The story of Trisha (skittles) and Alex (EaAlex)

       I remember when I was a teenager I had gotten in trouble for some reason I cant remember why but I remember my father sat me down and said I want to know your goals in life, I sat there looked at him and said I want to find a loving man, get married become the best wife I could be and have a baby before I turn 21. It's funny that now I cant remember what he  told me after I told him that, but thatís how it worked out. I met the man of my dreams over the internet of all places. when I turned 17 we got the internet, I said that is so stupid I donít want that its a waste of money, boy was I wrong, one night  my sister and I fount this chat site, the people were all laughing and having fun, and it wasnít one of those chat rooms where you go in and everyone says lets have your name, age, sex, location, which I really hate, they were all just talking and acting like a family, like they have knew each other for years,  we would go in every night and I would sit there watching my sister by the way is 1 year younger than me talking to all these people and having a fun time knowing  what to do on this thing and I have no clue what I am doing. So then we started taking turns, thatís how I met Alex, he is  the sweetest most loving guy I have ever known. We talked about an hour a night, I worked days and he worked nights, so by the time we both got on we just told each other about are day and then he would have to go to work, thatís how it started out, really good friends, telling each other about there day and so, and thatís how we fell in love, getting to know each other on the inside first, so on April 7 it was so cute, Alex was like so I think we should call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, then we moved to the phone, July 4, we finally got to put a voice to the words typed on the screen. we talked every single night on the computer and nights he was off work we would stay up all night talking on the phone, finally on my birthday almost exactly one year later he came to see me! It was my 18th birthday and I got to celebrate it with the man of my dreams, it was so great, it was like we had known each other for our whole lives. Well it did after that first day. It was so pretty, I was so nervous, he pulled up in the taxi and I was sitting on the steps waiting, he got out of the car and  my heart starting beating so fast, all these thoughts kept coming to me, what if he doesnít like me, what if he doesnít like the way I look, what if he thinks this whole trip was just a mistake. I stood up and he came to me, hugged me and all I could do was smile. I couldnít believe myself, here is the man that I am so deeply in love with right next to me and all I want to do is wrap my arms around him, kiss him and never let go and of course here comes my shy shy self not letting me do anything, but that was just the first day. My shyness went away after I made myself realize what was going on and that I only had one week with him here and I didnít know when or even if he would want to come back to see me  again, that week was the best week, everyone from my family loved him! It was the hardest thing I had ever done to let him get in that car and go back home, I sat in my room and cried for days, I remember waiting by the phone after he left waiting and waiting for the phone to ring telling me he had made it home and that he was ok, finally it rang, I was so happy he was ok and so sad that he wasnít there with me holding me.  I remember saying you say you love me but are you IN love with me and was so scared of what he would say and crying the whole time and was so happy when he said I love you! Iím in love with you! and promising me he would come back to see me, we continued to talk every night, and more  and more on the phone, boy did I run up my phone bill, but they were all worth it,  and in June he came back for another week, and it was so great, but once again, it was the hardest thing to tell him goodbye, its like someone saying here is  your heart, now Iím ripping it out. I was so sad, The love of my life was going away again, and I didnít know when he  would be able to come back down to see me. Finally in august after many long talks he had decided to move here and be with me. He decided it was the right decision for him, I left it all up to him, it was his call. So August 17 he moved in. Got a job the very next day and a car a week later. My family was so proud of him and that made me very happy, I was very proud of him, he was a very hard worker and was determined to get what he wanted. Then on  December 24, he asked me to be his wife! I honestly had no idea he was going to ask me, not in the most romantic way but it was special to me, we were alone in the house getting ready to go over my grannyís house like on every Christmas eve to eat my grandpaís fudge and he said do you want your Christmas present now and I said yes and he reaches in his jacket pocket, grabs a little box wrapped in shiny red paper with a little red bow and hands it to me, then he says well open it. I start to open it and pull out the box, I thought it was earrings, I was speechless when I opened up the box to see the ring, I loved it, it was perfect, I always dreamt about a regular normal sized ring and there it was, I hate those big rings, they all look so fake to me. And I said what does this mean and he said you know, and I said you asking me something and he said you know and I said well and he asked me, right there sitting on the edge of the bed he said will you marry me, I got tears to my eyes, I was so happy, to me that was just perfect, then we went over my grannyís and he did the sweetest thing, I stayed in the kitchen and he went in the other room to ask my dad if it was ok to marry me of course he said yes! And I fount out that he had told my sister and thatís why they left us alone for a little bit so he could give it to me, how sweet, thanks sis! And one year from the day he moved down here on August 18th 2001 we were married.

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