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Emergency! was an hour-long TV program which aired on NBC (Saturday nights at 8:00 PM) from January 1972 to September 1977. After the series' regular run, six two-hour movies aired at irregular intervals during 1978 and 1979. Produced by Jack Webb's Mark VII Productions, the program followed two Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics, Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe) and John Gage (Randolph Mantooth). Assigned to Rescue Squad 51, they were assisted at Rampart Hospital by Dr. Kelley Brackett (Robert Fuller), Nurse Dixie McCall (Julie London), Dr. Joe Early (Bobby Troup) and Dr. Mike Morton (Ron Pinkard), and at Station 51 by Capt. Hank Stanley (Michael Norell; seasons 2-6 Dick Hammer played Capt. Hammer during season 1), Firefighters Chet Kelly (Tim Donnelly), Marco Lopez and Mike Stoker.

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