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Welcome to my web site in honor of the charming, witty, and absolutely gorgeous Thaddeus James Martin
(as played by the charming, witty, talented, and gorgeous Michael E. Knight) on All My Children.
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Oh, Thaddeus... you've come a long way since being the abused and abandoned little kid that Jeff & Mary found with a broken (arm or leg, depending on the writers) at age (8, 10, 12... again, depending on the writers). Gone are the days of being the teenage hellion, the infamous Tad the Cad, the Male Model, Goal Post Waiter, Glamorama Shampoo Boy, Bank Employee, Real Estate Salesman, Advertising Man, Private Investigator, Health Club employee, Wine Mogul, and Television Producer, Host of The Cutting Edge at WRCW, then there was the short-lived independently produced (last time I checked) show Nothing But The Truth. Now he's schlepping around Chandler Enterprises as Co-CEO with Liza just to piss off Adam. It was supposed to be a summer job. HA HA HA! I'm really hoping for a George Bailey-esque It's A Wonderful Life type of story soon, with Tad realizing that he is a "success" in everything that matters. :) (And he should stop with the "revenge" business. Tad is now an admirable father (when he remembers he has a son & stepson), and is mourning the death of his unborn daughter as well as love of his life, Dixie. ::sniff, sniff::: WAH! What makes Tad tick? Please check out the pages within to find out more.

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