You're guest of honor number:
Lyrics to Musicals Are you bored? BORED.COM--the coolest site!
I took the Bitch Test at
THESPARK.COM and these are my results.  Funny huh! Again, for the really bored.
I dont think OHMYGOODNESS.COM still exist but I know they have their stuff at YAHOO! GREETINGS.

Just go the and click greetings on their misc. stuff.
Inviting an important guest?
Things to remember...
Don't forget to serve food to people especially the ones you're just about to meet.
Don't forget to open the door and greet.
Don't forget to tell them to go have a seat.
Don't forget the have good manners when you eat.
Don't forget the red wine after a heavy meal with meat.
Don't forget to brush your teeth.
Lastly, don't forget that when you fart you get up and leave Just to have manners so your guest won't flee.
This site has not been updated in a while and now it should be up and running again. I will load some more Musicals soon. Then some random poems, maybe. =)
Let's play the "Who's kid is this?" game!!!
This was taken at the Gene Machine in D&B...pretty funny. My gene was 1/2 of this...dammit!
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