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As most of you visitors undoubtedly know, this site has been neglected by me for quite some time. Those of you who may know me realise that I have long since moved on. Musicals, and most recently Harry Potter and all things Alan Rickman [HP's Professor Snape] have been my fanfiction passion. So, I am announcing that I am no longer taking any fanfic submissions for this or my Colleen and Andrew site.

Thank you so much for your support, and even more thanks to those I've managed to take with me! At this time, I have no plans to delete any of the fanfic that's here -- but if you want it back, you may feel free to copy it, and if you'd rather I didn't repost it elsewhere, should I get the inspiration, please let me know -- the email address below is still in working order, unlike most of the links here! [This doesn't apply to the Running Story, because I did write some of that, and my understanding was that any of the authors could post it as they like -- but again, if there is a problem, let me know. I may yet finish the thing, but don't hold your breath...]

If you'd still like to see my art and fiction, including the art on this and the C&A site, I invite you to join my yahoo group!

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Thank you all very much again!
Vicki [CCCook] [23 August 2003]

Nearly two years after cancellation, and Dr. Quinn still lives on! For the latest information on Jane Seymour and James Keach, including DQ movie news, visit:

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To exhibit your art in my gallery, to share your fan fiction, or for any comments or questions... Email me at cosettepontmercy@yahoo.com
Hope to see you soon!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with CBS, Sullivan Entertainment, or any of the cast/crew/producers,etc. of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This site is simply a celebration of my admiration for the show and is not intended to infringe upon anyone else's rights.

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