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David's quick wit and numerous put downs have been putting him in movies for a while. Says David, "You make your fame on one type of thing and spend the rest of your career trying to get away from it." (He's right, you know!) David's been doing exactly that: From Dennis Finch (Gee, where have you seen that name before? "Just Shoot Me") to Ernie ("8 heads in a duffel bag", co starring Joe Pesci) to the late Chris Farley's sarcastic compantion in the movies "Black Sheep" and "Tommy boy". David proves that insults are no way to make friends. (I can see him and 200 other surfers going "Who cares? Let's get on with it!") OK, so with out further ado, I will post links and pix. Email me if you really care about letting me know what you think, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Lost & Found is hilarious! It's a romantic comedy, but there's not alot of the typical smart mouth David. Rather, a guy who's in love! He did really good in it, but you wouldn't think this would b the kind of part he would go for. I would definitly see him in another movie like this! It was great! It's Rated PG-13 for adult content throughout various parts of the movie. The only nudity is a few rear end shots. David's working on a new movie, The adventures of Joe Dirt. You can read about it in the Chat. It's posted on Here but only on aol. Don't worry, non aol-ers! 'm gonna post it as a link on my page as soon as i get a chance, and will update my mailing list as soon as i do so. To find out when iI do, simply sub to my list. you can go back to my index and it's at the bottom of the page, or go to onelist and look up David Spade. (list name is dsd915) or, oe last option: if you are already registered at onelist for free, send blank email to dsd915-discussion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from the email addy where you want the mail to go. With all my pages, how will you know when I update David's? well, since you asked, the subject line of my updates will read {[dsd915]update David Spade} and will proceed to list in the body of the email the changes i made, and possibly a link (so you won't have to search for it.) On every email that goes out to the list, is my Index URL, so just click on the notebook and look up David Spade. (It's organized alphabetically.)
You can see David now on the WB Station. Just Shoot me is on at 1030 PM EST 5 nights a week. Hope ya catch him!

"I'm all about F.I.N.C.H.--First In Not Causing Harm."--Dennis Finch, Just shoot Me. (Fox at 12AM)

Just shoot me:
WB 1030 PM--weeknights

WB 1130 PM--weeknights

WB 11-12 PM--Sunday Nights

"AOL. My favorite 3 letters." David Spade, AOL Chat

"I know exactly what you mean! Can I buy you a beer?" Dsd915, after reading the Chat




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