General Hospital's
Lucky and Lizzie
The making of a SuperCouple

Lucky Spencer and Lizzie Webber have captured the hearts of millions.
This page is dedicated to the continuation of the SuperCouple legacy started by Lucky's parents, Luke and Laura 20 years ago.
What is a SuperCouple?

The phrase originated with Luke and Laura Spencer. Their story--two people from different backgrounds drawn together against all odds--captured the worlds imagination. The anti-hero Luke and the good girl Laura fought their attraction but in the end, couldn't stay away from each other. Their wedding remains the highest rated daytime episode ever. You so much as say the names Luke and Laura and everyone knows who your talking about.
Why Lucky and Lizzie?

It's only fitting that the son of the most popular couple in daytime carry on the legacy of SuperCouple. Lucky was raised in an atypical atmosphere--on the run for most of his childhood, he takes such things in stride. Lizzie is  from one of the oldest families in Port Charles-- the Webbers. The two came together as friends (even though Lizzie had a crush on Lucky) but have moved into soulmates. She dealing with being raped--not unlike Laura-- and he dealing with his father, a former rapist.

Their Future

The future looks bright for this couple. They are slowly dealing with problems in their lives while working on getting closer physically to each other. It will take time, but that's what the fans enjoy--the rich history of General Hospital intertwined with promises of what's to come. So keep a watch out for Daytime Televisions Hottest Couple!

Fan Fiction

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