21 Jump Street.

21 Jump Street was a show on from 86-91.It was focused on the teen and middle aged people. I was only 8 when it went off the air but I can still remember watching it when I was little. Right now it airs on the FX Network at six o'clock eastern time.

What it was about

21 Jump Street was about a group of younger looking cops who because of their young lookingness, They weren't good beat(uniformed) cops. They got hassled by the other cops as well as the criminals. As you saw what happened to Johnny Depp's character in the first episode. So the younger cops were sent to 21 Jump Street, a chapel which in the first couple of episodes was runned by a old fashion hippie. (Fredrick Forrest).

The cops stayed mostly the same for the first 2-3 seasons. I think near the end of season 3 (or the beginning) They added Dennis Booker (Richard Grieco). The cops were Doug Penhall ( Peter DeLuise), Tom Hanson( Johnny Depp), Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson), Harry Ioki (Dustin Ngyuen(thats no the right spelling ill fix it.) Captin Jenco ( Fredrick Forrest), And Captin Adam Fuller ( Steven Williams).

The other characters

Fuller took the place of Jenco in season one after Jenco was killed by a drunk driver. Later in Season 4 and 5 more cops were added like Dean Garret (David Barry Gray) who i can only remeber seeing in 1 episode, Also there was, Tony "Mac" MacCann (Michael Benditti), Joey Penhall ( Michael DeLuise).


Even though I love this show there is some inconsistencies in it, Which I find quite annoying. Like how Johnny Depps last episode was "Blackout" and the show never even mentioned him leaving. It was one episode he's there on the credits and the next he's out.

Also there was the whole Penhall brother thing. NUMBER 1, In the episode "Brothers" Doug says that his father didn't die until he was 17, and that would of made Joey 15. When Joey said (to the cult people)that he was living on the streets for 5 years than he went back to Doug. That would make Joey 20 and Doug only 22, which is a immpossbility because Doug had ben 22 since the show started. Also in the episode "Wooly Bullies" Doug had never mentioned having a brother, and he said that his dad died when he was about 11 and than he went to live with his Uncle Nick. One more thing, In the first episode with Mac, "Buddy System" While playing basket ball Doug had tols Mac that he had a brother, but in The episode "Brothers, Mac says 'he never knew Doug had a brother.'

Even though they had those few glitches mostly revoling around the Penhall brothers the show was still the best.

See the cast picture of the cast ! :

Joey Penhall/Michael Deluise

Dean Garret/ David Barry Gray

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