This game is currently for 5 players. Each player takes a card and when one of the things on the card occurs take the number of drinks specified. This page will be periodically updated so check back soon.
1) If Cartman says “Kick Ass”[1 drink]
2) If Kenny is killed by a force of nature[2 drinks]
3) If Pip is made fun of in any way[4 drinks]
4) If Kyle’s brother Ike is shown[6 drinks]
5) If Stan pukes[2 drinks]
6) If any pet is shown[5 drinks]
7) If any word is “beeped out”[7 drinks]
8) If Kenny’s parents are shown[10 drinks] 


1) If Chef sing a love song to anyone besides the children[3 drinks]
2) If Kyle’s mom says “WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!”[5 drinks]
3) If Officer Barbrady says something like”Move along, nothing to see here”[7 drinks]
4) If the “N” is backward on the chalkboard[1 drink]
5) If a celebrity does a guest voice[6 drinks]
7) If the mayor insults the townspeople in any way[8 drinks]
8) If Stan’s grandpa is shown[2 drinks] 


1) If Wendy talks to Stan[1 drink]
2) If Officer Barbarity is completely negligent of his duties[4 drinks]
3) If anyone besides Chef sings a song[8 drinks]
4) If Uncle Jimbo says “It’s comin’ right for us”[5 drinks]
5) If Cartman says “I’m not fat,” and then some other term(ex: I’m big boned)[3 drinks]
6) If anyone says “Make sweet love” besides chef[6 drinks]
7) If “The Sports Book” betting bar is shown[8 drinks]
8) If the school counselor says “OK”[3 Drinks] 


1) If “Jesus and Pals” is on TV[5 drinks]
2) If anyone is drinking beer[3 drinks, 6 if one of the children are]
3) If Cartman’s mom is portrayed as a slut in any way[8 drinks]
4) If Kyle’s dad is shown[2 drinks]
5) If a celebrity is impersonated[10 drinks]
6) If “Terrance and Phillip” are on TV[3 drinks]
7) If anyone says  “South Park is saved!”[7 drinks]
8) If Jesus is talking directly to one of the children[4 drinks] 

1) If Officer Barbrady Says "Nothing to see here"[1 drink]
2) If an abnormal TV reporter is doing a live breaking story[8 drinks]
3) If anyone calls Cartman fat or a fatass[4 drinks]
4) If you can understand what Kenny said(You're not drunk enough)[10 drinks]
5) If Nurse Gullum's dead fetus is bobbing up and down[6 drinks]
6) If anyone points out that Officer Barbrady is worthless[9 drinks]
7) If Chef says "Hello Children!"[2 drinks]
8) If Cartman whines to get something[5 Drinks] 

Thanks for playing!

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