ATWT Related Scripts and Production Papers

  1. At University of Wisconsin-Madison. (State Historical Society of Wisconsin)
  2. Here is the address for this archive:

    1. Douglas Marland Papers, 1982-1993.

      This collection includes Mr. Marland's scripts and outlines for ATWT from Sept. 15, 1988 through May 3, 1993.

    2. B. Irna Phillips Papers, 1931-1968. [Call Number: U.S. Mss 76AN]

      This collection includes scripts, outlines, advertising copy, and correspondence pertaining to all of Ms. Phillips' soap opera creations, including ATWT.

    3. Procter and Gamble Productions Television Script Collection, 1955-1980. [Call Number: Micro 2022 and Mss 784]

      This package includes variant scripts for ATWT from these years: 1957-1960; 1971; and 1973-1979. Also included are the 1955-1957 production papers and files of ATWT's first producer, Charles Fisher of Benton and Bowles. You must sign a letter of indemnification to use this collection.

  3. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

    If you plan to visit UCLA to look at the William J. Bell Collection yourself, you'll need the following location information:

    And the mailing address is as follows:

    University of California, Los Angeles
    Arts Special Collections

    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575

  4. Ohio State University

    A collection of Jean Rouverol's early 1980s scripts for As the World Turns can be found on the campus of Ohio State University at the following location:

    Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute
    1430 Lincoln Tower
    1800 Cannon Drive
    Columbus, OH 43210-1230

  5. New York Public Library-Billy Rose Theater Collection

    Please note that the regular Lincoln Center facility of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts is undergoing a major renovation through the Fall of 2000. You must visit the following address for the Billy Rose Theatre Collection:

    The Research Collections at The New York Public Library Annex
    521 West 43rd Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
    New York, NY 10036-4396
    Telephone number: (212) 870-1630

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