (4692 bytes) page right now

Another page I maintain is the Bill Daily fan page right here at Best Comedy.

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