An  Experience for Everyone
The Mission
Our mission is to provide our customer with a memorable experience in which we incorporate a great dinner with a remarkable cinematic experience. FOOVIES RESTURANTS AND CINEMA, INC is dedicated to providing our custumers with great service imbedded in our drive to creat an unforgetable movie experience at an affordable price. We will carry out this mission through our state of the art movie theaters equiped with digital movie projection technology and the best sound there is to offer. We'll what are you waiting for go out and experience the FOOVIES experience.
What is FOOVIES?
Six screen movie theater which offer a modern movie experience combined with a dinning experience which form a forgetable combination.

Planned locations include: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Miami, and Detroit.

We will serve a variety of foods and offer compatable dinner and movie ticket prices. These prices will be compatable to your local movie and resturant prices.