Other Poems
These are a collections of poems I wrote a long time ago, I started writing poems when
     I turned 13, I was very shy so all my emotions that I couldn't show I would write them down.
     Some are really cheesy but I had my reasons for writing them, some I fount in books, magazines, that meant
something to me at them time and I have kept them but almost 90% are written by me..

My heart is broken
You left it in two
My love was betrayed
All because of you
I thought you loved me
It was a lie
You said you loved me
I wanted to cry
You played me over and over again
I gave you the key to my heart
But please don�t come in
You shouldn�t have said you lived me if you didn�t
Now I�m so sad and I have the blues
cause you made me feel used

1st time
1st time I saw you walk down the street
My knees started to shake and I felt so weak
Looking so good going on your way
Wishing I knew you or had something to say
I dream one day we will meet
Will it ever come true

Her thoughts
Sits by herself
Looks out the window
Clear blue sky
Leaves blowing
Stares off
Thinks, wonders, hopes
Things could change to make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Meet her hearts desire
Will it work out
Worth waiting
Dark in the night sky
Stares at the moon shining bright
Rain comes
Stares in darkness

Love me
You said you loved me last night
It felt so right
You are for me like I am for you
I know this is true
I can feel it deep in my heart
I have loved you from the start

Sometimes I think we could be friends
But all I can think about is how we thought it wouldn�t end
A bad break up
You broke my heart
It was a good beginning
Right from the start
You did me wrong this is true
Three words I will never hear again
Well at least not from you
I think I�m over you till I see you again
And all this from a love
We thought could never end

I�m sitting here and all I can do is think about you
And the 1st day we met
every since my heart has been set
You have the key to my heart
I wish we were together and not so far apart
I know you don�t think I like you
But if you could look inside my heart you would see I do
This is the way I feel
I wish you could feel this way to
I know I should have said something to prove that to you
I was just embarrassed I am so shy

I always wonder why
Why I didn�t say yes that makes me mad
But being without you makes me so sad
All I can did is hope some day
All my dreams come true
and I will always be with you

A year
Its been a year already but your still on my mind
The memories I thought were long gone were really easy to find
The memories of all the times we shared
When you let me know how much you cared
The times you made me laugh the times you made me smile
That seemed to last for miles and miles
Like when you made me feel special the way you called me your girl
Like when you made my heart skip beats and do little twirls
The way you made me feel better when nothing went right
The way my face lit up when ever you were in sight
The way you kissed my head
All the cute little things you said
Especially when you said you loved me that night
I knew you meant it I knew it was right
The way I could just pick up the phone
To hear your sweet soft tone
Or I could turn on the radio to hear our song
That always made me feel better when something was wrong
The way your lips would lay upon mine
That made me feel special all inside
I could always count on you
When I needed a should to lean onto
You were always there for me
You probably will always be
Even though we are apart
You will always have my love and my heart

You will always be my baby no matter if we are apart
Your all I think about you will always have my heart
every since the first day I saw you I hoped we would meet
You made my heart skip beats
I dreams about you every night we would be together and you would hold me tight
Then I would feel your lips on mine just to think about it makes me feel all warm inside
Do you feel the way I do
Will you make my dreams come true

If my dreams became reality you�d be with me today
You�d be able to love me you�d be here to stay
If wanting you would make you want me you�d be by my side
Your eyes would blaze with loving thoughts that could not be denied
If needing you could make you mine my lips would feel your kiss
Your arms would hold me close to you my heart would fill with bliss
But dreaming needing wanting you is not enough it seems
But I understand  completely my love for you will be forever but just in my dreams

A dream is like a vision of what we wish could be
A dream can leave us blind to life only wishing we could see
I�ve done my share of dreaming and I have had a wish or two
I only wish that in my dreams I could think of more than you
We all have dreams of someone whom we can stand  beside
There are dreams we keep forever and some we just sit aside
Some dreams are just discarded and some really do come true
I thought my dream was over until the day I met you
I know down deep inside my heart that you are truly real
But you wont let me in your life with the love I want to feel
My life with you is sometimes not really what it seems to be
I wish you would let me love you but I will leave that to my dreams

