Bomb Squadron


Courtesy: USAF Office of History
B-24L - This aircraft was assigned to Shemya in 1944-45.  The photograph was taken at Elmendorf AFB approximately August 1946.

Courtesy: USAF Office of History

B-24J - Note the AN/APS- Search Radar Dome onn the bottom of the aircraft.  This was used for bombing missions.

Courtesy: USAF Office of History

18 Jan 1944
- 404th Bomber Crew after being decorated by the 11th Air Force.
Left to Right:  TSgt Alex D. Cuirezak, SSgt Jack F. Leffler, TSgt Dwight J. Lambe, SSgt Vale W. Wright, Lt. Ray L. Lemons, Capt Jerome J. Jones, TSgt John Stroo Jr. and SSgt Charles W. Beech.

Courtesy: USAF Office of History

17 Apr 1944

- 404th Bomber Crewmember checks the gun while assigned to Shemya.

The 404th Bomb Squadron
The Patch

21st         Shemya
36th        Elmendorf Field (26 May 41), Adak; detachment: Ladd Field
73rd        Elmendorf Field (30 Mar 41); detachment: Ladd Field
77th        Elmendorf Field (25 Jan 42-?), Attu (Casco Cove)
404th      Attu (Casco Cove), Shemya
406th      Elmendorf Field, Kodiak

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