The Mighty One's Bed & Breakfast
Greetings Mighty Ones To The Mighty One's Bed & Breakfast! If you came here expecting My Favourite Cartoon, Mighty Max, you found it...the revised edition at least! This page is a part of HTTP://START.AT/JESSICALORA/, and if you have any questions, please email me! Thanx and enjoy!
::Interesting Fact::
The name of this page came from an episode of Mighty Max called "Out In The Cold" where Max is talking about retiring: "You know, get my own place, maybe open up a little restaurant..hey, how bout The Mighty One's Bed and Breakfast..what do ya think?" And thus, the name was born!

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The Mighty One's Bed & Breakfast is part of HTTP://START.AT/JESSICALORA/ All pictures, sounds, logos and other things go to their respective owners c)1997-1999
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