I have simply fallen in love with these two people...Not just the characters Lucky and Lizzie, but their portrayers as well. The more I find out about their lives offscreen, the more I like.
So I thought I would set up this page for others who like to know
interesting little tidbits about their lives.
Feeling Lucky
Will He or Won't He?
Article on Jonathan and College
Lucky's Lady
Applause, Applause: Magazine Awards for Jon and Becky
Brother Act: Jon and Richard
Kiss and Tell Article on Jon and Becky
Jon and Becky Visit Knotts Berry Farm
Real-Life Fortune
For Rebecca Herbst, earning good money at age 21 has been relative-ly easy. "My parents do it all when it comes to my money," she smiles. "Plus, I have a financial adviser. I don't see any of my paychecks. I'd rather not deal with it because dealing with it gives me a headache. I went out and bought myself a nice, little car [laughs], though. It was a nice chunck of change. And I'm actually getting a body form right now for making dreses--one that's to my size and everything. I just found out--$850 for a body form. Can you believe it? So, those are my big splurges."

Read about Becky and her pets
The God Squad
Article on Jonathan's Faith

GH'S Lucky not so lucky
But Jonathan Jackson understands role change

Thanks to his well-publicized faith in a higher power, Jonathan Jackson is apparently quite angelic in real life. But the past few months have had him playing a little devil. As of late, Jackson's character has been something of a terrible teen, running away from home and rebelling against his parents Luke and Laura.
For Jackson, 16, Lucky's personality twist has been exciting to play. The young actor already has two Emmy Awards under his belt and, thanks to his current dramatic storyline, is almost a shoo-in for a nomination next year. But it's also made things awkward. "It's always fun acting with Genie Francis (Laura) and Anthony Geary (Luke) no matter what I'm doing, because I get along with them off-camera as well," says Jackson.
"But at the same time, it's not always fun to wake up in the morning and think, 'Oh, great, I've got to do these scenes where I'm beating up on somebody I really care about," he admits. "It can really drain you. And it's more difficult when you have a personal relationship with them." Still, he says, his on-camera attitude problem hasn't affected his real-life dealings with Francis and Geary.
"We don't carry that stuff off the set," he explains. "I still get along with them and enjoy working with them."

Soap Opera Update, September 1


In The Driver's Seat

Although he only recently got his driver's license, Jonathan Jackson freely admits that "I drove stick shift when I was really young. [My parents] would take me out on country road and let me practice a little bit back when we lived in Washington. And my sister, Candice, would let me drive her car once in a while in a safe place."

So it's no surprise that Jonathan aced his driver's test. "I passed everything the first time," he says, noting that he wasn't even duped by an obstacle placed in the middle of the road test. "There was this big semi truck that was blocking a stop sign. I saw it at the last second and slammed on my brakes. My instructor told me that a few people had failed because they hadn't seen it and didn't stop."

Since acquiring his license, Jonathan has embarked on his first major road trip. I drove to San Jose when my sister graduated [from college]. It was a long, five-hour drive." His parents weren't nervous about letting their youngest son take to the road solo. "They were really cool with it. They've already been through two other kids getting their licenses. And they know I'm really the most cautious of the three."

Soap Opera Weekly, August 25


Rebecca Herbst- Take Five
What do you worry about?
"I worry everthing about nothing."

What role were you born to play?
"A role in any period piece. I was not meant to live in this era."

If you could live in any era, which one would you choose?
"The early 1900s--the clothing was fascinating. It had style and class,

and it looked great on any figure. Who cares if it didn't feel good?"

What attracts you to a man?
"A manly man, who would decorate and design a house with me."

What would people be surprised to know about you?
"I am extremely shy and have a severe case of stage fright."


Lucky Survives Real-Life Fright Flight

On July 23, Jonathan Jackson and his mom, Jeanine, were on a commercial flight from Burbank Airport to their home in Washington State, when tragedy almost struck.

