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This site was updated on March 03, 2002

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So, what is this website all about?  What is "nFanfic?"   This site is devoted to a group of creative and talented individuals who take a mature look at the relationships of our favorite ER characters; although most stories focus on Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway.  In addition, there may be stories that focus on characters that cast members have played outside of ER.

The 'n' in nFanfic stands for naughty (and nice) as these stories contain graphic scenes and words which are geared toward the 18+ age group.    

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So, without further ado, on to our authors...

Doug and Carol Stories

























Susan Lewis/Carter Stories

Melissa and Cathy


Anna/Carter Stories



Slash - Carter/Skinner



Slash - Carter/Ross

Melissa and Cathy


Slash - Carter/Benten










Would you like to read some nfic Carter/Anna stories?  Just follow the link to the The Rest Archive.   Click on the link for "The Carter/Anna Archive" or read some Doug/Carol stories or a Benton/Corday story (The Morning After) on this page.  Check back to this site for new stories soon.

Would you like to join an ER nfanfic discussion group?  Then just click on this link and follow the easy directions to become a member of the group.  This list is intended to be a place where you can post nfanfics, post ideas, or just let an author know what you thought.  Again, remember that this is a place for mature, intelligent discussions and is geared toward adults.

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If you would like your nFanfics posted to this site or to give me feedback please e-mail Ruth at


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