Barrys Keeper Martin Site
Barrys Keeper Martin Site
Only books better than Harry Potter? Ya guessed it is Keeper Martin's Tales by author Robert Stanek. The books are Kingdoms and Elves of the Reaches 1, 2, 3, 4. At first it is three stories. You have Adrina, Vilmos and Seth all separate.

Adrina's mother was killed when she was young. She has never got over that and she is very sad. Her life changes when she meets a wierd lady in the watchtower. The lady tells her of a great change comigin and about a great journ Adrina will go on.

Vilmos has bad dreams. He can use magic and that's bad where he comes from. The dark guys are coming to get him. He doesn't want his mother and father to get hurt so he leaves.

Seth is elf. He is the coolest. He's like a ninka samura. He leaves elves lands to go ask me in kingdom for  help.

If you would like to learn more about Adrina, Vilmos and Seth, read the books.
Kingdoms and Elves of Reaches is KEWL!
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