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    Our very own Michael Nesmith webpage!

   Hey, this is Sunny Girlfriend and Psychedelic Luv Bugg! This is our web page that we worked long and hard on.We really hope you like it.....Of course, it is of Mike, so how can you not! "So work hard, play hard, get plenty of Ruffage in your diet and someday you'll own this hotel."(Royal Flush) Have fun and if you loose anything, be sure to "look on the piano."(From monkees on the line.)

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                    We always enjoy looking at pictures of
         Mike... doesn't everybody?

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     "I never should've opened my mouth"

                      You know the drill, go get those groovy Nez songs.
    "If you love music, then you can play music, and all it takes is just love, becausse baby in the final analysis, love is power. Thats were the powers at." ( Mike in "The Devil and Peter Tork.")

                      Now we have postcards!!!!!

                              You know you really like mike when.....

The Farm Report with Mike Nesmith & The weather with Tex Nesmith    

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