• (8/11/2001) Movie News: According to sources Chloe will be involved in 2 upcoming projects. "Demon Lover" (with Gina Gershon) and "Dogville" (with Nicole Kidman). Stay tuned...

  • (23/6/2001) Site update: Trees Lounge & Candid Gallery added. More updates soon....

  • Movie Rumour: Looks like no acting projects for Chloe this year, sadly. Seems like our girl is taking a break to concentrate on movie production. Rumour has it. She'll be working,(possibly directing) on an upcoming Harmony Korine project. Stay tuned..

  • Movie Rumour: The Assuption of a virgin: Chloe is apparently in talks for a part in this movie based on the 15th century Florentine artist, Fra Filippo Lippi. (source: upcomingmovies.com)

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