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Hi I'm Goofy.

Site has moved! You can now find the new home of Lets Pretend at http://www.angelfire.com/tv/missparker/index.html Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will come to visit me at my new home. All updates will be at the new address. Last update was was in June. See you there!

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I case you haven't figured it out, I am a devoted Pretender
fan. I like all the characters on the show, but my all time
favorite is Miss Parker (Andrea Parker). I love her attitude.
She is just so cool on how she plays that part. She is a bitch
and caring person all in one. She is starting to
show her soft side but keep that bitch attitude also.

I also have to admit I like Michael T. Weiss. I have like him
since Days of our Lives (Mike Horton). He is so darn cute.
I don't know what we would do without the Pretender.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of The
Pretender series. They are owned by NBC television. This
disclaimer applies to all the stories and photos featured
on this site.

Email me at goofy@hsnp.com or genabarton@hotmail.com in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

Adult FanfictionThis is rated NC-17. You must
be over 18 to read this. If you are not over 18 then I suggest
you go toGeneral FanfictionYou have been warned. If you are under
18 and go into adult fanfiction I must tell you that
Miss Parker will hunt you down and torture you.
Just considered yourself WARNED! Enter at your own
risk! The series below are mixed with
general and adult fanfiction. I suggest you be over 18 to read
it if you want to find out how the story ends.

Stories with Series:

The Cross Over Series
The Parent Hood Series
The Love and Hate Collide Series

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