You make me sad, you make me blue,
So how can I still be in love with you
You make me cry, you flirt with her and say nothing to me
Why is this the way it has to be
I�ve loved you once I�ve loved you twice
But how can I love you much more
every time I get close to you its like you shut the door
Do you like me or are you just playing games with my heart
Where you lying when you said all that stuff you said
Tell me if your not going to be with me so I can get over you
I really don�t want to but its something I have to do

Think of you
To think of you with another girl just breaks my heart in two
What am I supposed to do
You know how I really feel
There�s nothing I have to hide
You will always have a place in my heart deep down inside
You know how much you mean to be
You know how much I care
These feelings I have for you I will always share
But I just wish you see what being  without you  does to me

Broken heart
When you have a broken heart your world just seems to fall apart
You feel like crying day and night when you thought everything was right
You don�t think you can live without him being there for you
That makes you feel sad and blue
Your friends tell you he�s not worth it but you feel he is
You will never forget ya�lls first kiss
Wondering why it hurts so much inside
Feelings that are so hard to hide
I will never get over you after all the stuff we have been through
Love you now and my love for you will never end
Now I have a broken heart to mend
Sometimes I feel like I could die
Its so hard to say goodbye

Love games
You say you love me then leave me again
Stop playing these games that I never win
I thought when I met you your feelings were true
You said you loved me if I only knew
So when you get bored lonely or down
don�t come to me cause I wont be around
Because loves not a game where the winner is you
Love is an emotion to be shared between two

Just setting here thinking about you and the 1st day we met
Ever since my heart has been set
You still have the key that belongs to my heart
I just wish I could understand why were apart
You said you had this feeling I just wish it would go away
I miss the way you made me laugh the way you could make me smile
That felt like it could go on for miles and miles
The way my heart skipped beats and do little twirls
Will I ever again be your girl
The way you just knew
How to make me feel better when nothing was gong right
But what I miss the most is you saying you loved me back every single night
You made me feel special inside and out
You taught me what real love is all about

They said they would be faithfully true,
They would never intentionally hurt you
They said they�d be honest, kind,
protect you from those who play with your mind
How could you have known that things would go so wrong
After caring and trusting these people for so long
How could you have known they were so disloyal
and that the friendship was so easy to spoil
They said they would be faithfully true
How could you have known they would betray you

Still friends
I want us to part
I cant help it this is the way I feel in my heart
I don�t feel the way I used to
This is something I have to do
I cant keep this up its not fair to you
 I don�t love you the way I use to
I just cant keep this inside
This is something I can not hide
This is just the way I feel
I wish this wasn�t real
Can we still be friends
Even though our love has come to an end

My world just keeps falling apart
How will I ever mend my broken heart
I told you the way I feel inside
I don�t want these feelings to hide
When I think of you with someone else it breaks my heart in two
What am I supposed to do
I have to mend my broken heart
I just don�t know where to start

Moving on
He called to tell me goodbye
I couldn�t help but to cry
We�ve been  together for so long
My life is now one sad song
The kisses we shared I thought he cared
He said he loved me I guess he lied
Our love ended with a short goodbye
Now he�s gone
And its time for me to move on

As we laid in the park I could feel the thumping of our hearts
Your arms around me as you hugged me
Said I love you as you kissed me
I started to shiver then you kissed me again
And said we�ll always be together

You told me you love me
And I have an innocent heart
I believed every lie you told me
And never thought we would part
But lately you�ve been depriving me of love I�ve grown to know
While your eyes for me were diminishing
Mine for you were just starting to grow
There�s no one else for me you said
When I asked you suspiciously
But the curtains were pulled away from my eyes
And I am beginning to see
It had to be now that I understand
It was a lie when you said �I love you�
It had to be your best friend to tell me
She�s in the picture too

