ATWT 1957 Storyline

Source for January 2 to April 19, 1957 ATWT synopses:

Note: As the World Turns was preempted on Tuesday, January 1.

  1. Jan.2: Dr. Snyder talks to Claire about love.
  2. Jan 3: Edie meets Jim for a celebration.
  3. Jan 4: Penny and Ellen are disturbed
  4. Jan. 7: Don tells Janice that he'll live on campus.
  5. Jan. 8: Janice confides in Edith.
  6. Jan. 9: Dr. Snyder discovers what's wrong with Claire.
  7. Jan. 10: Ellen has dinner at the Hughes's'.
  8. Jan. 11: Janice tells Don her decision.
  9. Jan. 14: Claire makes Ellen uncomfortable.
  10. Jan. 15: Don shows Chris the ring Janice returned.
  11. Jan. 16: Claire and Dr. Snyder make some progress.
  12. Jan. 17: Edith refuses the date Chris arranged.
  13. Jan. 18: Claire forces Ellen into a trip to California.

Note: As the World Turns was preempted on Monday, January 21 for President Eisenhower's inauguration.

  1. Jan. 22: Claire decides to take a trip.
  2. Jan. 23: No episode information available.
  3. Jan. 24: Claire wonders about her decision.
  4. Jan. 25: Penny and Ellen receive a surprise.
  5. Jan. 28: Edith has a talk with Chris.
  6. Jan. 29: Ellen and Judge Lowell discuss Edith.
  7. Jan. 30: Jeff tells Ellen the truth.
  8. Jan. 31: Penny asks her aunt a question.
  9. Feb. 1: Edith pays a visit to Jim's office.
  10. Feb. 4: Ellen overhears a conversation between Jim and Edie.
  11. Feb. 5: Ellen tells her father a lie.
  12. Feb. 6: No episode information available.
  13. Feb. 7: Jeff and Penny have an argument.
  14. Feb. 8: Ellen gets angry with her father.
  15. Feb. 11: Penny wonders why Ellen is so angry.
  16. Feb. 12: Ellen tells her father what she overheard.
  17. Feb. 13: Ellen makes an unfortunate decision.
  18. Feb. 14: Ellen tells Penny about her aunt.
  19. Feb. 15: Penny's life is filled with confusion.
  20. Feb. 18: Jim talks to his father about Ellen.
  21. Feb. 19: The Lowell's and Hugheses reach an incorrect conclusion about Ellen's health.
  22. Feb. 20: Jim discovers his daughter's hate.
  23. Feb. 21: Claire has a serious talk with Jim.
  24. Feb. 22: Penny is alienated from her family.
  25. Feb. 25: Edie learns what's troubling Penny.
  26. Feb. 26: Chris tells Edith that their brother, John, will be released from jail very soon.
  27. Feb. 27: Claire is on the road to recovery.
  28. Feb. 28: Edith and Jim talk about their future.
  29. March 1: Janice Turner returns from Florida.
  30. March 4: Ellen decides to get even with Don.
  31. March 5: Ellen makes plans to go away.
  32. March 6: Claire begins to understand her illness.
  33. March 7: Ellen and Penny make up.
  34. March 8: Penny has an argument with Aunt Edith.
  35. March 11: Penny has an argument with her mother.
  36. March 12: Chris and Nancy have a disagreement.
  37. March 13: Claire has a talk with Dr. Snyder.
  38. March 14: Edith pays a visit to the Lowells.
  39. March 15: Claire talks openly about the divorce.
  40. March 18: Edith tells Jim she is leaving.
  41. March 19: Edith causes more trouble for the Hughes family.
  42. March 20: Jim asks Dr. Snyder some questions.
  43. March 21: Claire can't get Ellen to believe her.
  44. March 22: Claire tells Jim she wants a divorce.
  45. March 25: Ellen tries to rule her family.
  46. March 26: Edith's anger brings a terrible reaction from Judge Lowell.
  47. March 27: Chris learns Edith is responsible for Judge Lowell's illness.
  48. March 28: Jim learns Edith's part in his father's illness.
  49. March 29: Claire refuses to allow Judge Lowell to interfere.
  50. April 1: No episode information available.
  51. April 2: Nancy doesn't want another problem.
  52. April 3: Jim and his father reach a new understanding.
  53. April 4: Janice Turner has some good news.
  54. April 5: The Hugheses' anniversary causes a quarrel.
  55. April 8: Edith and Chris worry about their brother.
  56. April 9: Janice Turner has doubts about her forthcoming marriage.
  57. April 10: Grandpa tries to reconcile Edith and Penny.
  58. April 11: Chris is concerned about John's threats.
  59. April 12: Ellen uses her grandfather in an attempt to keep the family together.
  60. April 15: Janice tells Carl about her misgivings.
  61. April 16: Janice makes her wedding plans.
  62. April 17: Edith comes to Jim for help.
  63. April 18: Ellen schemes against her parents.
  64. April 19: John Hughes is headed for trouble.

In the intervening months, Janice Turner married Carl Whipple and left Oakdale, and Jim Lowell went on a vacation to Florida to wait out his divorce from Claire. During that vacation, Jim died in a boating accident.

Penny Hughes graduated from high school that June and continued to date Jeff Baker, despite Nancy's objections.

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Synopses from late July and Early August of 1957 as taken from Raymond William Stedman's book, The Serials.

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