What is the Hall Of Fame?
This is a place where you can nominate those people who have done a lot for the SSBC. It can be from writting letters to jumping off the Empire State building with a purple parachute covered with the words "save SB" in a lime green colour.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes you can. A lot of SSB campaigners are kept so busy by the SSBC that they probably don't have time to tell people what they have done. I am a prime example, I spend all my time glued to a computer doing this page and a million other things.

What do I get?
Nothing! All right you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your bit for the SSBC. You never know, your efforts might just inspire some person who has not joined the campaign yet. Once a week I will choose a campigner of the week. this is the person who has done the most work or who has done the most wacky thing to save Sunset Beach. Remember though neither the SSBC or Sunset Central are responsible for any danger you place yourself in while trying a crazy stunt.

Nominate A SSB Campaigner
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What have they done in support of the SSBC:


Ian Hopkins - For creating the SSBC pages.

Hals - She send out the most amount of info and hasn't stopped trying to save SB.
Nominated by - Cheryl

Paula - Paula emailed NBC, Lifetime and all the other networks many times. She also wrote 7 snail mail letters to each place. Plus she got three friends to do the same thing. And she has been telephoning affiliates all over the country saying she lives there and wants them to keep SB.
Nominated by - Gloria

Kenza - She has shown unswerving devotion to the show in all her efforts. She is the 'right hand woman' of Ian and occassionally writes for SC. Kenza e-mails loads of affiliates and Networks each week. Not only that but she writes snail mail letters to all appropriate networks so consistently that they must be getting fed up of her by now!! You would think that's enough but she has more up her sleeve- You can hear her words echoing round the UK:"Don't Let The Sun Set" and she urges you to save SB now- she wants it for life, not just for xmas!

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