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About Me

This site has been both a joy and a torment all semester, and I present to you the final version.
The site reflects my two main interests: nineteenth century books with modern-attitude heroines (Lizzie Bennet, Jo March and Anne Shirley this is for you!) and technology.

I am a first year, non-matriculating student. 508 was my second class in library school after several years out of school. I have enjoyed both classes so far and learned a lot. I hope to obtain dual Masters' Degrees in Library Science and History.

I am passionate about U.S. History, especially 18th-early 20th centuries. I volunteer at the women's diaries and many of the men. I have come to know the people who lived and worked in Rhode Island in the past.
My favorite male diarist to date is Zachariah Allen, a nineteenth century author, inventor, historian, scientist, Renaissance Man. His diaries chronicle his daily activities as well as his thoughts and feelings about current events and most especially, his love of family.

My favorite female diarist is Helen Clarke Grimes, an ordinary woman who allows us to view the Depression and World War II through her eyes.
Her diaries are being considered for publication and I hope many more people will be able to read her words and learn about an important time in Rhode Island history.

I also volunteer at Brown University, updating their guide to Women's collections at Brown.

I hope to continue my volunteer work and try new, similar projects and parlay that into a career.

writing desk and diaries

I have also been working on my own personal research project on the history of East Providence and the group of Puritans who first settled in what was then part of Seekonk.
I'd love to use my research to write a middle-grades historical fiction novel, like Scholastic's Dear America series.

I am also passionate about saving the lives of animals and I volunteer with Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue, an organization which helps abandoned, abused, and neglected Cairn Terriers, and most especially those from commercial breeding facilities. Please take a few minutes to check out their site and maybe do some shopping on their shopping mall! I shop through them a lot! I am also on the creative volunteer team and helped edit both versions of our super cookbook. Please help to make every Cairn like Toto in the Wizard of Oz and find their "somewhere over the rainbow."

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