Jonathan and Becky at Knotts Berry Farm

General Hospital stars Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), take time out from their heavy dramatic storyline--and get close for an offscreen camera for a change--during a trip to Knotts Berry Farm outside Los Angeles.

Jackson poses with probably the only two 'people' at the theme park who didn't recoginize him.

Jackson and Herbst, who always have fun together, loved having plenty of family and friends along to share the day with them.

Jackson's brother, Richard, on the left, and Herbst's best friend Amy, on right, make the supreme sacrifice--and prove they have strong stomachs--by taking a ride on the park's latest thriller attraction more than once with the fun-loving GH stars!

Herbst wowed the crowd watching her play one of the games when she won this adorable prize, but the nicest part of all was when she gave it to a little child walking by.

Did alter-ego Elizabeth find a long-lost relative? After all, the tombstone in the Knotts' graveyard reads: 'Here lies Soapy Hardy...'

Having her cake...and eating it, too: Herbst, Jackson and their friends had actually left the partk to get something to eat, but they all returned because the actress had to hve some funnel cake.

Herbst takes her lumps and bumps--and screams like the best of 'em--when she lets loose with her friends on the poplular bumper cars ride at Knotts Berry Farm.

From Soap Opera Digest, September 1 issue