Goldie Hawn

Hi and welcome to my Goldie Hawn page! Goldie is a classic!!! She's sassy and funny, and I hope I look like that when I'm fifty!!! She starred with common-law husband Kurt Russell in Overboard, where I first noticed her, and Steve Martin in House sitter. In The First Wives Club, Goldie hangs out with Bette Midler and Diane Keaton. Be sure to see her reuninted with Steve Martin in their latest flick, The Out of Towners! I saw it and loved it! I recently went through Yahoo! to help one of my list members find info on Goldie for his paper he's doing about her life. He needs to know every bit of info there is, so if you email me, or sub to my list, you can post it. Click on the banner with my beautiful kitty to find out where to sub. (When I update any of my pages I email the list with who I updated and where the change took place. Definitly not a bad idea to sub. It also doubles as a dicussipn list.)

Goldie's new movie, town and country, is due out spet 17!!!!!

I hope I'll be able to find some pix and links, so keep checking back here!!! Email me at




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