If it wasn�t for distance we would still be together
I would go begging you to take me back and we�d part never
But the distance is tearing me apart
I just want to soothe my aching heart
It kills me to only be able to express to the man I love in only words
I need to feel your lips as we kiss, your arms as we hug, to hear your heart beat as you hold me close,
And with you being so far away
These things cant be possible

I still love you
I still love you that�s all I can say
I really still love you but I know it cant go back to that way
You were like a night in shining armor
You were a shoulder to lean onto
You were there to wipe away my tears
There wasn�t anything you wouldn�t do
But baby I cant let you know
I really want you back
I really love you with all of my heart
It just  makes me ache when we were so far apart
I hate it this way but this is the way it has to be
Me still loving you aching to tell you but keeping it secretly

Feelings come from deep down inside
Feelings are often hard to hide
Feelings also get hurt
When you treats you like dirt
Feelings are happy when your in love
When he�s the one sent from above
Feelings are sometimes confused
But in the end you know what to do

What you do to me
I think about you 24-7
When I�m with you it feels like heaven
You�re the only thing on my mind
While your acting so cute and being so kind
Giving me hugs I love every little touch
I love you so much
Especially when your laying your head on my shoulders talking about us being together
Will that ever happen again or will it be like this forever
It kills me when you just walk away after hearing what I just had to say
Or to remember our 1st or last kiss
For our lips to touch again is my only wish
Do you really know what you are doing to be
Open and look in my eyes and you will see
You complete my soul
My heart belongs to you
What�s going to happen is all up to you
You know I�ll be waiting I will always be there for you
No matter through thick or thin
I just want us to be together again

Over you
I set here watching tears flow freely to the floor
As once again my heart is sore
I have no feelings left except the throbbing in my heart
I should have realized this from the start
I thought something good was finally going to happen to me
I should have been able to see
What you were doing to me
Now my heart is broken in two
But someday I will get over you

Eye to eye
Soul to soul
Heart to heart
Powerful emotion cannot be explained
Overwhelming at times cannot be contained
Tears are shed
Through the years
Most painful and yet its better to have loved and lost
Then never have loved at all
Heart has been broken

If it wasn�t for the distance we would still be together
But it hurts so bad for you being so far away
And it just feels like my heart was crying
Cause I couldn�t feel your lips as we kissed,
I couldn�t feel your arms as we hugged
I couldn�t hear your heart beat as you held me so close to you
I was missing you so much it hurt so bad
And to think we might never meet just hurt my heart even more
Yes you made me happy
Happier than I have ever thought I could be
I was always so happy whenever I got to talk to you
but lately we have been getting closer and I am missing things I cant have because you are so far away
And I want you to be happy
Yes I know you were happy with me but not truly happy
not the way we would feel if we were at the same place
I am so sorry I wish I could be there things would be so different

Like a needle in a haystack good friends are hard to find
that�s why I am so thankful that you are mine
Whoever I need a shoulder you are there to catch my tears
you�ve kept my many secrets throughout passing years
You�ve been there through my triumphs you�ve witnessed my defeats
I will remember the good times and hope the bad ones don�t repeat
With you  my heart is honest but there�s one thing I have never told you
Thank you for everything you�ve done there�s no one else like you

A friendly smile
Everything�s gone wrong today no one reacts to a word I say
No matter how much you scream or cry the world just keeps passing you by
No one seems to notice or care that you�re trying to be heard over your despair
But on one face a smile shines through a smile that knows and cares bout you
A smile with love to lend on a face your recognize as a friend

A friend
When a friend should help or gentle yield control you are where the heart finds comfort
Where the mind is free you are more than just a friend you are more than company
You are where the spirit rest where tensions disappear you are where I find myself
Where life is headed you are near

Friendship can be the greatest
My friend my companion through good times an bad
My buddy through happy and sad
Beside me you stand beside me you walk
Your there to listen your there to talk
With happiness with smiles with pain and fears
I know you will be there throughout the years

