I really hate to be doing this because I know many people out there have been expecting me to finish Dawson's Creek Exposed. Sorry, but this site is shutting down. Making this decision has been hard--I've actually gotten a few offers from tv companies who wanted me to run their section on "Dawson's Creek". The temptation was strong, but I refused in the end because I admit the fiery passion I once had for "Dawson's Creek" has faded. I've moved on to other things, however, I still hold a great deal of admiration and respect to the cast of the show.

I've received a lot of e-mails from many gracious fans of this site, and to those people I'd just like to give a hearty merci beaucoup! for their support. To the not-so-nice visitors...well, may you all find another DC site worth your time.

One last thing, I've left the "Fantasy Settings" pics as a parting gift so that anyone who comes here won't leave too disappointed. My e-mail is
if anyone wants to give me a piece of their mind... Adios!

Krista, webmaster of DCE

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