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Where there's always a room for you and your blow-up David Duchovny too!
There's Mr.Du Fun around every corner! Check in at The Registration Desk and clicky-clicky you go!

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The Registration Desk!
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The PlayPen: Make Your Own Duchov' On A Stick!
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Or The "Your Life With The Du" Survey!
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The Tallulahland Hotel!

Putting the FUN back in DuchovnyF

Listen carefully, we are not a David drool page, nor are we anti-Mr. Du', but more like...hmmmmm...A makey-funny-of-David, or, if you will, have-fun-with-David (not in da way dat you sickies think) so feel free to post any Du subjects you like, such as; "I Hate Du'", or "I Love Du'", even "Du' Stepped On My Foot, But Dat's Otay", 'cause any of those subjects will bring up very interesting matters. So sit back, relax, and enjoy The TallulahLand Hotel!

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Waiter! There is a fly in my soup:I'd like to speak to the manager!
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