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Besides being quite good-looking, John Travolta is a very good actor!
I created this page for all Travolta fans! Enjoy the pictures!!

John Travolta's Autograph

John Travolta
P.O. Box 3560
Santa Barbara, CA

John Travolta Pictures

Pix from "Michael"
John Travolta plays Michael, The Archangel

1) Michael, the slob

2) Michael out in a field

3) Michael, the Dancing Archangel

4) Graphic from the web site 1

5) Graphic from the web site 2

6) Michael reading a Book

7) Main characters from the Movie

8) John as Michael

Pix from "Phenomenon"
John Travolta plays George Malley

1) George Malley and Lace by Lace's Truck

2) George and Lace

3) George and his Doctor

4) George playing chess with Doc

5) George and his best friend, Nate

6) George discovers his strange, new powers

7) George and Nate on the CB Radio

Pix from "Broken Arrow"
John Travolta plays Vic Deakins

1) Broken Arrow Poster Picture

2) Travolta in an Ambush Scene

3) John Travolta and Christian Slater

4) Closeup of John Smoking a Cigarrette

5) John Getting ready to Shoot

6) Looking out the car window with them baby blues!

7) John with the bomb

8) John kicking some butt!

9) John with the detonator to the bomb

Pix from "Get Shorty"
John Travolta plays Chili Palmer

1) A serious side of John

2) Chili and his lady friend

3) The gang in "Get Shorty"

4) John and his gun

5) A behind the scenes look

Pix from "Saturday Night Fever"
John Travolta plays Tony Manero

1) Saturday Night Fever Video Cover

2) Dancin' again!

Pix from "Pulp Fiction"
John Travolta plays Vincent Vega

1) Vincent secretly talking to someone

2) Vincent smoking a cigarrette

3) Larger version in Black & White of above Image

4) Vincent and Jules driving in the Car

5) Vincent and his Friends

6) Vincent dancing with Mia

Miscellaneous Pix of John Travolta

1) That famous smile!

2) Small pic of John

3) Black and White Hunky Pic of John!

4) John on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

5) Closeup of John

6) John and his Baby Blues

7) A scene from "Look Who's Talking"

8) A shot from "White Man's Burden"

9) A shot from "Grease"

10) The group from "Welcome Back Kotter"

MORE Miscellaneous Pix of John Travolta:

These photos were donated from Sue and taken from
her personal collection...Thanks!

1) Tabloid Photos of John and Family - November 1995

2) John wearing all white

3) John and his wife, Kelly Preston

4) John and Kelly

5) John and Kelly Kissing

6) John and Kelly

7) John in a Blue Turtleneck - 1976

8) Black/White Autographed Photo of John - 1977

9) John Travolta - 1978

10) Black/White Picture of John - 1979

11) John Travolta Article - June 1980

12) Black/White Picture of John - 1980

13) John and Kelly - 1991

14) Article about John's marriage to Kelly

15) John and Kelly - 1991


Sue for donating 15 wonderful photos for this web page! Thanks very much, Sue!

The John Travolta Page for allowing me to use many of the photos seen here.

Chip for providing John Travolta's address and for giving me the
privilege of using his copy of John's autograph.

All of the movie sites for use of their photographs. They are greatly appreciated!