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• Prelogue

I've been interested in the Games Workshop hobby for a few years now, since about 1988, and I've tried a few of the games out but my favourite has always been Warhammer 40,000. Since that time I had never had a fully painted army, even when I worked for one of the stores! I decided not to play again until every model I played with was painted and on these next few pages are the result of this, a 1,500 point Space Marine army.

• There comes a time when you have to choose...
Space Marine were my choice of army for three reasons:
1.  Points wise they were expensive and it would mean I didn't have to paint too many men
2.  There were less units to buy because of points cost and I already had a small selection to choose from
3.  I had always wanted to create my own chapter paint scheme (I know they look like Dark Angels, but they're not!)

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