When life becomes a blur, everyone needs somewhere to get off



Cause sometimes you feel all shiny and new, sometimes you don't

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American Pride

	Welcome to my small piece of heaven, here in cyberspace. Please go ahead and
look around to see what's going on. Also, if you have a web page and you like anything
you see, feel free to take it for your own page. I believe the internet is just a big
grab bag of stuff, so if it's on here, it's public property. All I ask is that you link
your page to mine, or at least put a note on your page that you saw it on my page. 
What you won't find: boring details about my daily life. What you will find: a fun way 
to while away a few extra minutes you might have. So sit back, enjoy, and drop me a line 
(or sign the guestbook) if you like what you see.

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