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I was gone 6-26-98

I was gone for a while. Sorry about not updating. I am going to start some more pages. Ask Cartman and Upcoming Episodes is updated. Love Ya!

Two More 6-21-98

I have two more entrys in my ask cartman page. Don't forget to submit your own.

Happy Father's Day 6-21-98

I am back from camping again. I am getting more people asking Cartman, which is good, but hardly anyone is signing my guestbook or sending in limericks. I have 450+ people on my site and only 4 people have signed my guestbook. So if you are reading this --SIGN MY GUESTBOOK-- That is all.

Yeah!!! 6-18-98

My electricity went off Tuesday. It came back on Wednesday. Thats 24 hours later. I did update my upcoming episodes except it there is nothing really to see there. Enjoy!

I am BACK!!! 6-13-98

Sorry. I had no time to update in the last few weeks due to homework! But now school is out and you are going to have updates all the time like always. There are two new letters to Cartman. I hope you all like the new episodes of South Park. They are all cool. So see ya later.

Sorry 5-21-98

Sorry, I don't have any time to update my page. I'll be gone until the 25th. sorry! I the mean time listen! If you have real audio!

Info About Sounds 5-18-98

Sorry, I didn't have time to put up my sound page. I got the episode thing all sorted out. First is Ike's Wee Wee then Chickenlover.

Chat Room Added 5-15-98

I added a new chat room today, so go in it and chat please! Also sign my guestbook!

I hope you have your V.C.R.s all juiced up because the Best of South Park is on tonight from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM. Please see my upcoming episode page to see which one is showing at what time! I also hope you have been clicking on the South Park Top 50 button! It is cool! And when I get a chance this weekend I will get a sounds page! This is what everyone wants right? Well Talk to you later!

Navagation Menu 5-14-98

I added a new navagation menu that is on all of my South Park Pages.

I also have the name of the new South Park episode coming up! It is called Chickenlover. Its about a crimewave in South Park but on the comerical last night they talked about them talking about cutting off Ike's wee wee. I don't know if this is the same episode. I got this off Yahoo TV. If any other place says something diffrent then e-mail me and tell me the right one. See Ya.

Upcoming Episodes 5-13-98

I added my "KYLE" Limerick to my Limerick page. I hope you enjoy it! I also made a new page today that shows all the upcoming episodes in the next two week. Click Here. When I know the names of the new episodes I will put them there. Look at the bottom of my page where it says South Park Top 50. Click on it is cool! So guess I'll see you next update. P.S. I have a guestbook to sign. *HINT* *HINT* =)

Nothing Much Happened 5-12-98

Like all I have done today was create a new limerick called "CARTMAN" Its pretty cool. This is the greast right now because my schoolwork comes first. Unfortionatlly I have had a lot lately. You'll see it getting better as the days go one. So keep coming and bookmark my page!

My first newsbreak! 5-10-98

Well its Mother's Day today and I would like to to congratulate all the mothers who have to put up with raising kids.

Next, I have started a limerick page! I got the idea when I looked at Beef-cake Sound Archive's Haikus. So I have to give them partial credit. So far I only have Stan and Kenny that I have made myself. So go to my limerick and read them! Don't forget to send your own!

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