"We were taking off, and right before we got in the air, we heard these loud, banging noises," reports the relieved Jackson. "It sounded like the engine was trying to work, but couldn't. We knew something was wrong because it kept doing that when we got into the air. Then we started smelling smoke, which was pretty scary. The panicked flight attendant yelled over the intercom, 'Put your heads down, and grab you ankles!' I just stuck my head down and prayed my butt off, conjuring up every prayer I could think of." Despite fire shooting out of the engine, the plane landed safely and the Jacksons were rerouted onto another aircraft. Jackson later learned that a bird had become lodged in the engine.

As previously reported, Jackson's future with GH has also been precariously up in the air recently. He admits it would be difficult to leave his GH family. "I'm having a great time working with Becky [Herbst, Elizabeth]," he says. "I've had the most fun this past year than I've had ever. Not being involved in the [Spencer] family as much has given me a chance to carry more of a storyline." Fortunately, the well-grounded Jackson is alive and well, to make whatever decision he ultimately chooses. Whew!

Soap Opera Digest, August 18

Articles on Jonathan and College

Jon and Becky at "An Evening at the Net" at UCLA in Los Angeles.

After a recent GH fan club party, Jon and Becky signed autographs outdoors. While Becky was complimented on her 'great sense of style' by Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) for her outfit--navy hip-hugger slacks and a white crop top- Becky confided that she played a part in Jonathan's outfit--khaki slacks and a black ribbed T-shirt. "I took him shopping. I told him he couldn't wear tennis shoes with it, but he did anyway."

Road Rules

Jonathan had warning for the California Highway Patrol. "I got my driver's license a couple of months ago," he laughed. "So, watch out."

On The Town
Jonathan, Becky, Richard and Maureen attended the premiere of The Mask of Zorro at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, Calif.


 Birthday Buddies
Jonathan turned 16 May 11 and Becky turned 21 May 12.
Becky says "Jonathan gave me a silver pendant whith the comedy and tragedy faces hanging from it and a pair of earings. I got him a bottle of Lucky brand colgone and The Little Mermaid video. He's never seen it, and it's my favorite cartoon video of all time." She has another gift on order for Jonathan: "A cross pendant to hang in the rearview mirror of his new Eclipse. I have one in my car. It keeps me safe. I wanted to get him one, too."


A Quiet Celebration
Jonathan chose to celebrate his 16th birthday with his family. His brother Richard and cousin Greg spent the afternoon at a Malibu Grand Prix, driving miniature race cars. "Then my brother and cousin and I rented a hotel room and hung out by ourselves for the night. The next morning was Mother's Day, so we did my birthday and Mother's Day with the family. It was pretty low-key. We don't like to get too wild."


 Of Special note:
Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) has said he would rather they kill the character of Lucky off than recast--should Jonathan ever decide to leave. He doesn't believe anyone could do justice to the role after Jonathan Jackson.
 What Becky has to say:
About the rape scenes
"Jonathan and I have really bonded through this whole thing. I really depended on him to help me through it. I think he knew that I was scared to death to act this out, and he was right there with me, just as leery, but still being the man role model. When I get on the set every morning--as soon as I'm Liz--I just want to be hugged by him."
 About future love scenes
"At first, I thought, 'My goodness! My love interest is five years younger than me!  And it's not like I'm 25 and he's 20, it's like I'm 20 and he's 15--that's a big difference. But Jonathan's very mature, and I couldn't be happier to know that Lucky and Lizzie will eventually fall in love. I wouldn't want to do love scenes with anyone else."
About the company she keeps
"I couldn't ask to work with better people. I was told by somebody that if you're in with the Spencers, you're going to be in for life."

Anthoney Geary (Luke): "He still really intimidates me because he's Luke, you know?  When I was growing up, I never watched soaps, but I knew who Luke and Laura were, so this is just weird for me. I really admire him. He's a great actor."

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky):  "I forget about Jonathan's age completely when I'm working with him. He's an amazing actor, and he does well for being where he's at with his life, with the schooling and living at home, etc. He's more mature than anyone would ever expect him to be."

Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie):  "I look up to Jackie not only as an actress, but as a mom. I'd like to be where she is someday. She's so balanced, and she's got these beautiful kids and a job that she loves--not to mention the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous!"

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