stacked books Credits computer

The following sources were of help in the creation and evolution of this website.

booksWilliams, R. & Tollett, J. (2000). The Non-Designer's Web Book. Second Edition. Berkley, CA: Peachpit Press.

booksFreeman, E. & Freeman, E. (2006). Head First HTML With CSS & XHTML. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilley Media, Inc. Website Design

PCInternet Brothers HTML Tutorial


iconsIcon Bazaar
Credit for the icons

PCWebweaver's Free Clipart"
Credit for the icon of stacked books on this page

color paletteJulianne's Background Textures
Credit for the backgrounds

Jane AustenRepublic of Pemberley
I borrowed the Jane Austen silhouette and the homepage graphic of a Regency lady on the computer from this most excellent Jane Austen related site.