My Poems for Alex
  I would like to start off by saying that these are poems that I wrote
      for Alex, these are my feelings and I know they are not professional, you may even say they arenít even poems, or that they are really cheesy but  I like them and Alex liked them and I thought I would share, I hope you like them as we do.

Although we aren't in the same place right now...
         Although we cant see each other everyday...
Although we cant look into each others eyes and say exactly how we feelÖ
Although we cant feel each others lips as we share a kissÖ
Although we cant make love and become oneÖ
Although distance keeps us apartÖ
My love for you knows nothing about distance, it only knows that you and I are meant to be, it will always be this way
You made me realize feelings I thought I could never have
It knows that you are the one that makes me feel special, so secure, so happy
It only knows that you are THE ONE
The one who makes me feel so loved, more loved that ever before

Do you know?
Do you know that when you look into my eyes you make me feel beautiful
When you are close by I still get butterflies in my tummy
When you put your arms around me I get weak
When you kiss me I get tingles all over my body
Do you know what in my heart I truly know that you are my soul mate and that we were made for each other
I want to spend my life with you, I love you more than I thought I could ever love someone
I know with all of my heart that I will love you forever and ever
Do you know that you could say the littlest things and it makes me happy all day
I never stop thinking about you, you are always on my mind
I cant stop thinking about you and the times we have spent together,
I wish on stars that with you is where I will stay
I love you with all of my heart and soul,
Always know that

My angel
You are my angel I believe this is true
You have always been there for me when I needed a should to lean onto
youíve wiped away my tears and made my darkest days bright
Making a smile appear on my face just my coming online
I know I have never felt your touch as you held me
I know I have never tasted your kiss as you kissed me
I know I have never seen your face when you smiled at me
But when I close my eyes I feel your touch, I taste your kiss, I see you smile
You are with me always no matter the distance, you are in my heart
You have my soul, you are my angel, this I know
My heart tells me so

A powerful word that brought us together
Very strong feelings that will last forever
Giving my heart to someone who will keep it always
Knowing you are by my side right now tomorrow, the future
You complete my soul, you have all the pieces of my heart
Your love makes me whole

For your birthday I give to you my heart, its yours forever
With you I know its safe and always will be
My soul, you complete me, you are my soul mate
My love, it will always be strong and true and only for you
A should to lean onto, if things ever get bad I will be there for you
A best friend and love for life, always being there for you and loving you day and night
A listening ear for when you need to talk you can always tell me anything, I will always listen
A pair of footprints, just to let you know you are never alone
I give all of this and so much more, you mean so much to me, Happy birthday!

A chance encounter
A chance encounter of the best kind, a meeting arranged by fate
Two souls have come together, two hearts can now relate
Exploring has uncovered a tender love sublime
Whose roots are strong and deep to withstand the test of time
This much I know within my heart that you are meant for me
To share with me the joys of life through out  eternity
So now I ask with an open heart barring my soul to thee
Will you dear Alejandro, soul mate of mine
Take a chance and marry me

I love you
Wherever you go, whatever you do
A part of me will always be with you
I love you more than words can say
more than anyone could show
More than feelings could express

 (loved this poem but I will honestly say that I didnít write this one)
What is a kiss?
The private language between two hearts, a dance to the stars
An ocean of sensations, a whisper light invitation,
The knowledge of belonging, the mystery of timeless enchantment
The joy of homecoming, an tantalizing glimpse into another soul,
A wild deep fall into ecstasy, the gentle flowering of emotions,
A shared journey of discovery, the promise of things to come

Valentines day
Valentines day is here once more and I have you to love and adore
You make me feel special inside and out, you have showed me what love is all about
You tend to me when I am sick, you make me smile when I want to cry
You make me laugh when I want to frown, I give you all the love I have to give
You have my heart for as long as I live, I will always be there when you need to talk,
Iíll be your shoulder to lean on, Hand and hand we shall walk
For on this valentines day I give you my heart and to that a thousand kisses
and to that a lifetime of smiles and all my love
Forever and ever let it be me and you and you and me
I wrote this to say I love you sweetie
Happy Valentines Day

When I think about you my mind starts to wonder
My heart starts to beat so fast It sounds like thunder
When Iím sad or lonely or I just had a bad day
You make me feel better you know just what to say
To make me smile to make my heart rejoice
All I have do to is hear the sweetest sound in all the world your voice
We have only been together for a little while now
But just doesnít feel that way
if I asked you if you were falling in love with me what would you say
Cause I know that its true
Iím falling so deeply in love with you

Everyday that were apart is a day that I miss
The sweetness of your warm embrace the softness of your kiss
every time that I am alone I begin to realize how much I miss your gentle smile
Your sweet soft tone
So come and take me in your arms and kiss me tenderly
Bring me back the warmth of love
That only you can give to me

