Michael Jackson: The Greatest Entertainer of all times!!
The Magic... Mystic... presents our deepst respects to MJ's Family and friens
   This site will keep the space until October 2009 when geocities will dissapear. As a tribute to the THe One and Only King of Pop, We'll stand still. So, his legacy remains with the world, where it was meant to be
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The = Magic...=20 Mystic... Michael Jackson World

On June 26th 2009, The KIng of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson passed away .

In Our deepest sorrow and the shadow of pain It is how we inform you the sad note. Now, it is our duty to Keep Michael Jackson's legacy alive.

As As a Fan, as a human who lived this age of changes, as anyone who enjoyed of his talent, I know that he will reamin immortal, as long as we keep this legacy alive. And so we will, in a way or another. So now, this is now a tribute to the World's best Entertainer ever lived: The King of Pop, MIchael Joseph Jackson.

A part of our hearts left with him, but his legacy remains.  so, he's now the Legend,   he is now IMMORTAL for he lives within everyone who's heart was ever touched, or who's feet felt the beat, or who ever sang a song by him. Michael: You'll live forever in the hearts of those who love you.

Thank you for your love and effort.  WE'll = keep it alive =


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