A friend
A friend is someone you need they are always there
A friend is someone you believe remembering them in your prayers
A friend will always listen and judgment they wont pass
A friend will always hold their opinion and wait until they ask
A friend will say you�ll be fine and convince you of the same
A friend will say go for it when the door opens to fame
A friend will always speak the truth even if its not what you want to hear
 A friend is someone like you a true friend through out the years

True friends
A true friend listens to what you say life�s a sculpture and friends are clay
Friends are notes to life�s greatest  songs a melody that carries along
Weather its joy or fear whenever life is hard friends are near
In a world of darkness friends are light so thank your lucky stars tonight
When life seems hard and goals seem far its then you will know who your true friends are

Friend will always treat your right
Friends will never argue or fight
Friends will never spread apart
Especially when one has a broken heart
Friends will always be there for you
When you need someone to lean onto
Friends should love each other
Like a sister or a brother
I love my friends yes I do
I hope they love me to

Let me lean on you
Keep your eyes upon me, keep me in your sight
Help me down the crooked road, lead me to the light
The road I am on is dark, I�m not sure I know the way
Yet with you beside me, I�m certain I wont stray
Protect me from the world, I know we will make it through
Give me the strength I need, let me lean on you

I look into your eyes and all I see
Is the burning desire you have for me
No words need to be spoken, no feelings need to be shared
Everyone can feel it, its in the air
Our love is undying, it will never go away
We�ll still be together, when were old and gray
I�m writing you this poem to say to you
That even after all we�ve been through
I will always and forever love you

Inside my heart
If you could look inside my heart and see my love for you
Each cloud of doubt would disappear and sunshine would break through
Those scared vows I made to you, locked safe inside my heart
A promise of eternity, that we will never part
The sweetest sound in all the world, the music of your voice
To feel your arms, to see your face, just makes my heart rejoice
I wish you could look inside my heart, you�d see love stead fast and true
If you could hear my heart beat, you�d hear love songs for you

My angel
I cant believe what I am seeing, here on earth a heavenly feeling
An angel from up above, the man I have always dreamed of
Ever time I look into your eyes, my mind and soul gets hypnotized
My heart aches to be with you, because I know my love so true.
I wish we could be together as one, just you and me, we�d walk together on a moonlight beach
When were together no star is out of reach, our romance wont fade or die
I would never hurt you or make you cry
I want you to know my love for you will only grow, and so until the end of time
We will always be together you will always be mine

Perfect night
Its one of those perfect nights, a yellow moon rides high
A milling stars are blazing, across the midnight blue of skies
The air is soft caressing, and through the summer leafed trees
Comes the sweet insistent whisper, a gentle off shore breeze
His warm lips brush my temples, his arms around my waist
Before us lies a glittering path, the generous moon has traced
Sweet words that stir my blood and makes my stead heart skip beats
Love rises like a tidal flood, at night in a near by tree, sings a touching, throbbing song
That seems to speak of a love like ours a love that will grow all our lives long
He turns me around to face him, our lips meet in a kiss
Electricity flows between us, was there ever a night like this!

Mist of time
I�ve seen clearly through the mist of time, now I know we loved before
In a dream like trance the age passed , seen through times open door.
I watched our lives unfolding in my vision of the past,
I watched you and I grow together, In a love we knew would last
I�ve seen clearly through the mist of time, and now I know with certainty,
That you and I our lived entwined with love, eternally

When ever you are near me
Whoever you are mean me, magic fizzes the air
Flutters swiftly over my skin makes all my senses aware
In the midst of all the people, I suddenly see your eyes
Searching, seeking, finding me we mesmerize
When in a moment I see you, my pulse starts to drum
My heart starts to beat about, my entire body seems to hum
But ah love when you touch me, sensations flood my very soul,
For only when I am in your arms, I am completely whole

A day without you
A day without you is like a day without air
Without the chirping of birds, without any cares
A day without your smile is like a day without light
One that is dark, one you could make bright
A day without your voice is like a day without sound
One that is silent, where no one is around
If you�ve understood what I am trying to say
A day without you just isn�t any day

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