Meg Ryan

Welcome to my Meg Ryan page! Meg is sassy, smart, and totally talented! I've liked her since "French Kiss" came out, and obviously loved her as the voice of "Anastasia." Meg stars mostly in romantic comedies, but occasionally steps into something more serious, like "Courage Under Fire." Her credits include, but are not limited to "Addicted to Love," "French Kiss," "Courage Under Fire and the title voice of Fox's "Anastasia". Meg has a new movie out; Hanging up also starring Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow, and Walter Matthau (who is also a genius in the film industry). I hope I will have a chance to see it. How many of you missed Hurly Burly? I had not realized it was coming out, but since it did when I was still with the movie theater job, I am surprised that my theater did not pick it up. Hanging up is not the only Meg flick coming out this year. fans will have Proof of Life Stay tuned for more details as they become me with questions or comments! Be sure to book mark my Index!



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