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Danny Yeo's Website

Danny Yeo also known as Yang Junwei of Yes933.The most popular Mandarin programme in Singapore.
He started as a part-timer on Chinese radio's Armed Forces Hour in 1992 with co-host Fang Hui Shi.
Later he became a co-host of Starspeak, the sunday moring Mandarin Music Video/Star profile programme .
From a Part-timer to a Full timer in 1993.
He left the station to USA pursuring a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism in  mid 1994.
In 1997, he returned with a first Honour in Mass
Since 5th of May 1997, he had been hosting morning programme for 3 years with the following female Djs :
Jiang Jiang
Chen LiYi

Reviewer for the Chinese Pop column in Straits Time Life.
Chinese Theatre :
Mr Beng ( Musical ) in 2000
I Remember '99
Leng-Geh-Meng  ( Sound Designer ) in 1998
Jin in 1994

Hosting a live programme from Sydney with Fang Hui Shi and Zhou Cong Qing starting from 24-28 April 2000 from 7-10am.
New Co-host of the Top 20 Chart -  " Long HU Bang " from 12-2pm every sunday afternoon.
In early May, hosting the lunch time programme with co-host Leng Zhi from 12-2pm.

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