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Announcing the birth of my nephew, Nicholas Paul!
He was born on 11/15/98 at 12:43pm.
He was 7lb- 11 1/4oz and 22 inches long.
Congratulation to my sister and her husband!

Before you go on to my on his picture to enter his photo gallery
(he is just too cute, lol).

Nicholas Paul: 11/15/98-  7lb- 11 1/4oz- 22 inches long

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Announcing the birth of my niece, Norann!
She was born on 12/20/98 at 1:30pm.
She was 8lb- 3 3/4oz and 19 inches long.
Congratulation to my sister-in-law and her husband!
Norann, 1 Month Old Norann, 4 Months Old


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