ROGER HOWARTH......portrayed....
       Todd Manning on the ABC Television Network's "One Life to

      Emmy Award-winning Roger Howarth returned to "One Life to
      Live" in August, 1996, as Todd Manning, a character that viewers
      love to hate. Presumed dead at the hands of terrorists, Todd
      shocked the residents of Llanview by returning to town alive and
      well. The heir to the multi-million-dollar Lord fortune,
      Todd continues to wreak havoc on the lives of many, including
      ex-wife Blair, with whom he has a daughter, Starr.

      Emmy Award-winning Roger Howarth joined "One Life to Live" in
      December, 1992, turning what was a day player role into a
      compelling, long-term character. As a result, he was awarded
      Daytime Emmy for OutstandingYounger Actor in 1994, and
      received another nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in
      1995. Soap Opera Digest named him Outstanding Younger
      Leading Actor in 1995.

      Following one semester at George Washington University,
      Roger decided to pursue acting, his childhood dream. He enrolled
      at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center and performed at
      prestigious regional theater centers, such as Williamstown
      (Mass.), Stagetown (Springfield, Mass.) and the Cleveland
      Playhouse. In addition, he has appeared in a New York
      Shakespeare Festival production "Macbeth," and as Probst in
      the WPA's "The White Rose."Roger was selected through a
      nationwide talent search and subsequently won roles on
      "Loving" and "Guiding Light."

      Roger currently resides in Manhattan.