Camping at Ludington

CITs in the North Star shelter

This is what lightning does!

Cozy Kaity

Jackie, me and Kaity sledding at Explorer

Trying to stay warm

Doesn't that look yummy?

Getting wild at Walden


My 21st b-day at Candelara

College friends (Jonathan, me, Eddie)

Rob was such a bad influence...

Eleni's 21st at The Lounge

Senior year college dorm room

View outside the room (onto 16th Street)

Siree's 21st b-day

Amber in true New Year's form

NYU trolley

My home at NYU

My home freshman year of college

Intersection of 14th and Union Sq.

Sunset on Washington Square

3rd place winners!

Girl's Night Out

Really old picture of Kyle and the NYC skyline from Ellis Island (1996?)

Kyle in front of Fort William Henry (Lake George, NY) 1