Brendan Fraser

The Mummy Returns (Formerly known as the Mummy 2) to be released 5/11/01 in USA

The release date of Monkeybone has Cganhed! Thew new date is Feb 23, 2001 (USA Changed, unknown about other countries.)

Brendan signed ont o do "The Quiet American" No other info is availible at this time.

"Tough decision. Wouldn't want to be in your shoes." These words captured alot of hearts, and if you don't recognize them, you should be ashamed of yourself. I decree that your sentence will be to watch him, Ricki Lake and Shirley Maclaine in "Mrs. Winterbourne"!! (Tough break!! That's the harshest punishment distributed at this site!!) Brendan also swung into our hearts (ok, hormones) as the title role in "George of the Jungle", released by Disney. Decked out only in a loincloth, Brendan worked really hard at the gym for those impressive pecs (ladies sighing and trying to hold in the drool. OK, enough you hormone ridden fans!!! This is a man we're talking about! Not a piece of meat!!! Not only is this guy incredibly gorgeous, but I can see no other in "George". He just did it to perfection. Which makes you have to wonder....What exactly did he watch as a child? (I've got money on the fact that he saw quite a few episodes as a tyke of "George of the Jungle".) You are, of course, welcome to submit pix and links if you have them. Send them here and I will make sure you get full credit. Also, send any questions or comments my way.

Brendan has two new movies coming out: The Mummy and Dudley Do-Right.

The Mummy, released this past weekend, stars Rachel Weisz in a Horror Film to be Rated PG-13. It sold out two shows in a row at my local theater this past friday night and again during the twilight showstoday. I was impressed! (I guess my guess was wrong!) (That means parents have to watch this with their kids. that's the whole reason for the Rating sytem. It doesn't work if you send your kids by themselves.) What? you'd like a brief synopsis? well, maybe... if you say "please." you said it? ok, keep reading:

"During a 1925 Expedition in the Sahara Desert, a group of treaure hunters stumble upon the tomb of an Egyptian Priest and unwitingly set loose a 3,000-year-old legacy of terror."

There willb e a sequel to the mummy! and don't forget to look for Monkeybone May 12 2000 in the USA!!!!! No Official URL as of yet, but if you go and select the game oiption, there is a really cool litle shockwave gfame!

In Dudley Do-Right, due out August 27, Brendan The Talented stars in the live action remake of title character, Dudley Do-Right. Also stars Sarah Jessica Parker (Til There was you, Hocus Pocus) and Alfred Molina. Synopsis (the magic word again? Ok, you said it pretty nicely!):

"The dimwitted Canadian mountie battles the villainous Snidley Wiplash in the live-action remake of the popular cartoon." (Dsd915 note: This basically means he gets conked over the head on more than one occasion. I'm thinking about a new section just for all the body parts he's had hit in the name of entertainment.)

Brendan takes a comedic break in the quiet american then jumps back into action in the new looney tunes: the movie. I'm guessing the LT movie will be a wannabee of space jam...


It's new, so give me some time to get more info. if you have info, email it to me



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