Each site has a link for its title, as well as a few lines from Templeton on what it contains. Happy surfing!

Andrew's Greyhawk Campaign- "Another campaign-based site, with lots of rules, house and add-on, plus character descriptions and a lot of useful little tidbits."

Pach's Greyhawk Page: The Magic Shop- "Not a superbly-organized website, but it has a lot of downloads and links that can be of use. Web rot, however, is very evident here (as with the WoG Fan Club links page), as many links are dead, have moved, will not load for whatever reason, etc. Still, the site is very much worth seeing."

Necromancer Games- "This company produces some really high-quality material for the d20 system. I myself own a number of their works. After visiting the site listed before this one and buying some of Necromancer's stuff, go to the Necromancer site, get the freebies that you can download with the code words in the modules, and augment your campaign immensely. Also, get an Orcus screen-saver while you're there!!"

The RPG Archive- "It refers to itself as 'a repository for home brewed adventure material." I like to think of it as the Library of Great Adventures, for a variety of role-playing games, but with a ton of D&D 3E and previous edition stuff. New stuff is added constantly, too, so bookmark it!"

A Page of Links to some of The Old Half-Elf's Favorite Websites
Templeton's Haven Home
Lightning strikes the hills surrounding Carnarvon Lake, named after the mad electricity-loving mage, over 1,000 times a day. Could he still be alive- or is unlife his new state?