Right from the start
Deep in my heart I know its true
I am falling in love with you
Not a day goes by I donít think about you
What I feel in my heart I know it has to be true
No matter what you do or say
I have  never felt this way
 I know were just friends I wish it was more
Inside your palm is the key to my heart
youíve had it there right from the start

I love you
I have never had these feelings, the ones I have right now,
the ones I have for you, there so strong and true.
Everyone can tell by the smile on my face that I am in love,
my heart beats love songs for you, Iíve never been this happy in all of my life,
you have changed the way I feel about everything.
I donít want to think about  the future if youíre not in mine,
you mean the world to me, you are my everything.
I never knew what love was till the day I met you, you have showed me real love,
something I have never really known.
And I thank the Lord everyday that you are in my life.
Iím so scared one day you will realize that you could have someone so much better
and I will be part of your past. thatís my biggest fear, losing you!
You have my heart, you completed my soul, you are my other half,
and when we are finally together we will be completely whole,
nothing will go wrong when I am finally in your arms looking in your eyes,
feeling your arms around me, tasting our very first shy kiss,
hearing our hearts beat so close together,
it will feel like heaven, and I pray that day comes soon, even though
I know it wont be tomorrow,
or maybe not even the next, but it will come soon enough and the days we wait,
our love will only grow stronger cause love conquers all!

3 most powerful words
I love you! The 3 most powerful words in the world
I can say them so easily to you, You have my heart, you complete my soul.
And I have never known anyone like you
I think everyone has there someone special  to be with through out their life,
For me that person is you. You bring happiness into my life,
And smiles, laughter, sweet dreams that last the whole night long
protecting me from nightmares,
Do you really know how much you mean tot me?
Sometimes I think that if you knew just really how much it would scare you away
Or would you think that I am going to fast, rushing into things
But I have never felt like I do right now and I donít want it to slip away from me,
So when I tell you I love you 500 times a day,
Or e-mail you long letters at night
Its because I feel as if I just cant say it enough,
I want to tell you all the time, I love hearing you say it back to me
No one has ever said those words to me and really meant them
I want you to know everything , even my deepest darkest secrets
I feel as if I could confide them in you
I just donít know what I would do without you
I donít even want to think about my life if you werenít in it
And I just pray that you are feeling exactly how I feel
Cause I really do love you

Key to my heart
I had closed the door upon my heart and wouldnít let anyone in,
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt but that wouldnít happen again
I lad locked the door and tossed the key as hard and as far as I could
Love will never enter here again, my heart was closed for good
Then you came into my life and made me change my mind
Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find
thatís when you held out your hand and proved to me I was wrong
Inside your palm was the key to my heart, youíve had it all along

Complete my soul
The summer breeze the sun dying down
The cool air around us, thereís no one around
Looking at the stars while holding your hand
Staring at the moon as I start to stand
Blood racing through my veins emotions are high
My heart skips a mean as I stare at the sky
Your arms are around me donít let go
There are all the pieces of my heart you have completed my soul
My soul is full now that you are near
And when Iím in your arms I have nothing to fear
So here in your arms hold me tight
donít let me go, keep me close throughout the night

Always in my prayers
When I awake and see your face I thank the lord for you
To start the day held in your arms, to have your love so true
Then off to work all day long, my thoughts just turn to you
I ask the lord to give you strength, success in all you do
The shadows fall and then at last, youíre coming through the door
I breathe a prayer and thank the lord your safe at home once more
And just before I go to sleep, I thank the lord above
For giving me another day, to share your precious love

Before I met you
Before I met you my life was not complete
I knew something was missing but I didnít realize what it was till the day I say you
I knew right then I wanted to be in love
I wanted to love someone and them love me back
I wanted to give my heart away, I wanted to complete my soul
I knew you where the one before you knew my name
I knew you where the one before you even said a word to me
And I wished on starts high above every night
Let him talk to me, let him realize what he does to me
Then time went on and I almost gave up all hope
But fate stepped in, we were finally in the same place at the same time
My heart started to beat so fast, and even with the distance between us
I got butterflies in my stomach
I didnít even know what to say
But here we are today, so deeply in love
You mean the world to me, I finally feel whole
All the pieces are together
You completed my soul, and I just want to say I love you!

I love you
She looked at him and smiled , it was hard for her to speak
She looked so deep into his eyes, Her legs started to shake as she felt so weak
She loves him so much she wouldn't know what to do without him in her life
So now shes asking him the big question, She wants to be his wife
Tears started to roll down her face as she took his hand and began to kneel
She told him how much he meant to her, how happy, how special he made her feel
She wanted to be with him forever, in a love she need could only grow
Smiling at him, As the tears began to freely flow
He smiled at her so sweetly, listening to every word she had to say
I'm asking you to marry me, be always in my life
Become my husband, I will be your wife
He said Yes I will marry you, and took her hand
he wiped her tears and took her hand as she stared to stand
He took her in his arms and held her oh so tight, sweetly giving her a kiss
Standing there in each others arms, oh was there ever a night like this
For that special day would surely come, where to hearts would become 1.

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