This is an inside view of my demented state of mind!

Please no applause neccessary!!!

This is the stuff from my inside my head. There is a lot of jibberish and babble up there, plus the usual cobwebs and rocks that are up there. Please no one feel afraid to enter. I am completely harmless! (usually) I am an 'artist' . I will try in the future to put some of my drawings on here, but I am still relatively new at creating web pages.

Early warning of what you might find on this page in the future. I am a SAVAGE GARDEN fanatic as well as a fan of the show Magnificent Seven . I also have a lot of other interests and obsessions but too much too soon might scare off potential visitors. So, I ask you to please bear with me. My personal typist (my sister) will try to help me along the way. She also shares some of my interests but is not as fanatical as me.

Read ME!

Well, let's see. I'm back at college and, sadly, I didn't get all the renovations that I would like to have done done. (That sounds redundant) Anywho, I plan on making changes and working on this as time allows. The college just got more computers and I find them springing up all over so I should, most definatly, get work done on this page. Now I'm not promising any big chunks (remember my short attention span) but little by little, more will be added. But just bear with me, I've got stuff in my head to get out and to rattle on about so I just need a bit of time.


Well, I figure that I should have a little, unstructured place for idle chatter, so I know christen this space as IT.
A few items of business:
1. Surely you have noticed a bit of a few changes and renovations recently.(I know, stop calling me Shirly.) Hopefully, this will become the rule not the exception. (Well, I am still attempting but working on this is down to a low roar. I am still in the process of getting more of Howell's Hellions up.)
2. I am in search of a new buzz word to yell out when I hit my thumb with the sledge hammer or when something goes wrong. Recently, I've been yelling out "What a pisser!" And my mother has quite well informed me that "ladies" don't use such language. So now I'm on a quest for a new buzz word to yell. If you happen to have any surgestions, why don't you go ahead and e-mail me. Go on, I dare ya!
3. And three, this goes out to Mark and the Shaggin' Wagon, S's and G's FOREVER!!!!.
4. Look, I know that I bite off more than I can chew, but I don't care. So there! (rasberries) I am putting on a new section dedicated to the Shaggin' Wagon! See down below? I did it! It's not much...yet. But it will be! And that is end of the business end there.

Some people think that I have too much time on my hands, so I decided to prove them correct by writing


The List includes all the gentlemen that I would just love to be acquainted with. It includes real people, characters, and nicknames that I (or my typist) have come up with. (for one particular reason or another) I claim no rights on anyone, though I wish I could. Enticed yet, you know that you want to look. Go on and see if you know anyone on there. Click here to see THE LIST

My Theses, Theories, + Stuff

This section is sort of like a forum for me to rattle on about stuff. From TV shows, to movies, to just about anything I have an opinion about will be found here. They are kinda like editorials but not exactly. I explain it better on the page so why don't you just do me a favor and go there? Thanks!!! Click here to see My Theses, Theories, + Stuff

Updated 9-12-99!

EXPLOITS! The Adventures of Howell's Hellions and their Steeds of Steel

Updated 8-9-99!

Now that the title has your attention, if you want to know what this is about or even if you don't, come on in! You heard me! That's an order! Click here to enter the dominion of Howell's Hellions!

Songs I Write with Personal Pleasure!

Actually I write lyrics to th music of other songs. Most of them are to TV theme songs. Right now, I have 4 are about the Magnificent Seven and 1 about the Pretender. I am working on others. One in the works is about my favorite little Padawan. (Ahhhhhh. I do so love happy thoughts!) Click here to read the songs!

Updated 9-16-99!

What a DRAG!

This is a little section that you'll have to visit to find out just exactly what (or maybe who) is a drag. I know that you're tummy is tempted, so aim that mouse and.....ENTER!!!
Click here to find out what is such a drag!

Updated 9-13-99!

Rules for a great TV Show!

What can I say? This self-created list is a must-see for....Well, I can't think of what to write for it right now so will ya just go and look at it? Huh?
Click here to read the rules!

The Shaggin' Wagon!!!

This is about Mark the Deranged Lunatic's car, actually the best transportation around, the Shaggin' Wagon! You gotta check it out. Hurry!
Click here to be introduced to the Shaggin' Wagon!

NEW AS OF 4-5-2000!

Gamblers Welcome!

Guess what? Me got a game now! Go on in and see it and play and play. Right now there is only one but I hope to get more.
Click here to visit the slots!

Lookie Here!

Look! I have a guestbook now. Ain't that amazing? I know you want to sign it. Go on, I'm not gonna stop ya.
Sign Guestbook View Guestbook

More about me.

Links to other sites on the Web

This is the link to our library page. It is a great starting out point( and the typist works there)

Darthwoo's homepage. He helped to start me on my way on the web page building. (Darthwoo's Used Starship Lot) (kinda different but good)

Poe the Enforcer's homepage. Be sure to pay no attention to the picture he claims is me. (It's actually my evil twin sister, Princess Sa-baba-swine.)

You are rd/th/st/nd person to see what is inside my mind! Creepy, huh?

This is my personal disclaimer. Savage Garden and Magnificent Seven and the Pretender are the property of someone else despite my wishes to the contrary. As far as I ( and my personal typist) know, the thoughts, ideas and sayings are my own. ( with a little help from my typist) If I have somehow stepped on someone's toes, please be polite and e-mail me. (I will now give a phony email address)(just kidding)!!!! It is really mine.

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