I'm Dawn,  a 36-year-old mom of three:  Geoff (13), Megan (11) and Amanda (9).  I'm married to Jerry, a computer engineer, and we live in north Alabama.   I have a marketing degree from UAH and  I'm back at school pursuing a second degree now.
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Only a month since I updated the page, yay!
Here's the latest...
I changed my major from psychology to secondary ed-social sciences recently.  Now I won't graduate until 2009 but on the bright side, I should be much more employable and most likely happier.  It's going to be a rough semester this spring, though...looks like I'll have to take 6 classes.  I'm trying to wrangle my way into taking ED 350 during the summer so I won't be stretched quite so thin.  I guess this is UAH's way of weeding out the people who aren't REALLY serious about being teachers.  Anyway, it should be fun.
We went to Big Spring Jam and saw a few great bands...unfortunately,
10 Years, Default and Evans Blue were rained out on Saturday, and they herded everyone into the Von Braun Center until the storm passed.  Escape From Earth (awesome band) popped in and put on a spur-of-the-moment acoustic performance...pretty much the high point of the whole evening.  We went back Sunday night and got to see Sister Hazel and Gin Blossoms. 
Oops, look at the time...
Have a great week!


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Welcome!  I'm glad you're here!
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