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The new rumour which has set the SB community alight is that USA will be picking the show up where NBC leaves off. Please note this is an unconfirmed rumour.


Sunset Beach fans refuse to let the sun set on the soap. Bolstered by SOS, as in Support Our Sunset, an online newsletter, viewers continue to write to other networks asking that they continue to produce and air the soap. And the soap's producers, including Aaron Spelling, are reportedly positive to fans' efforts to save the show.


Channel 5 Europe is attempting to mount a Baywatch style rescue bid on its imported soap, Sunset Beach. Channel 5's head of acquisitions Jeff Ford said: "We will try to mirror what happened when Baywatch was axed in the US, and ITV and several other European partners rescued it. Sunset Beach doesn't rank that highly in the US, but it does have some value in Europe. We're looking at all the different ways of how we can continue the show. It's an irresistible, feel-good series."


Word around town is that we should hear in 2 weeks on the status of the other networks picking up Sunset Beach! Keep the letters going to USA/LIFETIME/WB/FOX! Writting Letters, NOT e-mail, is the most effective way to get network attention! Click Here for info on who to write to!


There was an official protest against NBC on Saturday, October 2nd, in front of the NBC studios in Burbank from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Many people attending. Soap Opera Digest said that if the protest took place Sunset Beach stars would be interested in helping. More Info is coming along with pictures


If you can't find Sunset Beach in your area the soap has set-up a free hotline that will tell you when it's playing in your area! Call:

or (1-877-786-2322)


Sunset Beach Producer, Gary Tomlin has released the following statement:

"We have every intention to continue the show somewhere and in some form. Stay tuned!"

This should confirm the rumors that the Sunset Beach Brass is shopping for a new home!


Producers of Sunset Beach have been unable to find a new network for the soap, so the show will have its last tape date on November 19.

"Sadly, we will be wrapping things up," a Beach spokesperson tells Digest Online of the nearly three-year-old show that will last air on December 31.

Fans had hoped that Beach would find a new home on either The WB, Fox, or USA Networks, to name a few possibilities.

However, none of the networks approached by Beach's producers were interested in continuing to produce the show. "No, it's not going any further," notes the show's spokesperson, adding there were no takers "at this time."

As previously reported, NBC canceled the low-rated Beach. The peacock network has yet to officially announce what will air in place of the hour-long Aaron Spelling-produced soap, but published reports indicate a talk show is in the works.

"It's a horribly big blow for us," SOS founder Penni Ellington tells Digest Online. (The online newsletter, Support Our Sunset, waged an e-mail campaign to find a new home for the show.) "It's pretty much over. There will be no more campaign because they've tried all the networks, we've tried all the networks."

"We're going to go ahead and send our petition on to Mr. Spelling," Ellington continues. "I don't know if he can do anything with it, but at least he'll be able to see the fans' support."

Despite the soap's cancellation, SOS members plan to proceed with their annual fan gathering in Southern California in February. Expect something akin to an Irish wake, rather than some type of funeral for a soap. "I'm hoping that some of the cast who like us and know us will come join us and let the fans say good-bye and we can say good-bye to each other," says Ellington, a North Carolina college student. "Now, we're concentrating on where the actors will end up, some of them are already looking into other jobs. For example, Kathleen [Noone, who plays Bette] is going to be on [the new NBC primetime series] Cold Feet and Party of Five. So I'm going to follow where they end up and maybe do updates every two months for the fans."

Meanwhile, the soap's spokesperson is mum about what is in the works for the show's finale. If the viewers had their way, the finale would include a Meg and Ben wedding.

Fans of Beach should remember that the sun will never set forever on their soap thanks to VCRs, though. Notes Ellington, "It's obviously heartbreaking, but most of us have archived the show and have it in our video libraries, so we can go back and watch the show."


I am sad to announce that our official, final tape day will be Friday, November 19, 1999. We are ALL very sad that the show will not continue and everyone here thanks each of you for your support and praise, especially as of late!

I know you all have questions and requests - please hang on for the moment. At the end of this week I hope to have a quote for you from Gary Tomlin and a date for our first wrap-Press Day. At such day you will be able to directly ask Gary and our head-writer(s) questions as well as get quotes/statements from the cast. Information regarding end-of-production and ending storylines is not available yet.

perhaps this lack of detail is because they are still hoping to transfer networks

We are confident that we will meet everyone's requests and deadlines. The cast continues to be as cooperative as ever!

Thank you again and again,
Andrea McKinnon
Laura Marks


Sunset Beach Publicist has urged us to focus on the Lifetime and USA networks. These are the two networks that are being pursued to pick-up Sunset Beach's contract! Everyone needs to send them snail mail, urging them to take Sunset Beach! Here is the info:

ATTN: Program Development
USA Network
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, Ca 91608

ATTN: Program Development
Lifetime Television
2049 Century Park East
Suite 840
Century City, Ca 90067

The WB/FOX campaigns are still valid campaigns, and should continue to be pursued as well! Click Here to find out more!


On Friday, September 17th, NBC announced that they have officially cancelled Sunset Beach! The last episode will air on Dec. 31, 1999. To hear a recorded message from the Sunset Beach Fan Club call: 818-840-4444.

I urge you all to join in the WB/FOX/Lifetime/USA campaign!


Jennifer Offiana spoke to a PR rep at Sunset Beach and her comments on the WB/FOX rumors are:

Hi, neither rumor is true, thanks for checking. As you may have heard, Variety published a front page article yesterday announcing the show that NBC purchased to replace SB. They were wrong, the show was purchased to replace "Roseanne" on the Owned & Operated affiliate stations.

The WB and FOX rumors are wishful thinking - we'd LOVE to be picked up by another network. That option isn't impossible but we really truly won't know anything until NBC makes a formal announcement. They have until October 1st or 3rd to do so.

SSBC Note: I say, keep your hopes up on the WB/FOX rumors. They are strong rumors, however it seems more likely to root for Lifetime or USA


Rumor has it that both The WB and Fox television networks are interested in picking up SUNSET BEACH if NBC decides in October to drop the Aaron Spelling's soap. (NBC's contract with BEACH expires in December.) Is it true? "No comments," responds a show spokesperson, adding that it's premature to speculate about BEACH jumping networks until NBC makes its decision. Insiders say that if BEACH were to hop networks, Spelling would have considerable leverage at The WB because it currently airs his popular prime-time shows, 7th HEAVEN and CHARMED. There is also a considerable effort being made by BEACH'S devoted online fans, who have initiated a petition drive to convince Fox to pick up the struggling soap. Adding fuel to this speculation is that numerous agents and managers report that BEACH is adding seven African-American and Hispanic members to its cast. Although the BEACH spokesperson dismisses the move as "just a rumor," it would be an excellent way to attract younger, more ethnically diverse viewers at both The WB and Fox. So, watch this space.

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