SOM Article on Daytime's Most  Fascinating Faces -February 24, 1998

Although the scar that traverses his face while he plays Llanview’s dark prince isn’t real, the menacing intensity that Roger Howarth can so effortlessly convey with his eyes and furrowed brow are frighteningly authentic. “ Todd wears the scar like a badge”, says independent casting director Howard Meltzer. “ It’s a warning to others: Don’t mess with me. But Howarth underplays Todd; he doesn’t mug, he doesn’t rant and he gets a lot more from the raising of an eyebrow than raising the volume of his voice.  Most of Todd’s performance is reacting to the environment around him, and thanks to Howarth’s expressiveness, viewers can see the wheels turning.”
Photographer Robert Milazzo notes that Howarth’s intensity is tempered by a softer side. “The softening  part of him is the hair. You don’t expect that intensity because of it, so it’s an intriguing thing with him. The combination makes him a very complex character to look at .”

Dr Lang’s facial analysis:
“Enigmatic, with an air of innate authority. The hair shows a lack of pretense, as if he just doesn’t care.
Overhanging brow seems threatening , but is more designed to conceal the intense, vulnerable eyes underneath. The pouty, sensual mouth confers a charming, boyish quality. But make no mistake:  His caution signals aren’t bravado, if crossed, he can be redoubtable.