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Larisa cuddleing Tigger, is by far my most favorite actress. She has a certain magic about her that you can see through her acting. I remember the first time I saw her a few years ago on the Secret World of Alex Mac. Now, most people see her and are instantly "in love" with her, without knowing the real person. Now don't get me wrong, I don't know Larisa personally, but I have noticed all the work that she does for kids, with Nickelodeon's Big Help and things like that. I know that all her fans out there, (including me!) love her and as well they should. Larisa holding Tigger Larisa Oleynik is a very special person, just look at all of the stuff that she does for people. Like I've said, I've never met her before, but I have a mental picture of how she would be. I'd bet that she is a super sweet and caring person. Which brings me to the reason that I've put up these pages, so that other people can know more about the true her. A lot of information within these pages I have found by researching, or by other sites across the internet. Maintaining these pages is a labor of love, I want people to enjoy, and learn more about the lovely Larisa Oleynik. Larisa Oleynik has had a very successful career, and she desreves it, just look at her acting. YEA!!! Larisa!To all who have never seen anything that Larisa Oleynik has done, just watch the Secret World of Alex Mac on Nickelodeon on Tuesdays, and sometimes on Thursdays, you won't regret it, trust me! I hope you get tons of enjoyment with these pages.

Great news all of you Larisa fans out there! Nickelodeon has put The Secret World of Alex Mac back on the air Mon.- Fri. at 5:30 CST. They have started with episode one. This is a great time to see Larisa when she first started out on the Secret World of Alex Mac. I hadn't gotten to see the first three episodes, and now I have an oppertunity. Well I guess due to Larisa's talents you can't keep a good show down. I was sad when I saw the last episode. I was like no more Larisa weekly? I mean am I gonna have to wait 'til '99 for Ten Things I Hate About You? Now I don't have to wait! Thanks Nickelodeon, for bringing Larisa back!

Long live Larisa! And thanks for the many hours of enjoyment that you have provided us... all of your fans! :-) Okay now for the rest of the Larisa Oleynik pages!

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Many, many cool facts about your favorite actress and mine,Larisa Oleynik!
All of the movies, and t.v. shows that Larisa Oleynik has been in.
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Thanks for dropping by the Larisa Oleynik's Admirer's Page, I hope you've enjoyed it and please keep coming back for more, as I'll be updating these pages regularly. As I have stated above, this is a labor of love and I really hope that you have enjoyed these pages and would love to hear all of your comments. So if you have any comments, suggestions or just things that you'd like to see on this page, or how I can make this page better, please e-mail me, Buddy. Laters!