My favorite lines

Everynight Alex and I would write an email to each other, some were very long and some were just a couple of lines, I have kept everyone, to me they had the same feeling as a letter in the mail. Those were my 3 favorite words "You've got mail" When I was sad or having a bad day I would reread alex's emails and that always seemed to make me feel better, so I thought I would take out some lines of the emails that meant alot to me,
and here they are.

It feels so good to have someone to love

You make me smile

Your all I wanted my whole life

I know there isnít anyone else that could make me feel this way

You have given meaning to my life

I do see you in my future

It would be a dream come true to be together right now

I miss you already

Seeing us together and being that couple that you and I have always dreamed about

I just love you so very much

Iím so glad that you are part of my life

I just hope you know how deep my feelings are for you

The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them

Wish you was here with me right now

Lets cuddle sweetie

I just want to hold you and never let go

All my dreams lead to you sweetie

When we finally meet weíll probably be feeling like we can do anything cause our hearts will be together

I feel like I have known you forever

I wish you was right here with me right now

You mean everything to me

I miss you

You coming into my life was the best thing

It is really like we were meant for each other

I just love hearing you say you love me, maybe cause Iíve never been loved before

Iíd have the best Christmas even I was out in nowhere as long as I was with you

I just love you so very much

You make me feel good whenever I am down about something

You have given meaning into my life

If only I could write poems like you and let you know how much you mean to me

Thereís nothing I want more than to be with you right now

The bad thing about coming here is having to let you go and say goodbye

I cant canít get you off my mind

It always makes me happy just to hear your voice

All I have to do is think about you and everything is better

Back when we were just 2 lost souls trying to find that special someone, little did we know we would end up together falling in love

I just home you know how deep my feelings are for you

No matter what I say just always know that Iím in love with you and want to be with you forever

Iím so glad I found you, someone who will love me for who I am

It feels soo good to have someone to love

youíve brought so much more hope for things to come in my life

When we werenít together for that short period of time I just felt so lost

You complete me, you make me whole

Nothing will ever change the way  I feel about you

Iím glad I can make you smile, whenever I am able to do that it just makes me smile

I love you

I donít want to lose the only person thatís ever meant anything to me

You are all I ever wanted my whole life

Us being together will be like finally finding a missing piece to a puzzle, everything will fit together perfectly

You know the best thing that would make me the happiest is finally getting to meet you

To be feeling this strongly about someone

When two eyes meet and hold strongly they are bound to meet again

Let's go on a hike and get lost

We could be one of those couples

You are someone I can talk to and to have fun with all the time

I never really expected to get together with someone from the E.A. let alone fall in love with them

If I was there I would make you soup or something, I hope you feel better

I do see you in my future! *HUGS* I love you!

You know what? You are all I think about

When we first started talking I really didnít think wed be as in love as we are but Iím so glad things have turned out that way

I am so glad that we were able to meet the way we did and get to know each other, falling in love.

Like out of the blue I had all these feelings come rushing in!

Wed be a great couple cause were a lot alike in so many ways

I never knew what love was but I hope this is it

Just knowing you love me this much makes me feel soo good

I will be there for you whoever you et angry or upset

I really wish I could have stayed and talked to you! It hurts when I have to leave you!

I can just imagine both of us together in years to come talking about all this emailing and chatting were doing right now!

Say ďAntennaĒ LOL I donít think I will ever forget that!

I always see couples walking hand and hand and I wish so badly that that was us.

I was thinking about emailing you some time yesterday to tell you that I really missed you

There I said it *Love* could it be? I really hope so cause to me those are really strong feelings

You have such a good heart

It really is like we were meant for each other

I am just so glad that I was able to meet you before someone else did

All I ever think about is you

I just want to hold you and never let go

I donít need dreams, all I have to do is think about you and me together

Iíve  probably said this many times before but I just cant believe I was able to find someone who understands me for who I am!

I know I will never treat you bad

Out of all the people that come online, out of all the people that I meet in chat rooms, I found you! That has to mean something right?
You donít have to worry about losing me, sweetie Iím not going anywhere

I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking about you

I never thought I could feel this way then BOOM! It hit me

Just so you know I will always be there for you sweetie

You know the best thing that would make me the happiest is finally getting to meet you! 1